Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro vs Dye M3+

What is going on guys? It's Tony and your boy Jake is back, and we are gonna do a battle.

[Jake] Your boy. 

The CS2 Pro versus the Dye M3+.

[Jake] Look at this baby. Ooh, get that expensive barrel tip in there, Mark.

All right. Available and available at Lone Wolf Paintball.

[Jake] But for a limited time only, with this color.

Let's do it.

[Jake] I'm ready.

All right.

[Jake] I started last time.

Okay, I'm gonna start this time. I'm gonna hit you where it hurts, right at the beginning to gain the viewer's interest here.

[Jake] All right, all right.


CS2 Pro VS Dye M3+ Review

This CS2 Pro, whopping, you know weighing in, it's like one pound, eight ounces, say. In the red corner, in the blue corner actually, you're red corner, coming with the Shaft FL barrel kit, not only one, not only two, but three barrel backs, .681, .685, and the .689. Jake! And it's 14 and a half inches long. Yours, what's on.

[Jake] I got a 14-inch. I have the UL and I have the eight-eight and the eight-four, but the eight-four is the best for the Dye UL barrel system, is the most accurate and shoots better, and is quieter than that. Look at how much porting is on this tip. Ooh, look at all that porting.

I can see how much water is gonna get in there. That's sick, bro. That's awesome.

[Jake] All the water for the one time,

The water's gonna get in there

[Jake] One time a year I play in the rain.

For sure. But what happens if you're an avid speed ball player, and you play twice. A week.

[Jake] That's all right, it's waterproof. What's the worst thing that can happen?

[Mark] Yeah, it rained at every event I've ever been at.

It's waterproof. That's it.

[Jake] And then I'll do the old Ollie Lang trick, and then tape my barrel, tape my barrel. And then at that point, I mean, if I'm playing speedball, I don't care how quiet it is, but it's in the woods.


Porting Differences Between CS2 Pro and Dye M3+

But do you notice? Lift Mark and show him my tip. How many, how much more porting is right at the actual tip than just throughout, you know? Right at the tip it gets it. 

[Jake] I have porting at the end. So that is, so that way it makes that air go away a little bit, a little bit faster. So it calms it down and makes it a little bit quieter.

Quieter, straighter of a shot.

[Jake] Yeah.

Okay. We'll see.

[Jake] Not so much pressure coming behind that ball dissipating so quick behind those pass, these last piece of-

He's still wishing he had three barrel backs. But okay, on to the next point.

[Jake] I don't need them. I don't need them. They're just better.


Charging, Batteries and On-Screen Features

How do you change your batteries?

[Jake] I don't. I charge them through photosynthesis, dude.

Oh, we're back to this again.

[Jake] You don't, yeah.

That's a long time ago.

[Jake] You just take this. You put it on your wireless charging pad. No nothing.

That's plugged into the wall.

[Jake] That's ready to go. I mean, you don't have to plug it into the wall. That's where photosynthesis comes into play.

That's cool.

[Jake] You just set it on the charging pad. But, nonetheless, if, what if, for whatever reason, you do run out, if you do run out of battery, it's very easy to find one of these chargers. They're almost in all the cars today.

What, is that a USB?

[Jake] Yeah, just a normal, old style Android. You can get them at any gas station anywhere for like $3, so you can get it super, super cheap-

$3, mark his words

[Jake] Super super easy. Yeah. Just fact check it real quick. Depends if, if you're in California, it's probably six. 'Cause everything's double there.

[Mark] How long would that take to charge? So how many points am I going to miss out on 'cause I'm waiting for my gun to charge?

[Jake] Probably... I mean, I guess it depends. If you're playing xball, probably 10 points. If you're playing five man, maybe one, 'cause everyone knows you wait 10 hours before you play the next five man game. But that nonetheless you're, if you're ever worried about it, plus it does any normal wireless charging from any other wireless charging pad. So Samsung charging pad, if Apple has one, Amazon.

