DLX Luxe X Review


What’s goin’ on, guys? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you an unboxing of the new Luxe X. Yeah, just the outside of the box. Nice hard case, we’re gonna break this down fully, as much as we can here. So, without further ado, let’s pop this bad boy open. Don’t forget to go to lonewolfpaintball.com. Click that online store, and put one of these in for pre-order purchase. We’ll have a bunch in stock very, very soon. 

DLX Luxe X Unboxing

But for now, as always with the gun reveal, I’m gonna show you. It does come with a brand-new barrel cover, Luxe X cover. It does come with the USB charging port, which I wanna get into in just a couple minutes here. USB charging. They’ve done a really good job on this one, so, it can connect to car chargers, stuff like that, we’ll get into that like I said. They sell for 1500 bucks, that’s what they retail at, $1,499.99. Brand new set of Allen keys, guys. So, boom boom, there’s that. 

Pop into here, you are going to see your starter manual, everything like that. You are also going to notice that it is coming with the eight inch XL insert. So, the eight inch insert, Freak XL, is very, very nice. Only one insert, it’s a 687, so boom, there is that. Actually, I’ll assemble that now, so when I put it together, you guys can get the full feel of the gun. Come on, come on baby, okay there she goes. All right, boom, slide this out. Obviously comes with their standard The Grease lube, and then a rebuild kit. All the O-rings, nice little compartments, springs, anything you’re going to need to rebuild this gun, right here in the kit. And, now, let’s get on to the actual product itself. 

[Mark] Oh, tip that up, so we can see it in the case.

Ooh, okay, okay, okay. Tipping ‘er up, here she is. The Luxe X, once again retailing at $1,499.99, we’re talking 1500 bucks all day. But it’s a beauty, ladies and gentlemen. And then also, I was referring to that charging block lead. It’s all USB, plugs right into the wall, you can do a car charger if you have one of those as well, but it’s all USB, brand new, I’m not gonna take that out of the package but that’s what it is. Here’s the Luxe X. Let’s throw the barrel on there. If I get that insert all the way in first, and then we’ll go–

[Mark] Noob.

Okay. Noob?


DLX Luxe X Features

Oh, man. All right. We’ll start, as, actually, you know what? I lied, I’m taking the barrel off. It’s gonna be a lot easier to do it this way. So, there’s the Luxe X, we’re gonna start at the feed neck and go down, as I always do. It’s got a very nice locking lever. Obviously can fit any hopper that you’re shooting. And then it has the nice thumb wheel here as well, so you can adjust and tighten or loosen, whatever you guys wanna do. Nice, and then the, a good feature that’s been on the other Ices and the other Luxes is this little knob right there. It actually locks this lever in place, so it can’t slide up or down. Good feature, love it. Anyways, Mark, where should I go? You want me to start from the front or go from the back?

[Mark] The front.

The front.

That front is so sexy.

This is a redesigned regulator. They actually incorporated the Max-Flo Reg into the front. And then on the bottom, same as the Ice, they do have, they tell you, velocity this way, velocity that way. I’m not, obviously, it’s a brand new gun, I’m not taking the regulator out and showing you all the internal parts, but boom, it is redesigned, front end regulator with the new Max-Flo style. And that’s the front. 

Let’s talk about the eye cover, so I’m gonna move this case here, real quick. So, we’re talking about the eye cover. Since I don’t have any nails, unfortunately, I can’t really get a good grasp, that’s the reason I brought my dental pick. It’s supposed to be completely tool-less. If you’ve got a little nail left, I don’t, I bite my nails, unfortunately. So, tool-less here, but I do have a tool, so it’s up to you. If you have nails, you can get it out. You can push the eye cover forward and they just pop right out. There’s no Allen screws, there’s no, you know, anything needed to get this out. So, there’s the inside, I can show you guys there. And then, standard Luxe style, it just locks right back into place. If I can get it in the correct position, boom. Locks right back in, you’re good to go there. That is how Luxe rolls. So, all right, Mark. 

