Tippmann Stormer Elite Magfed Package Review

Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today, I'm bringing you the awesome, Tippmann Stormer Elite Magfed Package. You ready for this, Mark?

[Mark] I am.

Tippmann Stormer Elite Magfed Package Review

So since we've done a couple other tactical packages and ultimate packages, people have asked, "Why haven't you really done a magfed package?" Today I'm bringing you exactly that. Start off with...

[Mark] Start with the mask.

Tippmann Stormer Elite Magfed Package Mask

Okay, the mask. A classic, tried and true, goggle performance system right there. The V-FORCE Profiler has plenty to offer. Mark, I will put this one on for you. I always ask to put stuff on.

[Mark] People need to see how it fits.

Yeah, I know. It's got a wide field of vision here. Not as much as the Empire EVS mask, but definitely a lot cheaper. Let's throw it on. Obviously even a big head like myself, I've got plenty of peripheral vision here.

[Mark] Here, look up. Oh there we go.

You don't even see much of the chin, do you?

[Mark] Nope.

Okay. Looking good. I like this goggle system because 

  • A) it's wide, it's comfortable and
  • B) It's only what, $60 bucks for the black one?

[Mark] Yes, sir.

It has a thermal lens, and it is extremely breathable and obviously comes with a safety chin strap and a nice little cool looking actual goggle strap in the back as well. V-FORCE Profiler in the all black color going into this package. Would highly highly recommend. I wear these personally, and the grills. I could wear a ton of other goggles, but I choose these. They're simple, they're proficient, and they get the job done.

[Mark] They're easy to change the lenses...

I was actually going to say that too. We've got another video on how to change the lenses, but like I said, on all around good goggle system, breathability, comfortability, vision wise, that's the goggle I would choose. And I figured we'd throw it in this package because it's only $60 bucks for a nice thermal goggle.

Stormer Elite Magfed Package Air Tank

All right, guys. Now onto the tank. This is a Pro Toys tank sub-company of Planet Eclipse. This is a 3000 PSI max capacity, 48 cubic inch tank. These things are awesome because it is HPA. It does have the gauge on the side to let you know how much air you have left. And this is way better than running CO2 on this marker, which we haven't even really talked about yet. So these things retail about $45 bucks. It's nice to have, because even down the road, you can use an HPA tank on a lot of other different markers, whether electronic or non-electronic like this one here.

Tippman Stormer Elite Package Paintball Gun

Now I'm going to have to get into the gun Mark, because I'm not going to talk about mags because they need to know why the mags go on this gun. So here we are mag fed paintball gun. This is the Tippmann Stormer Elite. I like it here because... Should I go into what's in the box first or just the overall gun, Mark? What do you think?

[Mark] Well, give us the overall gun, and then the accessories that it comes with, and then why there's an extra box of magazines out.

Okay. Sounds good. So, the overall gun, Tippmann Stormer Elite. These things retail for $199 bucks, I believe.

[Mark] Correct.

Ok, $199, we'll start from the back and work towards the front. It does have a six position collapsible stock. So depending on how big you are, how long your arms are, you can do it in six different positions by pulling this trigger down here, and locking it into whatever position comfortably fits you best out there on the field, when you're ready to shoot some paintballs against some other players.

Next, like I said, I'll go from the back. These do have folding sites, so you can fold down and then press them back up. If you want to use the sites or you don't, you can fold them down. That's cool too. Let's flip it over here. 

They do have nice rubber molded grips. So that's a plus. In my opinion, probably the second best thing about this gun, it's got the ASA, which every gun has but a stainless steel internal hose. So it doesn't have anything in between here. No airlines, no braided lines, anything like that. So screw your tank in, it goes through a stainless steel hose up into the gun and then into your valve system, which is a very good thing to me because a lot of the older style guns did have that braided hose that ran from the front and then down, directly into the ASA. They've completely eliminated that.