Do you see that?

[Jake] Yeah, dude, that's it?

Yeah. It's AA. So all of a sudden, if my batteries ran out, I just slide this off. I replace my two AAs, and I just kinda slide that back on.

[Jake] That's sick, dude.

And I'm ready to rock. I'm ready to rock for like 40,000 shots.

[Jake] Can you watch a movie on your screen? 'Cause I can watch a movie on my screen.

You can?

[Jake] Yeah. Look at that.

Did you bring the popcorn?

[Jake] No, I didn't. I brought, I brought some for me, but-

Oh, that's all color. That looks nice. I like that.

[Jake] It is, yeah. Look at that.

Can you show Mark?

[Jake] Yeah, and then you can also customize the screen to have whatever boot screen that you want. So it can light up and say things.

Mine only does that.

[Jake] That's unfortunate. This has a bunch of training modes in it as well. Does that have a bunch of training modes?

I don't need to train.

[Jake] Oh, you don't? You're just professional?


[Jake] Oh, well if you suck like me, this has all the training modes that you need.

I can't wait for the comments. I'm totally kidding. All right.

[Jake] But yeah, it has all the training modes. You can hook it up to the eVoke if you want to, and it'll talk to you in your ear. Hug it tight like your mama at night, and...

Nice. Duly noted. Duly noted.


Feed Necks and Triggers 

[Jake] Dude. What about your, what about your feed neck bro?

My feed neck? It's looking like a feed neck. Low ride.

[Jake] Look at how tall that is.


[Jake] Dude, look at that.

Whoa, what are you talk-

[Jake] Look at that, look at this, bro. You have two different sections to it.

Oh my God. Put 'em up.

[Mark] Put 'em next to each other.

Mark's like, "All right you guys. Let's get-

[Mark] They look the same.

Thank you, Mark, they, I mean, I like the design of his a little bit more, but it's just, they're both low pro. You got that thumb wheel, where's it at?

[Jake] Yeah, it's right here on this side. Thumb wheel. 

All right, we both got locking thumb wheels, which is nice, all aluminum-

[Jake] Dude, how about, how about that trigger? Look at your trigger versus mine. Look at how-

I was hoping you were gonna bring up the trigger.

[Jake] Look at this sick thing, dude Look at this,

Hold up.

[Jake] Look at how sick this is.

Does yours come with a sight and a blade trigger out of the box?

[Jake] No.

Mine comes with two.

[Jake] Yeah, because both trigg-

This is the blade.

[Jake] Both triggers suck. You're probably still gonna buy that Infamous trigger at the end of the day. 100%.

So, I get this trigger, and I get another brand new one in the box, depending on how your style is.

[Jake] See, this is two triggers into one.


[Jake] See how, see how this has like a little lightning bolt.

He's so full of it.

[Jake] So right here is one trigger. And then right here is one trigger. So I get two triggers right there, yeah.

It's a lightning bolt.

[Jake] I get two different triggers right here.

Does it make you lightning fast?

[Jake] It's just two into one. It does, it does. Makes you a lot faster. 

How does your boLt come out?

[Jake] Just right here. Super easy.


[Jake] I got a, I got a soft tip on mine. Do you have a soft tip on yours?

I do. We're both soft, you know?

[Jake] Mine's a lot softer though.

I get a second bolt too. In case you, you know, wanna be a hard man.

[Jake] Why would you need a second bolt?

I dunno. Why wouldn't you not? You got a gamma core. What do you have?

[Jake] I got the FL technology.

You're about to go down right now. What is your bolt operating pressure, 'cause I know mine.

[Jake] No idea. Dye doesn't have it listed on their website.

They don't have it listed for a reason. 'Cause it's not 105Psi like the CS2 Pro.

[Jake] But I can guarantee you that this-


[Jake] Yeah, probably not. I will give it that, that gun's running at a better operating pressure-

I'm just looking at it, I'm looking at it, I'm seeing like 120 all day long.