Next. We’re gonna talk about the trigger. Very, very nice. Super, super smooth. Bolt. There’s a lot of key features I wanna hit on this gun. You guys haven’t seen anything yet, just wait. Let’s talk about the bolt. Up and out, this is the newly designed Luxe X core on the actual gun itself. So, this is the Luxe X core, it is supposed to operate 20-30% more efficiently than the previous Luxe Ice. Operating pressures are right around, between 100 and 130 PSI. So, we’re talking, yeah. They say, this is what Luxe says. 20-30% more efficient than the previous one. So, you’re gonna get a lot more shots. This new core, the Luxe X core is supposed to be a lot smoother, more efficient and just is less, no, yes, less brittle on paint. Right, Mark, would that be the correct term? Less brittle?

[Mark] It’s gentler on paint.

Yes. It’s gentle, it’s very gentle on the paintballs, so I was thinking like, huh? What?

It’s not gonna break your tournament paint inside of your gun, obviously tournament paint has a brittle shell, stuff like that, so the new really designed, you know, newly designed Luxe X core is absolutely fantastic. Efficiency. Hey, stay tuned for the next video where we take the Luxe X outside and shoot a couple pods through it, to see what it actually does. So, new core, great. I’m gonna keep that out for now. 

DLX Luxe X Maintenance

All right, guys, now that I talked about the Luxe X core, since I’ve got the gun wide open, let’s, Mark, wait, what are we doin’, right… What just happened? There, did you see that?

[Mark] Is that supposed to come up like that?

It is supposed to come up like that because this gun, the frame comes completely off and there’s a little latch right up front, there, push this backwards, flip this latch up, pull your bolt out, flip the latch up in the back and then voila! Ladies and gentlemen, here we are. Hey, Mark, do you see, let’s see. I wanna show you the best part. Zoom in right in this area. 24 karat gold spring connectors, baby. 

Hoo! It’s gotta keep the current flowing, right? So, there’s gonna be no lack of electricity running through this gun to keep it nice and powered. And as you just saw, flip this latch up in the back, flip it forward, this latch on the underneath, well, it’s on the frame actually. Boom, there’s a little latch here. Flip that backwards and the frame comes off, you don’t need any tools, anything like that. Onward.

[Mark] Why would I need to do that?

Because, if you wanna access the internal side of your gun, you can.

[Mark] Why would I need to do that? I mean, cleaning? Is this all just for cleaning purposes?

I was just going there. Correct, Mark. If you got shot in the side of the grip frame, something like that, you got paint all in the lines of your guns. Hey, I don’t need to take a bunch of screws apart, you can pop it off real easily, clean it up. Gun maintenance, very important, ladies and gentlemen. So, Boom Shaka-Laka, that comes off that easily, no screws. Anyways, I’m rambling on.

[Mark] If I’m using a Luxe, I ain’t getting shot. Just saying.

You better be good. So, for me, once again, I don’t have any nails. They did the retaining grip screws on here. You see here and here, it’s kind of deceiving to you when you first look at it, but you don’t need to pull those screws out because, if I could, could I? No, that’s why I use my dental pick. Just, all you gotta do, it just pulls up. Pulls up and out. So, like I said, once again, if you had nails, this gun is completely tool-less. If you’ve even got a little bit of a nail, you can get behind that grip, you don’t need to take any screws off the gun. It opens right up. Furthermore, I’m gonna slide that forward actually, and you see these tabs here? It actually says “Turn to Remove”. Turn to remove, so you’re gonna slide this clip off. Let’s see, once again, boom, boom. And that little plate comes right out. Once again, I don’t need any screws. Turn to remove, and it comes right out. 

