Virtue Ace Luxe X & Spire IV Overview

What is going on guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you the all new Virtue Paintball Ace Luxe x with the new Spire IV hopper. Alright guys, so yes, you heard that correctly when you purchase the new Virtue Paintball Lux X, it does come with the new Spire IV hopper. We're gonna get the price point right out of the way cause most of you wanna know; $1995.95, so it's almost two K for the brand new limited edition, Lux X by Virtue the ACE and then coming with The Spire IV hopper. So before I do that, head on over to Lone Wolf Paintball to check out all of our pre-order sections, check out all the other cool stuff, and don't forget, buy some jerky for some of the best lean protein in the game. Alright, so we're gonna do an unboxing here and then for another video we're going to shoot it and all sorts of good stuff.

[Mark] Start with the Spire, make them wait for the Lux.

Spire IV Unboxing & Features

Start with the Spire. So guys, this is the new Spire IV hopper. You guys are wondering when I take this bad boy out of the box. And don't worry, stay tuned, I'm gonna do a comparison video between the Spire IV and the Spire III. Whoo baby.

[Mark] Nice.

Set that bad boy right down there on the table if it wants to stay and play nice, I guess not. So we'll just keep it like that. Cool. So pretty much the biggest thing about the Spire IV right now is it comes with a thing called the IFI Board. It has wireless Bluetooth capability between the hopper and the actual gun itself. That way they're synchronized. You're not missing a shot, it actually hooks up to the gun's eyes and it makes it feed more consistent without ever missing a shot. So guys, this is the Spire IV

As you can see, there's a couple main differences. One, the IFI board, like I said, has the wireless capability to connect to the new Virtue App. It also has new color rings all the way around the side, chromatic color rings, a little bit different design and a little bit wider. And obviously you can tell the color of these things. It's unlike any other hopper they've ever produced. And lastly, they have molded side plates. Before you were getting the virtue sticker. And sometimes those things would fall off. These are actually like injected molded side plates right here with the virtue name and the virtue logo on there. Other than that, the functionality and capability is pretty much the same. Push of a button you can attach a brand new speed feed on there, take push that lid comes off, put a speed feed on there. If you guys wanna open the hopper...

[Mark] Is this the same speed feed that was with the...

Correct, same speed feed as that. If you wanna open the hopper, press this button here still has the same hinge capability right on the front. It's got a nice hinge. It's got the front spring ramp. It also has the magnetic drive cone. So if you ever break paint inside the hopper or anything like that, this bad boy just picks up and pulls right on out off of the main drive cone. 

To take it there's a push button in the back there, it has an arrow to install the batteries on there. Pop this bad boy right on open, it does have the three double A's that you're gonna need to operate the hopper here in the lower tray. And it also has a Plug and Play capability for the Virtue N-Charge battery, which is rechargeable for this paintball gun. So if you guys wanted to take out your three double A's and pop in the Virtue N-Charge, it just plugs in right there. Simple as that. 

Guys, the Spire IV is awesome. Like I said, stay tuned for other videos, we're gonna do comparisons between the Spire IV and the Spire III, we're going to be shooting this thing. So that's that. So now the moment you've been waiting for if you haven't seen the shooting review of the Virtue Ace paintball gun yet we are one of the first ones to be able to get the marker and throw a review out there. So let's set that off to the side. Let's do this Mark. Are you ready?

[Mark] I am ready. 


Virtue Ace Luxe X Review

Alrighty baby. So once again, this is the Virtue Ace Lux X. And before they get to see it quite yet, what we're gonna do here is show you up, and comes with your charging cable. It does come with a brand new Lux barrel cover as well. Slide that back on in. It does come with these compartments and everything in here Mark, slide these out. So many trucks driving around making the audio pretty sweet. Brand new set of allen keys, and I like that; you're always losing them, people are stealing them, etc. And then this is real good before we get in there. We'll pull this thing out, Mark. So you guys are wondering what this might be. Take a look This is an aluminum extra back cap. You might be like, "Wait, what? "Why would there be an aluminum extra back cap?" Let's take a look at the gun. Wait, we're gonna go into the barrel first though. Haha got to keep them waiting right Mark?

[Mark] Yep. The suspense is killing them.

That's right.

[Mark] Killing them.

Comes with the 687 Lux X, well obviously this is a Lux X with a Freak XL barrel

[Mark] We're missing sunshine.

Oh no, sunshine went away. So the 687 inch control bore freak XL, cool. And then you got your, you know your rebuild parts kits, all the D tents, O ring screws, stuff like that. And a brand new thing of grease and I'm not gonna wedge it out of there but cool.

[Mark] Wait till the sun comes back before you pull the gun out. I don't want it to be all...

