Shocker CVO Mechanical Paintball Marker Overview & Review


What’s going on guys? Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I’m bringing you a quick overview of the Shocker CVO Mechanical Marker. Boom! Blew it up. Bang.

[Mark] Damn.

All right guys like I said today I have the Shocker CVO all mechanical marker in my hands. Let’s first start off over here, Mark. I’m gonna turn this paintball gun to the side. And we’re gonna go with what’s inside of the box.

Shocker CVO Price 

So, before I open it, let's talk about price points. This Shocker CVO paintball marker is available in other colors, shop Lone Wolf Paintball for some of the best products in the game. $649.95 is the current retail price on the Shocker CVO. 

Shocker CVO Unboxing

Hopping right on into the nice hard case does come with your manual here telling you how to set up the marker and also choosing a loader for the marker as well. What loader to choose? They say use a force fed marker, or hopper for the marker.

[Mark] What’s that mean?

It means it’s not gravity fed so you wanna use an electronic hopper on this gun since it doesn’t have eyes. So no electronic eyes means you should probably not be using a gravity fed hopper on the gun.

[Mark] Can I use that wind up hopper that we use?

Yeah, you can use the wind up hopper.

[Mark] ‘Cause it’s force fed right?

It’s spring fed. Brand new barrel cover. Here you got a tin of lube for the core. 

[Mark] I only use Ultra Silk.

Rebuild Kit and Barrel

Sick. You got a nice rebuild kit for it. Looks like the exact same rebuild kit that comes with the Shocker XLS. Go figure. Got that and then as everyone likes to see, a nice brand new pair of Allen wrenches to do any work on the gun that you might need. Boom. Flip it over and then okay on the inside. Yup. That’s where the marker would sit. So, nice protective hard case. Comes with all the goodies that you guys are gonna need for the operation of the CVO. 

So, furthermore let’s hop right on into this. You guys go back to our previous video. I’ve done a ton of shooting videos and overviews on the Shocker XLS. This gun is literally the XLS with a mechanical frame. So, let’s talk about it. It comes with a Freak XL barrel. Which is huge. We sell a ton of these in stores. Mark, man. What do you know about that 687 eight inch insert? Bam! You want accuracy? You’ve got it. It does come with the XL barrel and then if you need more bores, don’t forget to shop at You can buy the whole kit from us or individual inserts if you would like.

[Mark] I buy the stainless ones so that all my inserts…

Shout out. Yeah, nice. Nice, nice. So, a nice XL barrel that it comes with. Obviously the front rubber foregrip so you’re not slipping and sliding. And then a very durable reg with your plus and minus symbols on there turning it up or turning it down for velocity wise. 

Shocker CVO Mechanical Specifications and Features

Let’s talk about the internal core. You know that’s got a very, very nice operating pressure around 130 to 140 PSI or so. This is the same exact core that is gonna be sitting inside your Shocker XLS. And what I mentioned earlier, it does come with a nice tin of lube here. This lube goes on here. Not too much. Not too little. Just the right amount on each O-ring. So, pop that bad boy right back in. If you didn’t see how I got that out, it’s a nice little push button right here in the back of the marker itself. So very, very nice. Super light. 

Let’s talk about feed neck and then we’ll go into the eyes that don’t exist. I really like their feed neck system. It’s a low profile system. Going back to the hopper stuff earlier that I mentioned, they do recommend, highly recommend using a force fed hopper. Anything electronic, R2, Virtue. Even I see a lot of the old school guys out there using a Revy. Anything that’s gonna force feed the paintballs down into the chamber. Since this thing does not have eyesto , you know, tell you when the trigger can actually activate or not. So, the feed neck. Nice thumb locking lever. Talking about you know, hoppers and feed necks. Stuff like that. And then you do have your D10 system here. One on each side. You can, if you ever lose them or they get worn down, they do have the nice D10s. The green one’s here in the extra parts spare kit. It comes stock with the gun. So, onward. 

Let’s talk about the actual mechanical trigger itself. It’s very snappy. Very, very snappy. It does come with four separate trigger adjustments. Let me actually look in here. I know there’s a pre-travel, a post-travel. It’ll tell you right here in the manual if you look. The magnetic tension, pre-travel, post-travel, and then the activation lever tension. You can actually pop the frame off and adjust how you want to, well, how you want this trigger to feel to you. Super hard to see. There’s a ton of set screws. Two up top, one on the back of the trigger. Like I said it’s a very, very snappy trigger. I think they did an excellent job on the CVO itself. And yeah their engineers over there, shout out to Russell and all the other guys behind the scenes that put in work to make these mechanical tournaments a success for the smart parts or Shocker team. So I really, really like it. Super comfortable. Super light. 

Back down to the ASA. You’re gonna find the same exact ASA on the Shocker XLS. Turn the knob in, engage air. Degassing it or turning a knob out will turn the tension off your tank. And other than that, Mark, are we shooting this in a separate video?

[Mark] We are gonna shoot that in a separate video.

Shocker CVO Recap

Bam! So, guys this is just a quick breakdown of what comes in the Shocker CVO kit. The price point like I mentioned, they’re $649.95. They are available at And you guys are gonna get a nice Freak XL barrel with this gun. You guys can use these at any of your mechanical tournaments ’cause there’s no electronic eyes and there’s no batteries in this bad boy. So, stay tuned for our shooting video of the Shocker CVO mechanical paintball marker. Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you guys later.

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Wait what?

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I’ve mentioned it three times at least. Where have you been?

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I don’t think I did. Hit the Jerky Den for some of the best lean protein in the game. Okay, that’s fair. All right guys.

[Mark] Did anybody notice Manny’s sick new headband?

Oh, Manny. Manny over here dude. We were talking about CVO’s.

[Mark] I got a tech question for you.

Go ahead.

[Mark] So, on my Autococker I can short stroke and chop balls.

That won’t happen with this.

[Mark] You can’t short stroke?

No, you can’t. Nope.

[Mark] There you go guys. Reason not to get an Autococker.

And it has a safety. It says push for safe, see? Like that. You got to be safe out there.

[Mark] You know where my safety is.

My trigger finger.

[Mark] Got ’em!

At attention.

[Mark] Bye bye