PepperBall Live SD Projectiles & Home Defense Kit

Hey guys, what's going on? Joe, with Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm going over the live PepperBall rounds and our new home defense options we've got added to the website. All right, guys, so sitting in front of me are the Live SD PepperBall rounds. These are available now for consumers like us. It's a nonlethal home defense option. So these won't kill anybody, but they will definitely stun them, definitely stop them in their tracks, definitely make them start sneezing, coughing, having a really really adverse affection. So I'm gonna go over how these work today. Go over some of the home defense kits, and then we're definitely gonna do a separate shooting video outside where we shoot these. You can kind of see the cloud, and hopefully we'll have a volunteer to take a hit, and we'll see how it reacts.

[Mark] So if you wanna volunteer, let us know in the comments below.

Yeah, Yeah, if you'd be interested in volunteering to take a couple of these to the chest, then, you know, we'll do it. So, all right, well, yeah, like I said, so PepperBall, this type of stuff's been around for a long time. It's just usually been kind of reserved for law enforcement, military, retired cops, things like that. But yeah, as of recently, it's been something now that's readily available to consumers.

So, yeah, crack these open. So, cool, so the background on the PepperBall stuff. So people always ask like, what's in it? You know, that type of stuff. So, PepperBall rounds, they're actually considered like a food product. The live ingredient in this is a, it's from a PAVA pepper, I believe they call it. Yeah, PAVA, yep. The PAVA, a pepper powder which is approximately 2% live. So, yeah, this actually comes from a food extract. So that's where it originates from. Gonna open one, ooh, be careful.

[Mark] Yikes!

Open one of these too so you can see. So these are .68 caliber rounds. You can shoot them out of any normal paintball gun. Put some out there for you guys to see. So any pack, it's gonna come with two five-round tubes. You get 10 rounds total. Retail price on the rounds is between 20 to 25 bucks. So, obviously, kind of expensive, but hopefully you'll never even have to use these.

That's always the hope with any type of home defense, you know, fire arm, non-lethal, anything like that. Hopefully you're never in a position that you'll ever need to shoot one of these. So hopefully you just spend 20 bucks, 25 bucks, and you never have to fire them, and everything's perfectly safe. But if you do need to use them, it'll definitely be money well-spent.

So how these things work, if you can kind of see them, so the shells themselves, so the PepperBall stuff is actually made by First Strike. That's one of their separate companies, divisions, however the legal is written out. But they're kind of hand in hand. So the shells are actually a double-sided First Strike round.

So usually a First Strike round is just going to be this, you got your center seam. The top half, of course, would be the plastic. The bottom half is that fin that everybody knows. So the PepperBall round is just an entire First Strike shell. So one of the benefits to these is that they are impervious to anything that a First Strike is. You know, water, dirt, moisture, all those things that normally gum up a paintball that will make a paintball not shoot. That's what these things will not do. So, which is pretty cool. So, they can get wet, they can do any of that type of stuff, and they'll shoot perfectly fine.

They say the shelf life on these is about two years long. So after two years you might wanna shoot them or replace them. I mean, they'll probably work. I would even think forever. The First Strike round, usually what they say is, it's typically just the light that breaks them down, so.

[Mark] I would think it may not be necessarily that the shell's gonna go bad in two years, but the potency of the pepper will decrease, so the guy only will have a slight sneeze if you shoot him after two years, instead of a full on--

Yeah, so, yeah, you might wanna swap them out. You can always test that theory after a couple years is up, shoot it and see. Maybe even do, do one now, one two years later to compare it.

[Mark] Yeah, let us know, make sure you email us if you--

To compare and see, so I'm definitely gonna be excited to go outside and shoot these, see how it works, but--

[Mark] They're intimidating with that red shell.

Yeah, if you hear them clinking together, they kind of sound like marbles. Yeah.

[Mark] That's definitely not the sound of paintballs rubbing against each other.

Yeah, no, yeah, that's for sure. So, like I said, so these can shoot out of any .68 cal paintball gun. If you had the money, I mean, you could easily fill up a hopper with 200 rounds of them. I mean, that would probably be about 400 bucks to fill your hopper, but couldn't imagine, could not imagine unleashing 200 of these things at once. That would be--

[Mark] A bad time for somebody.