[Jake] Just look at it, just look at it-

Yeah, I'm looking at it, I'm seeing 120 all day.

[Jake] Here, I'll ask it. Oh, it says 95.


Frame Comparison | CS2 Pro and Dye M3+

Oh, yeah right! That'd be impressive if it was. All right, what'd you got next?

[Jake] I wanna talk about my nice hourglass figure that I have, my lice, my nice, beautiful lady. Look at that block that you have to hold on to in the back there.

That just says sturdy all over it. Like, "I won't snap, I'm sturdy," right there.

[Jake] Yeah, because Dye's had the problems with all their-

I knew you were gonna go there.

[Jake] With all their products coming twisted. Yeah. When was the last time you've seen a Dye gun on the Internet?

Hey, I'm talking back here, we're not talking about what happened up here before.

[Jake] Oh yeah. Even in the back. How many Egos and Geos and all of the Planet Eclipse guns do you see with bent grip frames? A lot more than you see with Dye grip frames.

You're gonna have to fact check that. No, I think it is a fact, actually.

[Jake] 100%.

All right.

[Jake] But that's a lot easier to hold, it's really easy to get up underneath it and just control the whole thing. It is super, super fast.

I still have two triggers and three barrel backs.

[Jake] That's fine. Mine's a lot more comfortable. It's a lot easier to manhandle.

Check. Let's talk about ASA. You got that slap? Who's slapping?

[Jake] Yeah, I mean I can slap it.

Okay. Got that Pops. Okay. The ASA-

[Jake] It's not that, it's, it's not actually like the easeI mean it is... Yeah. I guess you can slap.

I don't know, though. I feel like it's...

[Jake] Maybe it's because I'm not into domestic violence. I don't slap.

Mark, what do you think?

[Mark] I think that ASA's like the Chinese knock-off of the Pop.

Yeah, I don't know. I just, I feel like that's going to fall apart for some reason, I don't know. Just-

[Jake] I feel like that's gonna fall apart. Look at it. You got an external screw right here that can come out.

Nah, that's the pops. It's where you push it and you go, just pop it, you know?

[Jake] Yeah, exactly. I don't have anything on the exterior of mine.

Okay. All right. That's fine.

[Mark] That's gonna fall out.

How do you? What's up with your eyes? Where are those eye covers at, you know?

[Jake] I don't, dude, I don't need them. I have that nice sleek design. My eyes are right here. Right, right here.

No, what's going on inside of there?

[Jake] Well, you know, just because-

It's just an eye pipe that's probably going to fall out like all the other ones.

[Jake] I mean, if it falls out, then you're just dumb. But-

[Mark] Do you know which generation eye pipe that is? 'Cause there's like seven of them now.

[Jake] It's the newest one.

So that's a Gen Four? It's not a gen three?

[Jake] Yeah. It's the num, yeah.

Okay. Fact check that too.

[Jake] I don't, are they on the gen, is there such a thing as a Gen Four?

They're on Gen Four. The CZRs have a Gen Four.

[Jake] Gotcha. I, I'm pretty sure it's one of the newer ones, but nonetheless, it is reinforced, it is super thick. If you chop paint, you don't have to worry about going in and cleaning your eyes. So one less thing you have to worry about when you're sucking it up in the tournament, when it's raining out there...

I access mine by pulling that off, and just flipping this and getting in there real quick, you know, flick of a button, flick of a, flick of a wrist. You know what I'm saying? You just slap it back in and you're ready to rock.

