Empire SYX 1.5 Marker Unboxing & Upgrades


Hello everyone, Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball here. Today I am bringing you the new feature upgrades on the Empire SYX 1.5 version paintball marker, baby. So let's hop on into this, quick little unboxing. We just got the Empire Syx in the other day, so lets take a look at it to see what they’ve got going on inside.

Empire Syx 1.5 Unboxing

So, everything's falling out on me here but you do get your parts kit, lube, allen wrenches, o-rings, ball detents, anything you guys are gonna need to rebuild the gun. A little gel pack to keep any moisture out. Your Epire Syx manual that you absolutely gonna wanna read through to troubleshoot any problems, and to figure out how to program the gun to whatever mode that you guys would like. So, we'll set that off to the side.

Your brand new Empire SYX barrel cover, very, very nice and then you've got your two piece 14" barrel here which I'll throw together real quick before I actually show you the paintball gun. So pretty much, while I'm putting this together the gun is gonna be the same, outside, cosmetically looking, there's a couple different features that have changed, but not too much, it’s the updated version.

Empire Syx 1.5 Marker & Upgrades

I would say there were a few issues that needed to be addressed with the previous model, the original Empire Syx, but here it is baby. This is the Empire Syx 1.5 revised version. First off, I'm gonna start from the top and go down. The thing that you gonna notice, you've had the same lever locking feedneck here, but one thing that you will notice, if I can get this bolt out of here, is they revised the bolt tip and they put better and bigger o-rings in the actual bolt guide itself. So you can see the tip. You see those crosses on there, Joe?

[Joe] Ooh, that’s fancy

Yes, so they revised that, they said there were some paint breaking issues with the marker, so they went ahead, talked to their engineering department and went ahead and fixed that issue. So they revised the bolt tip, kinda honed it down a little bit so it's less harsh on brittle paint and then they resized all of the o-rings as well on the bolt guide itself. So we'll set the bolt down.

The biggest feature about this... You know what, I'm gonna keep you guys waiting. I'm gonna show you what they did on the inside of the battery door. As you guys know, or if you don't know now you will, it's a push button inside.

You unscrew your barrel, there's a push button here to release your front grip, it is completely toolless. So I push the button down and then you have access to the front grip to change your 9-volt battery. The thing that was an issue, people complained was, when they took a dive or a slide and they were running around they would hear the battery jiggling around.

So this is, might not be the biggest thing, but they did put a piece of adhesive foam tape on the inside to keep that battery from jiggling around on you guys. So, just a small update, clearly nothing huge, but an update to fix a problem, nonetheless. Next, before I get into the biggest thing, here they did add on two different board features. Brightness, they added a better brightness mode for sunny days out there so you guys can actually see your screen, you got your wearing your goggles, the sun's shining down, you can't really read the screen so they bumped up the brightness on the board and also they did bump the dwell down from eight milliseconds to six milliseconds.

What that's gonna do is it’s going to provide a more consistent and softer shock for brittle paint. So if you guys don't know what dwell is, it is the amount of time the solenoid opens and closes allowing the gun to fire. So, basically they used to have it stock set at an eight, they brought it down to six, so it’s gonna be softer on your paint and it’s gonna be more consistent in a better shock overall.

Our Favorite Empire Syx 1.5 Upgrade

Alright guys, lastly with the new updated version of the Empire Syx 1.5. Let's talk about the ASA leather, from the older model where it was all aluminum. Now you have a two-piece stainless steel, very, very strong and sturdy ASA. 

Then for the lever itself. There was an issue with the longer lever that they had before, people were sliding and diving and accidentally disengaging the air system because the lever was too long and kinda hung off the back. So, now they revised the leather here, so no matter what, sliding and diving you are not going to mess that up whatsoever.

So guys... Oh and also before I close this video out, they actually, once this ASA comes off the gun, they added extra o-rings, or bigger o-rings, that actually attach to the frame of the gun itself right in this area here and that will allow or prevent leaking. Some people said the ASA was leaking before, they re-engineered, kinda figured out what they needed to do with the marker, and here it is ladies and gentlemen, the revised version of the.... 1.5 Empire SYX. Guys I hope you enjoyed it.

Shout out to GI Sports and Empire for actually caring what the customer said, following feedback and making improvements and changes to the gun. Here it is guys, the Empire Syx 1.5, check it out. Tooless bolt removal, you know, You’ve got everything here. So, shop lonewolfpaintball.com because we are the best source of paintball. Thanks for watching!