Gotcha. Yeah, and of course the instruction manual obviously. Check out the YouTube channel. That's probably what you're currently watching right now. There’s a video on how to do a little maintenance and troubleshooting on the Virtue Ace. So, all right. That sun. It did it to me, Mark. Did it to me.

[Mark] There's literally three clouds and they're only right there.

I know.

[Mark] There's nothing else coming.

Hardly any clouds in the sky and they get to come and ruin me. Here we go. All right, are you ready?

[Mark] Yeah.


Extra Back Cap, Features and Aesthetics

Let's do this. Alright, so earlier I had mentioned the back cap here. Now you're about to find out why. So this is... I'm gonna put it on the stand once I get the barrel on, okay? I'm gonna slide the... Okay and you got a wall charger here too. So USB charger for the wall. Boom, let's set this stuff over to the side for now.

[Mark] It's the last one. I promise I looked.


[Mark] I called Chuck. He said, "No more after that."

Chuck Adecker said so? All right, setting her off to the side here.

[Mark] So pretty.

So she's pretty, she's very, very beautiful here. So this is the Virtue Ace. So the back part once again, got aluminum. The big difference with this gun is A, the body milling on it. It's not like any others. They pride themselves right now on the chromatic accents that match the hopper. So your back cap, your grips here, and the front foregrip, all match chromatic to the blue. And the hopper they do, they have a purple gun, they have a green one, they have all black. Any gun that you purchase is gonna have the matching kits between the hopper and the gun. So yes, these are pretty much composite. These are not metal and that's why they decided to include the metal back cap. So a lot of people wondered "Why they have an extra one?"

[Mark] Can you hold it next to the other ones just so we can see how it matches the milling and the color of the gun?


[Mark] Okay.

So we're just gonna match up the body color, it's not going to be the fancy chromatic pieces. But yeah.

[Mark] It's the same color as the feedback and the array.

And the barrel, it matches. So, alright, so we went over the chromatic parts that are matching the Spire IV. Next, you're looking at the new... I'm going to turn it around, so it doesn't stay on that side. On the feedneck, it actually has the word Ace on the feed neck. Okay, now we're gonna talk about the new, the trigger with the, what did they call it Mark? The tactical grooves?

[Mark] Tactical Race grooves.

Tactical racing grooves, yes. This is the new trigger on the marker itself. It is actually extremely comfortable. So stay tuned, cause we're gonna do a shooting video on this thing. We're gonna take a look. So Mark, real quick before I dive into another aspect of the gun. What's your overall opinion looks wise?

[Mark] This is a sexy, sexy...

I feel yah.

[Mark] Every version of the Lux I've ever seen has been sexier than the last one that comes out but I really liked the chromatic sheen and the... I know people are gonna complain, "Oh, it's plastic and it's not "a true metal anodized."


[Mark] It looks so good and you're not gonna break that front foregrip plastic.

You're not, no.

[Mark] You're not going to break the bolt plastic most likely. You're not being a total ape with your gun.


Luxe X Foregrip

Obviously, the milling on the front foregrip is nothing like you've seen before. They've got deep grooves in there. So if you're, you know, taking a dive or a slide, you've got actually your fingers are gonna fit into these grooves on the front foregrip, which is pretty cool. 

Some people, I've seen reviews online, some people think it's ugly. I think it's great to be honest. They said the way the front foregrip, the actual grips in the back, and the back hat matches the hopper, all integrated in one. You know, a lot of people also say, "Well, that's expensive. "It's almost two grand for the whole setup." I mean, you buy a standard Lux at 17, 1800 bucks. Got the hopper that matches. So yeah, you're right there anyways. So if you're a Lux fan, these things are awesome. 

Programming the Virtue Ace Luxe X

Let's talk about the actual capability of the gun with the hopper. So as I said earlier, when I did a little hopper opening and review, hopper and the gun sync together, cool. How you do this is, there's an app on either Android or iPhone, Virtue Paintball Plus, go to the App Store, hit Search type in Virtue Paintball, you're gonna see it, it'll pop right on up for you. So that's how you sync the gun to the hopper. And then what I wanna show you is actually, Mark is gonna be nice enough to pull out his phone. And we're gonna do a recording of how I can connect my Bluetooth app to the gun to program it, putting in an Excel or Millennium or changing the rate of fire, all that stuff directly from your phone. If you don't feel like doing it on the gun. 

Yeah, it's the year 2020. We are technologically advanced per say. So hey, let's jump on the phone and take a look. Alright guys, now I've got the phone set up, download the Virtue app, get on it, click it, and then you're gonna need to grab your gun and turn this bad boy on to connect it via Bluetooth. So guys open up the Virtue Paintball app. You're gonna see Spire III, Spire IV up top, the Ace, their clock and then a firmware update. Obviously, you wanna click on the Ace and verify location. Okay. And... Yes, alright guys, so you're gonna turn the Ace on by the red button here. The way you sync this gun via Bluetooth. What's up?