[Jake] Spin it in. It's good to go. You don't even have to do all that with this. You don't have to take off any grips. You just run a squeegee through there. And this front bolt has a nice little soft tip on here. You can see it's got a little ridge. I don't know if Mark can see it. Maybe if I hold it flat right here. But you can see, it gets a little bit fatter at one point. I'm not going to be able to pull it out, but nonetheless, it gets a little bit, it's a little bit fatter right here too, and when that brushes up against your eye pipe, it's just got a nice squeegee in the inside. So your eyes and your detents are going to be nice and clean. You can see it's just a little bit fatter right there. Just to get that nice squeegee. That nice squeaky ‘car wash clean’ right there.

I'll just keep my barrel made on me. You know what I'm saying? I'm just getting ready to get in there, you know?

[Jake] I mean, mine doesn't chop paint. I don't have to worry about it on mine.

Neither does this.

[Jake] Are you sure?

This definitely does not chop paintballs, no.

[Jake] I sure hope not, it's an expensive gun.


Price Difference Between CS2 Pro and Dye M3+

It is, what, wait, talking about that, how much is that?

[Jake] Too much.

What's, what's too much?

[Jake] All right, this particular color is-


[Jake] But you can get the Infamous, the Infamous Skull edition, for like $1850?

[Mark] Actually, that's a good point. Does Infamous make an M3?

[Jake] No.

No, no, no.

[Mark] Why not?

'Cause they're Planet Eclipse, bro.

[Jake] Yeah, they're-

Planet Eclipse!

[Jake] You can get Ironmen one.


Other Specifications

Oh, this one does, like, Bluetooth stuff.

[Jake] Yeah, do you want to talk about Bluetooth? I've got Bluetooth. I can get the ebook and it'll talk to me.

I can put mine on a pad and charge it.

[Jake] I mean, I can watch a movie on this screen. Oh, and if this, if your board breaks, Dye will replace it for, for free is...

They will?

[Jake] Yeah, they did mine for free, within the first year.

That's nice, dude. Does yours have a rebuildable solenoid?

[Jake] No, it doesn't need one. It's a purging solenoid, so that way, if you over pressurize it, or you put a, a tank on it, that's a little bit too high in output pressure, or you accidentally mess up your regulator, it purges right out so you don't have to-

So you are highly confident that the solenoid in that gun would literally never go bad, ever?

[Jake] Maybe after 2 million shots, like every solenoid eventually is going to go wrong.

That's what I'm saying, If mine blows,

[Jake] But not from compressioriz-.

 I can just rebuild it. Can that one be rebuilt? Do you know or do you not know?

[Jake] No, I'm almost positive-

You're not sure?

[Jake] can't rebuild it.

Okay, that's fair.

[Jake] You just have to buy a new one.

I can rebuild the solenoid in this .

[Jake] But Planet Eclipse had to add that feature after the 80 years they've been in business.

We're not talking about that. We're talking about here and now. Right, Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, go back 80 years if you wanna buy one that you can't fix. This one's fixable.

We go back 80 years, they'll be holding a rock. Have a rock. All right. You're out! I hit Mark in the head, he fell over.

[Jake] Paintball! Paintball!

All right, so... Points we missed. Board, we went over, how to charge it, ASA.

[Jake] How do you change your pressure set, your velocity?

Velocity is right through the bottom with a plus or minus right there.

[Jake] Same, dude, same.

Yours is up in the front. Do you have plus or minus? No?

[Jake] No, I guess, yeah. I do

So which way is up and which way is-

[Jake] I do. I do.

You do?

[Jake] No. Just kidding, I don't. I thought it was on the grip someplace.

Me too, maybe they changed it. I don't know. But mine tells me, if I want down, I go this way. If I want up, I go that way. So I don't know. Do you know how to actually, what's in or, is it in or down to?

[Jake] It's out.

So if you want to increase it?

[Jake] Yeah, when you want to increase it, you start pulling it out. When you wanna not increase it-

You screw it in?

[Jake] You screw it in, yeah.

Okay, cool, all right. So if you bring your screw all the way out, you're going to have some very, very high pressure.


Maintenance | CS2 Pro VS Dye M3+ 

[Jake] How do you get to access your regulator? Mine, to get to mine is super easy. You just pull off these grips.