That'd be a bad time for anybody within like a mile. Yeah, that would be crazy. But yeah, so you can hear these things popping around. So when they hit somebody it's definitely gonna hit with a thump. I mean, you got your gun crowing at about 300 feet per second, and I'm sure if you're using it for home defense, you can crank it up a little bit more. They even make some special, like home defense version guns, like home defense only, that you can't even use at a paintball field, that shoot at even higher velocities. But, yeah, you crank one of these out at someone, it's gonna sting.

[Mark] Have we ever tested to see if the First Strike shells, in general, are more brittle and break easier, or are they a little tougher to break than a traditional paintball, like a--

I mean we haven't done, I guess, an official stress test per se. I mean, my first inclination would be, yeah, they're definitely gonna be, You know, I know guys that play First Strike are like, "No, it doesn't hurt anymore. It doesn't hurt." I mean, I would have to imagine that the shell's probably gonna take a little bit more to crack, I mean, just due to the fact of the material that it's made out of. I mean, it's impervious to water and things of that nature. So I would have to--

[Mark] I would just hate to shoot someone with one of them and find out it doesn't break.

I'm squeezing that pretty hard. Yeah, I mean this thing, I mean I'm not speaking to First Strikes. You know, those might be formed. But these things are, I mean, I'm squeezing this pretty hard to the point that,

[Mark] Okay, there's no on the package that say, like, you should shoot this at a 300 velocity or,

No, no, it's got just kind of your basic warnings, recommendations, legality stuff. You only have to be 18 to purchase these. There's no background checks or anything like that. There are definitely restrictions though. They can't be shipped to California, New York, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. So if you live in one of those states, unfortunately, we will not be able to ship these to you.

So I'm gonna actually show ya the TPX kit. So I know I mentioned we're doing, we actually have these, like I said, we have a home defense section on the website now. You can search PepperBall, and then we're putting together some bundles.

The first one we did was, naturally, the Tippmann TPX. So we have a bundle on the website for 275. It'll get you the Tippmann TPX. It comes with two magazines, seven round True Feeds, one already in the gun. Second magazine comes with all your parts, barrel cover, your barrel plug. And then included in the kit, we will be including six 12-gram cartridges. So you can mess around, you can shoot it with some normal paintballs to practice. And then you'll get a 10-count of the PepperBall rounds. So, 275, normally the gun itself is a $250 gun. So, extra 25 bucks, you're getting a whole set of the PepperBall rounds and you're getting six cartridges. So you got plenty of air. So that's an option.

We're gonna add some other stuff too, like your TippMann TMCs with the Air-Thru Stocks. Those are a really great option for home defense. Give you the realistic rifle feel with the little tank in the stock. The TPX pistol is obviously a great option, again, for the home defense route.

Like I said though, you can shoot these out of any paintball gun you have. You can throw them in an R2 and feed them into your CS2, and have a day at it. So, but, cool, guys. So, like I said, this was kind of an overview of the new PepperBall rounds that we're carrying. This is an option. Now that you can purchase them through the website. Home defense kits, TPXs, magazines, rounds, cartridges. Buy whole bundles. Like I said, we'll be adding some other guns, other tank options to come in bundles. Anything you wanna see, let us know, and, yeah, most importantly, definitely can't wait to shoot these. So stay tuned for a follow-up video to see how they perform outside.

[Mark] And don't forget to go to the Jerky Den. Get that lean protein, keeps you full all day in the field or on your couch while you're watching our videos. And, give me one second, we will have a comment for Joe to answer from the YouTube. All right, well, here's one kind of relevant to us being local. Burrowslawnboy terps wants to know, is the shop open for air and paint?

Yeah, so we are open now. Now that you guys are seeing this video, curbside pickup has been allowed again for retail stores. We've been shipping online orders the entire time. That hasn't been an issue whatsoever. But, yeah, so currently, today is April 30th, when we're shooting this video, so we are open now. Rules could change. Hopefully we're not gonna be taking a step backwards. So, but, yeah, we are open for paint and air. So give us a call. We do curbside fill-up. You just drop your tanks off in our enclosed vestibule, you head outside, we sanitize them, fill them, and leave them out there for you to pick up, so.

[Mark] And the outdoor, the Metamora Field is now open for play, 'cause by the time this comes out, opening weekend will have already happened with the new rules. And there either was already a video discussing all the new rules, or it will be coming soon, depending on what order these come out. So look for it or stay tuned. Thanks guys.

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