Extra Tippmann Stormer Elite Magazine

Now we're going to talk about, Mark the extra mags and stuff. So this is a agfed gun, but it can also be a hopper-fed gun as well. So it kind of hits both aspects of, hey, I'm normally a magfed player, but let's say I get a wild hair one day and want to throw a hopper on it. We'll go over that here in just a minute.

So it does come stock out of the box with two 20 round Tippmann Stormer Elite magazines that'll fit in there, clicks in place, and you're ready to rock. Going towards the front of the gun, you do have your front fore grip which is fully adjustable by undoing those two screws, you can slide it into any slot on the picatinny rail that you want, depending if you want it closer to you or if you want it further out. You can adjust those to whatever position you want. And then you do have your front sight which is also collapsible as well if you want to use it, if you don't want to use it, it’s totally up to you.

More Features on this Magfed Paintball Gun

The body is very, very high... What am I going to say? What's the word I'm looking for Mark? What did they say?

[Mark] Is it a composite...

Yeah, high impact. High impact composite. So this thing, it's very durable. People might say it looks like plastic, but it is a durable plastic. Obviously Tippmann has been around for many, many years. They're not going to put out a crappy product that they think people are going to complain about. So the entire body is a very high impact composite. And then here, this was my first favorite feature. If you wanted to get the shroud off, there's a press button. Press, and it slides off. Unlike a lot of their other guns, Mark, there's a screw, and then you've got to slide the shroud off. So this, press the button there, slides off, and you can access a barrel, in case you had a barrel break or anything like that. I just want to pull this off real quick so they can see.

[Mark] See, I would have thought the best feature would be that it's magfed and hopper-fed.

Well, yes, technically, but I like this. It's the simple things that matter to me.

[Mark] I know.

98 custom threaded barrel. You can buy longer barrels that actually take inserts if you want the best accuracy out there possible. So this is a 98 custom threaded barrel. And now Mark, we're going to go into the box.

But speaking to what you just said, Mark, technically you are right on the features of the gun. That's why I said the internal hose line because you don't have the braided, and then the fancy, you don't need an Allen wrench. You can just press the button and it clips back into place like that. But yeah, I mean you're right. The Magfed and hopper-fed features are pretty cool.

Okay. Well other features, obviously this is the Tippmann stormer Elite Package box and it tells you what's included and what you're going to get, and then what's inside the box is this. So like I said, it does come with two trunk 20 round magazines when you're running it for mag fed. Boom, boom.

How to Switch from MagFed to Hopper-Fed

All right. And now if you guys are going to be actually running the hopper on the gun, let's pull out the dummy mag Mark that does come with the baldy tent attached. So for that, you’d simply throw the dummy mag in here, clip it in. And all you need to do is take one simple screw out right there and throw on your hopper fed elbow. And it just simply attaches by one simple screw.

So now we kind of get a little deeper into going into it and you can set that off to the side. If you guys think you're never going to run mag fed, which this is what the video is all about, but you can also take out your dummy mag per se, with the baldy tent, set that off to the side, and it does come with a new trigger guard that has also a baldy tent attached in here.

How to Replace the Trigger Guard

And now what you would do is take out these two screws, one and two, and then you're going to replace the trigger. Just pull this off, throw this new one on, and you’ve got the new trigger guard as well. Also like I said, it does have the baldy tent that is going to prevent paint balls rolling down your barrel. So you can throw that on there.

Tippmann Stormer Elite Magfed Package Review Final Thoughts

That's only if... I would recommend not having to swap back and forth all the time between mag and hopper-fed. Only if you think you're never going to use this gun mag fed, then I'd recommend throwing this piece on there, throw that to the side. But if you want to switch back and forth, which is a great feature of the gun, use the dummy mag with the baldy tent. Simply slap that bad boy in there, and then throw on your hopper attachment right there by the one screw and you're ready to rock.

[Mark] That's pretty cool. One simple screw to go back and forth.


[Mark] With a dummy mag or not the dummy mag... If you don't want it hanging down or looking weird when you're on the paintball field, then you could...