I gotta take my grips off. Well, actually I don't, I just pull it right through the bottom of these two screws.

[Jake] Oh, but can you get to your pistons and everything else?

Once I take these screws off, I can pull this, this stuff down.

[Jake] But you basically have to do surgery and take apart all those, all the grips and everything too? Do you have to drop the frame?

No, I just unloosen those, and I should be able to pull it down. I believe, don't quote me on that. Not a hundred percent sure.

[Jake] Quote him on that. "I believe."

I believe.

[Jake] But yeah, mine's super easy to take apart and service, but you don't ever have to do it. Plus my serial number is nice and bright right there too. So when you get it out of the box. I'm pretty sure that's a serial number. Yeah. So then where is your serial number? Just in case you want to take pictures of it?

Right here behind the feed neck.

[Jake] All right.

Right there behind the feed neck. Not too flashy. You know, yours is hidden, I like that too.

[Jake] Yeah, yeah.

All right. All right. Well, I think we've covered a lot of the main points. I don't know who actually would win the battle today. But-

[Mark] I am curious. Do you guys know which gun has more pro teams that use it?

I would have to say this for sure. Definitely, if we're going company brand wise, Planet Eclipse has tons of teams.

[Jake] Are we talking pro teams, or just teams?

[Mark] Pro teams, not D4, D5, like legit...

Pro teams definitely are using Planet Eclipse. They definitely have that, I feel like.

[Jake] I think it is Planet Eclipse, but what... I think it's only by like one or two teams though.

Yeah. I mean, obviously Infamous is all Planet.

[Jake] You have Infamous, and then you-

I feel like XFactor is all Planet. I don't know. They change their shit every year. It's 2020.

[Jake] 'Cause you yeah, you have Ironmen, you have the Russians, who are some of the-

Who are both Dye flagships!

[Jake] Who are very very dominant teams, If you want to talk about the Russians, shot this their entire last year.

Do you know what Edmonton Impact uses? Because they've won a lot of events. Do you know what they use?

[Jake] I can't remember if they did use Planet Eclipse.

I know, I just, it's 2020, we don't know who's shooting what anymore, 'cause, 'cause, thanks corona.

[Mark] Well who won last year's World Cup?

[Jake] Dye.

Last year's World Cup?

[Jake] Wasn't it Ironmen?

I don't, I know they won the only event this year. I don't-

All right, we gotta go. The Russians. Put the guns away. Check out Lone Wolf Paintball. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy our bickering. If you don't, let us know. Even if you don't, we don't care.


Youtube Question

[Jake] Don't we have a stupid question we have to answer?

[Mark] We do have a stupid question to answer. It's not stupid, I'm kidding.

It's not stupid.

[Jake] Give me the stupidest one.

[Mark] Skull Island Silver wants to know, since you guys do give a shit: where do I rec, where do you recommend I send my Shocker NXT to get worked on?

Since we actually, we do give a shit,

[Jake] Right here, yeah.

He doesn't give a shit, but we do. Yeah. Send it right here. Give us a call, 586-463-9500,

[Jake] I'll fix it for you.

Or call, hit the website, you'll find the phone number on there. Send it in. We can get it fixed up for you.

[Mark] Are there any guns you guys won't work on?

[Jake] Azodin.

[Mark] No, we fixed some-

Guns that I can't find parts for any more, like a Tippmann Pro Lite, something like that. If your gun's more than 20 years old, probably not going to work on it. Or discontinued guns, like a Diablo, something wrath,

[Jake] Like an old angel. I have a,

Just call us and we'll let you know.

[Jake] I have a VM 68, would you be able to fix that?

Yes we can.

[Jake] Okay.

So there's, just call us.

[Jake] Shoutout to John John.

That's right, oh Jesus. All right guys. Thanks for watching. Shop at Gotta go.