Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite Paintball Gun Review


Hey this is Tony and David and we’re over at Lone Wolf we’re about to do a quick review of the Alpha Black Elite Paintball Gun.

Well, young David here has asked me to do a quick review on this.

[David] I was interested.

He was, he’s like, “So why does it have a stock and a shroud, and why does it look so sweet?”

[David] It does look pretty sweet.

So I said, “Young David, ” and I told him, and I said “On the inside of this marker right here is a 98 custom.”

[David] What’s up, what?

Tippmann Alpha Black Elite Features

All of the parts inside of this gun are the same exact parts that are inside a 98 custom.

[David] And I said, “No way.”

And he didn’t believe me, so then I said, “Well really this is just an M16 carrying handle, this is just a six point position stock, and then a front shroud that goes on this gun, along with the outer tactical shell.” Internally it’s a 98 custom, these guns are tanks, they can go through anything.

[David] Yeah.

Is that believable?

[David] I believe that they can go through anything cause it looks pretty sweet. That’s basically why I have one.

Cause it looks pretty sweet, I like that. Well sometimes looks aren’t everything, it’s the internals, but this is the ramped up 98 custom in a tactical shell, like I said it’s the M16 front shroud, M16 carrying handle, and the six point position stock on here.

[David] He did pull it apart and proved it to me and we took a look at the insides, compared and contrasted it, took notes down, had tests.

Like that.

[David] And a sweet nose, six points?

Yeah, and you can, there’s six adjustable positions on there.

[David] Cause I got a little body.

Exactly, for the smaller guys, you can tuck it up, if you’re a long or big guy, you extend it.

[David] Oh okay.

You like that?

[David] Definitely not a long or big guy but I can, I got to tuck everything in.

That’s it. Anything else to say?

[Mark] Is it, can you, if I only want to be a regular 98 custom body again, can I take all the shell off and have it as that?

No you would need to have, you would need to actually have a Tippmann 98 custom body on there.

[Mark] There isn’t one underneath, that’s what I’m getting at.

No, there is not one underneath.

[Mark] Okay that’s what I’m trying to get at.

[Customer Enters]

What’s going on man?

[Customer] What’s up brother?

[David] Can I take all the shell off and have it as that? We’ve got customers.

[Customer] Over to paintball extravaganza.

Oh nice, we'll have fun.

[Customer] Yes!

[Customer] And I’ll see you guys, sorry and take care.

Hey, no worry. Yeah give me a message or something on Facebook whenever you’re heading out next.

[Customer] Oh yeah, well I’ll be here Friday, for sure.

Okay. I’ll see you then. Yeah let me know what you think of the flashers.

[Customer] Yeah, I will.

Thanks man. That scares me.

[David] Here you go, Tony.

Oh, you on this side now?

[David] I mean we can swap back. I was just keeping it warm for you.

Alpha Black Elite Upgrades

Alright, well, a couple basic things we can talk about furthermore on this is upgradability. You can put an electronic trigger in here, you can also put a 98 response on here, you can also install the cyclone feed system on here to replace just using a standard gravity-fed hopper. So, E-Grip, the R.T trigger, the cyclone feed, and other than that, an extended barrel as well, you can just pull this barrel right on out of the shroud and slide a new one in as long as its, doesn’t have any weird humps in the barrel or anything like that cause it won’t go through the actual shroud.

[David] Can you take the Alpha Black and make it look like a different gun, ya know, like a, some really cool sweet ones?

You can definitely put other Tippmann alpha black tactical attachments and accessories on here.

[David] Like different attachments and stuff?

There’s a project salvo that you can make it look like the front shroud is different and the stalk pulls down and folds on the inside so it’s not just a collapsible. So folding stalk on that but yes, you can take off stalk, the front-end, you can make it look like another gun, if you don’t want an M16 you can make it look a little bit different, you can also just pull this carrying handle off the top if you don’t want it there as well.

[David] Okay.

Secret Feature: Alpha Black Elite Magazine

Oh, good thing, this stalk, stalk, this magazine.

[David] I knew what you were talking about.

It’s just for looks. It only holds parts on the inside

[David] What?

A couple O-rings and Allen wrenches. So if you hold it like this, she pulls right on out.

[David] You’re saying there’s no paintballs in there?


[David] What?

Holds Allen wrenches and O-rings, and closes back up.

[David] That is handy. It’s nifty, it’s a little,

Put it right on in there.

[David] So you’ll never lose your stuff to fix or clean or maintain your gun.

That’s it. It might be jiggling around in there, but, at least you’ll have em in there.

[David] Now the real question on everybody’s mind. It’s about this little star right here. See that? Is it actually endorsed by the U.S. Army?

I’m pretty sure it is, man. They wouldn’t have the U.S. Army on the box if it wasn’t a U.S. Army endorsement per se. Lastly, for under $175 you can get the Tippmann Alpha Black Elite. It comes with a gun only, with a two year warranty through Tippmann. Any other questions, Crazy Dave?

[David] Can I put a sweet scope on it?

You can, I mean if you wanted to take this off or mount a flashlight or something underneath here, be super tactical

[David] Super tactical.

You could do that, it's got the rails here on the bottom, you could do that.

[David] It’s everything I need. Can I have it for free?

No. You cannot have it for free. So, that’s it.

[David] Okay, thanks man.

Okay, bye.

[David] That was.

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[David] Okay, bye.