Personally I would much rather do it this route. The smaller dummy mag with the one screw. Then, you know, if you think you never wanted to use a mag fed gun you can use this extra trigger guard and front picatinny piece. Obviously it's up to you, it's an option if you want it.

[Mark] An option they didn't have to include, so that's kind of cool.

Very true. Very true. It's definitely, they're going above and beyond to kind of please everyone per se. Lastly, boom these are the dual mags. You can buy extra mags for the gun. A lot of guys will carry... What do they call them? Molly pouches?

[Mark] Something like that.

Yeah, they'll carry extra...

[Mark] The vest with all the extra...

The vest with all the extra attachments to carry extra magazines. So pull these bad boys out. This coupler can also come off, so this is a dual... I think that they call this. Yeah, a dual speed loader or something. They'll come out... Hello.

[Mark] Hi.

Get out.

[Mark] Get out of my box!

So it does come with dual 20 round mags attached and it has the coupler in the middle to keep them together if you want. If you don't undo the screws, you can pull them apart. But this is a two pack of extra 20 round magazines that is included in this awesome mag fed package.

So Mark, other than your question at the end.

[Mark] I think this a great way to get into magfed and-

What was the total cost? Like $310 bucks?

[Mark] Yeah. The grand total for everything is $309.95.

So we've got the Tippmann Stormer Elite Magfed Package, we've got an extra pack of two 20 rounders a piece, we've got a 48/3000 Protoyz HPA air tank, and the V-FORCE Profiler paintball mask. So for $310 bucks, I think it's a heck of a setup. If you guys want to get into paintball and not spend too much money, this is it. Especially mag fed stuff. So this is what I would personally choose.

[Mark] And this is a great gun too, because if later on you're like, "Man I want to get into a little bit more." You can pick up a hopper for $12, $15 bucks and now you're running 200 rounds of paint balls instead of four magazines at $20 a piece.

And its got the proven... Pretty much like the ‘98 custom internals that have been around since what '98? Custom ‘98?

[Mark] Custom 98.

It's been around a long time. So internals are great, the high impact composite body. I mean the front grip, all the different attachments and capabilities of the gun. Overall, would highly recommend. And until next time, I guess that would be about it.

Don't forget, Mark is going to have this Tippmann Stormer Elite Package listed at lonewolfpaintball.com, and let us know if you have any questions about the gun. Let us know if you own one, how do you like it? I think we've done a shooting video or two on this before. It shoots great for the gun alone, for like $175 bucks. It's a great option, it can do everything you want, and I'm done talking now, so hit me with a question, Mark.

[Mark] Well, you got to make sure they go to The Jerky Den too.

Oh, hit our Jerky section too. Well duh.

Question from our YouTube Audience

[Mark] So this question from our YouTube Channel, seems like a simple question, maybe one that most people would be embarrassed to ask but not this gentleman.

Go ahead.

[Mark] SD wants to know, "What's the purpose of a barrel back?"

The purpose of a barrel back? Like an insert he means?

[Mark] Yep. So this is from the Stella Carbon Fiber Barrel Kit video.

So, the purpose of a barrel back is, if you guys are new, or just obviously want some info, barrel backs come with different sizes. Not every paint that you're going to shoot at this field, or that field, or across the country is going to be the same bore size. To get the most accurate shot you guys want, you guys are going to want to size up your paint to the correct barrel back as he said, or barrel insert. So you want a nice tight fit. I've actually did a video on... Right Mark? How to properly size your paint.

[Mark] Yes, sir. A couple of them.

So search on YouTube on the channel, how to properly size your paint. You want a nice tight fit. You got five different inserts. Pick your paintball for the day that you're going to be shooting and find out which insert fits that paintball the best. A couple of them could be a little fluctuation, but that's pretty much the purpose of a barrel back.

[Mark] There you go. If you've got a question, leave it in the comments below, and maybe we'll pick you randomly to answer. See you guys.