[Mark] It didn't talk.

No, it didn't talk no. So you wanna triple tap the red button. You hit Connect on the Virtue Paintball app, which is at the bottom of the screen, you're going to hit Connect, and then you're going to triple tap, Select Device, it'll come up on the screen as the Lux with the serial number, select your device. And now you're going to be here on the screen. It shows you a Firing Mode Profile. Classic, Fully Auto, Ramping mode. Go up or go back. I like this on the app, because you can go, since there are six modes, you can see the minus on the screen and then the big minus and the big plus sign on the screen. The big minus takes you all the way to the beginning. And the big plus will take you to the end. If you wanna kind of go back and forth, you can just down one, Fully Auto, Classic, Semi-Auto burst. And you guys can hear that on the screen. Every time I click on the app, it's changing settings right onto the gun. So let's see NXL mode. I wanna send it to the 11 and a half balls per second. 12 and a half, 13 and a half. Let's just send it all the way... So apparently, through the app in the board the fastest you can shoot this gun is 24.5 balls per second.

[Mark] Oh, that's it?

That thing's a bad daddy right there.

[Mark] Can I borrow that for free-for-all?

Right, exactly. So then it's got Burst mode, Semi-Max or Minimum, your Classic, your Fully Auto. And then down on the screen as you guys can see, Dwell Anti-Bolt Stick, you can literally control the entire gun, right through the Bluetooth app on your phone, whether you have an iPhone or Android, which is cool. Okay, guys, so in the bottom, you're gonna see Disconnect. So you can just hit Disconnect. And here your gun will say, "Disconnected from the device." And guys, that's how you program this thing through the phone. Once again, what do you think of this Mark?

[Mark] That's pretty amazing. I have two questions.

Go ahead.

[Mark] Well, one more statement. So the first statement is, we're showing you on the Android app, there may be a slight difference on the iPhone app. We didn't test both yet. So if your screen's a little different, that's why we did it with the Android. And the second thing is, can you still program the gun traditionally just with the gun without connecting to an app?

100% -- the program that you're going to pull the trigger, we can do a video on that in the future. Pull the trigger then turn the gun on will set you into programming mode. 

Speaking of that, talking about electronics and programming. Virtue Paintball is obviously this is their board, this is their first comeback of making their boards. If you guys remember, you guys remember Virtue, a long time ago started out with making all sorts of boards for all types of guns on the market. This one I had laying around in my office just happens to be a G three IQ board. So stay tuned guys Virtue is back in the board making game. They're gonna make them for minis and all sorts of other guns out there, so...

[Mark] And Tony's got the best stuff just laying around in his office. He's humble about it, he's like "Oh, I just happened to have that brand new Impact here."

Yeah, it is brand new and a package sticker and also just years and years of collecting. Anyways guys, this is the brand new Virtue ACE. By Virtue Paintball, comes with the Spire IV, all the fancy features. Like I said, it does come with the Freak XL kit. With the Red 687 insert. Super fancy, nice new trigger on there, nice milling and colors and check them out guys on "" and we're gonna do a shooting video so stay tuned for that bad boy next.

[Mark] Shooting video and a comparison of the Spire IV to the Spire III.

Yes indeed.

[Mark] And maybe even a traditional programming video as well. And anything you guys wanna see that we haven't just mentioned, let us know. I'm stealing my phone back cause I have to find that YouTube.


YouTube Question

Well, while he’s finding a YouTube question. I just wanna say thank you guys for the support. It's been awesome during all this craziness going on. And we look forward to you guys being fans and customers in the future. All right, Mark hit me with the question.

[Mark] I'm getting there, I'm getting there.

Okay, well while they wait, they can just stare at the sexiness of the gun.

[Mark] Put the hopper on for a second.

Okay, hold up. I just don't know if this stand's gonna...

[Mark] Well, I mean, don't let go of it. Just to be safe. What the hell happened to my brand new gun?

Yeah. Hit me with it.

[Mark] Alright, well, I mean, it's random but Gavin...

It's random, they're all random

[Mark] Gravin Pinchart.

Gavin Pinchart?

[Mark] Yeah, cause we just did the video reviewing the HK Jersey.


[Mark] Says "Who cares about the HK Jerseys? "When will the Lone Wolf jerseys be back in stock?"

Lone Wolf ones are gonna be back in stock within like another week or so I believe.

[Mark] Yeah, I mean, we have some, so I don't know if you're looking for something specific Gavin.


[Mark] Let us know, like, "Oh, I need that and a..."

I know I'm missing some sizes right now. But we still do have some in stock, we're getting a re-up like I said within the next week or so. So stay tuned, I appreciate the support.

[Mark] And if per say if you guys have special sizes let us know and we can make sure those are included in the next order that we do.

That's right. Take it easy guys. Thanks for the support. Shop at

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