Pepper Rounds for Paintball & Home Defense Kit Review

Many of us live with the belief that the threat of home invasions and burglaries is something that happens only in news reports, never touching our own lives. However, the reality is that as members of a society, the risk of experiencing such an event is ever-present. In situations where a threat materializes, the art of de-escalation is the ideal initial approach for resolving conflicts. However, if someone has actively invaded the sanctity of your home, having a backup means of defense is both wise and prudent. One of the best ways to do this is by having non-lethal means of defense such as a pepperball pistol that can be used for immediate compliance and threat neutralization. 

What’s in Pepper Ball Rounds for Paintball Markers?

The active ingredient in pepper ball rounds is a compound called PAVA. PAVA (Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide) is a synthetic analog of capsaicin, the active component in chili peppers that causes the sensation of heat. It is used in pepper sprays and similar non-lethal self-defense tools, such as pepperballs, for its ability to cause temporary discomfort and incapacitation, primarily through inducing a burning sensation, temporary blindness, coughing, and difficulty breathing, without causing permanent harm.

Pepperball rounds work by being fired from a specialized launcher, similar to a paintball gun. Upon impact, the rounds burst and release the PAVA pepper powder into the air around the target. This powder then affects the mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat) and respiratory system of individuals in the vicinity, leading to the incapacitating effects. This makes pepperball rounds an effective tool for home defense, self-defense, and law enforcement purposes, allowing for a safe distance between the user and potential threats while minimizing the risk of serious injury.

Pepper Ball Rounds Unboxing

The pepper ball rounds come in convenient packaging that’s easy to open. Each package comes with two five-round tubes (10 rounds in total) which should be enough in any home defense situation. Each tube retails for $35 making these rounds a tad pricey but they are certainly worth the investment to protect your home and family. All of the rounds come in protective plastic tubes which keep the pepper balls safe during transit and storage which is very important given the irritant within each pepperball. If the pepper balls were to break on accident, it could be extremely uncomfortable for anyone in the immediate vicinity.

PepperBall Live SD .68 Caliber Pepper Balls Review

The Pepperball Live SD are actually made with First Strike materials, making them very durable and harder than the average paintball. The photodegradable plastic casing is actually made of the two halves of a First Strike round which are fused together. One of the benefits to these is that they are impervious to anything that a First Strike is, such as water, dirt, moisture, all those things that make a paintball not shoot. 

The hard outer shell of the pepperball rounds is as reassuring as it is concerning–these rounds hurt and can incapacitate but are hard to break on accident. While they’re not designed to be lethal they can still cause damage because of the harder-than-normal outer shell of the pepperball round. One of these pepperballs traveling at 300 feet per second will hurt and there are home defense paintball guns on the market that can shoot even faster. These paintball guns cannot be used on a normal field, but they are an excellent option for home defense.

The shelf life of a pepperball round is about two years. However, as with many non-consumable products, this can often be more of a suggestion rather than a hard rule. However, if you’re concerned about the potency of the PAVA or the structural integrity of pepperballs, we recommend shooting them after about two years and replacing them with fresh pepperballs.

To see how the pepperball rounds work, take a look at our test YouTube video below:


TiPX Pepperball Home Defense Kit

The current TiPX Pepperball Home Defense Kit is unique to Lone Wolf Paintball and provides excellent value for what you get. The defense kit comes with the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol and two magazines which hold 7 rounds of pepperballs each. Beyond this, the home defense kit also comes with 25 pepperball rounds as well as six CO2 cartridges which will be more than enough to fire the 10 pepperball rounds. While the TiPX is a very convenient way to shoot the pepperballs, it’s important to note that these can be shot out of any .68 paintball gun including other mag-fed paintball guns or even hopper-fed paintball guns.

For a full review of the TiPX Pepperball Home Defense Kit, take a look at our helpful YouTube video review below:

Wrapping Up

Buying pepperball rounds and a pepperball pistol can be an excellent way to help ensure the safety of your family and property. The added benefit of minimal restrictions and background checks also make this sort of protection available to most americans. For additional pepperball products and other home defense equipment, be sure to check out our online store. Lone Wolf Paintball has the best selection of pepperball and paintball equipment to help you protect your loved ones.