Our Favorite Feature of the Luxe X

The best part, one of the best things, in my opinion about this gun, is the actual way the battery comes out. So now, push down, or push up actually, and boom. So, this is a cell phone-type lithium battery. It is three times more of the life of the last Luxe Ice battery, so you’re gonna get a charge that holds for a very, very, very long time. And it just slides right out. All you need to do, undo the red tabs on the inside of the grip and then you can take your battery out if you need to do any cleaning, if your battery ever goes bad. Super easy to get out. The engineers over at Luxe are making things a lot easier, being completely tool-less. So, putting the battery back in, you’re going to slide it in and then push it down, which will lock it in place. And there’s a little nub on the actual grip itself right here that will lock in the top piece so the battery does not go anywhere whatsoever. 

So, give me just one moment, I’m gonna slide this stuff back in, turn it around, lock it down, and we are back in business. The best thing about this, in my opinion, is it literally tells you. Guys on the video, like I can’t really see that well, we’re working with small stuff, it tells you, turn here, turn here. You can get everything done and out completely tool-less. So, we’re gonna lock that back into place. Snap the grips back in, and then let’s turn this bad boy on and make sure it actually works, right Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, that’d be cool.

So, we’re gonna put her back together here. Gonna slide it and lock it in. Boom. Don’t forget, guys, in the front, or ladies too, lock this tab back forward, so it’s locked in, and then come back here and lock this as well. Keeps the gun nice to the frame. Everything like that. Let’s put the bolt back in and let’s get into the Luxe experience. You ready, Mark? Hopefully I put it back together correctly.

[Robot] Powering on. Welcome to the Luxe experience. Battery level: 100%. Firing mode: NXL.

Ooh. So I did. Okay, everything’s good. Hold on. Oh no.

[Robot] Powering off.

That’s what I was aiming for. That’s it?

[Mark] No goodbye? Didn’t it used to say goodbye?

I think so. And you can probably think they still have it, you can program it to whatever you want it to say, I believe, I know that was an option on the older Luxes, but, and also guys, like I said earlier, it is all USB right here on the inside of the grip. I can actually pop that open again, just to show you. It’s all USB ported. So, boom, right there is where your plug is coming in handy. You’re gonna charge this. This thing goes to that thing, charges, you guys are good to go. Like I said, it’s got three times the battery life of the previous Luxe. 

And what else you think, Mark? What have I missed? I’ve gone over the redesigned Max-Flo reg, the magnetic eye covers, the feed neck, the whole Luxe X bolt system, the grips, the inside. Oh, the lever here. ASA. It’s a lever, it’s not a turn knob. It is a locking lever, so other than that, this has been a, I don’t know. How many minutes are we in? Decent amount?

[Mark] Eight minutes or something like that.

Wrapping Up Our Review

Roughly around a 10 minute or so review of the Luxe X. It’s an absolute beauty. Don’t forget to go to lonewolfpaintball.com and check it out. It’s got a ton of great features. Before I end this video, I wanna say, a lot of people when they see this in a picture, they go, what’s the difference between the Ice and the X? Why would I even waste my money on the new X? Didn’t you just watch what I said? The reg and the board and how it all comes apart completely tool-less. 20-30% more efficient than the previous model. The battery level is three times more, has more capacity than the other model as well, so there’s a lot, it doesn’t look like there’s much, but there’s a ton of changes on this new Luxe X. Go check them out, guys. They’re great and, like I said, stay tuned. Shooting video coming soon.

[Mark] Can I see it with the barrel on it again?

You wanna see it with the barrel?

[Mark] I wanna see the finished whole thing, it’s so pretty!

Oh, baby, Mark wants to see it with the barrel on.

[Mark] And then you said it comes with a 687. Where can I go to get the other inserts that I’m gonna need for this thing? ‘Cause my paint bore’s small sometimes.

You can go to lonewolfpaintball.com and check the Freak XL inserts out, they retail for $14.99 per insert, so, it comes with the 687 stock. Eight inch control bore on the XL, and you can also purchase new ones. So, hey, the Luxe X, check it out, they shoot amazing. You guys will see soon, if you watch the next video. Take it easy.

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Okay, see you there. Bye.

[Mark] I need jerky.

Jerky, get some jerky.