Empire Mini GS Unboxing and Overview


Hey guys. What is going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you an overview of the Empire Mini GS

All right, guys, yes, I've done programming videos with the Empire Mini GS. I've done comparisons and versus videos with this gun as well; but I've honestly never done a general overview with it. So a lot of you guys have asked, so hey, we respond. Here it is. Mark, what do you think, start with what comes in the box?

Empire Mini GS Unboxing & Manual

[Mark] Yeah, of course, you gotta know what's in the box.

Since it's an overview right? What's in the box?

Okay, so when you buy one of these Mini GS's, you get your manual, which I highly suggest you guys read over, and there's tons of videos AKA on our YouTube channel, to find out how to program this gun, and features like that. But read your manual, if you want to get accustomed to what product you have just purchased. All right, so you got your nice styrofoam that protects it. You got your, what is this, like a silicone pack, Mark?

[Mark] Yeah, it keeps it dry, keeps the moisture out. It keeps the gun on the shelf for a minute.

No one wants a wet gun. We got Mr. Jingles back there again, don't worry guys. He just walks around with his keys jingling around, you might hear him on the audio. 

Anyways, you've got a brand new barrel cover here that comes in the box, and then a brand new rebuild parts kit. Allen wrenches, ball detents, springs, O-rings, extra screws and lube for the gun, which is gonna be very important in the maintenance, and making sure your gun is the most efficient out there on the field.

[Mark] You know what's funny is all the guys are like, "Just buy one used," you usually don't get that rebuild kit.

No, that rebuild kit's been used, and so I highly suggest buying new. At that point in time, don't forget to shop at Lone Wolf Paintball. And for you guys, we do have financing available. So if you want low monthly affordable payments, with as low as zero APR, you know, check it out. It's on our site, lonewolfpaintball.com.

[Mark] And wait 'til the end of the video, 'cause we're picking random comments for Tony to answer or respond to and it might be yours.

Empire Mini GS Review

Could be, it could be. Alright, let's jump on into this, let's go. We always go, you know, top to bottom. You do have a locking and clamping feed neck up top, which is fully adjustable by that Allen screw, there. So depending on the size of the hopper or what hopper you're using, you can definitely adjust the tightness or looseness of the hopper for the feed neck. It does come with a 12-inch barrel here. Like that, Mark? Does that look good?

[Mark] I do, it's a nice one piece barrel.

Yeah, it is. A lot of people are like, "Man, stock barrels are terrible." Honestly, for this gun, it works really well. I haven't seen many people complain about the stock barrel. Normally they do obviously have a 98 Custom. You're like, you got a little eight-inch barrel, and you're like, "I definitely want an upgrade 'cause this thing is a piece of crap." But this barrel, really, stock out the box, isn't too bad. So this gun is powered by a nine volt that sits in the front grip here. And it is fully programmable, once again, guys. Can you see that light in there, Mark?

[Mark] Which light, the green blinking light?

Yeah, the green blinking light.

[Mark] Yeah, we did the programming video twice. So if you don't like the way we showed you how to program it in one of them, you can watch the other Empire Mini GS programming video too.

That is very true. All right, well, I'll flip it over here. The best part about this gun in my opinion, is A, the gauge, and B, the ASA lever here. So this is an on-off, engages and disengages your air system and then the gauge for you guys out there. So you never wanna see this gauge go over the 200 mark, or you're gonna hear leaking from the internal frame of the gun. And that means you've over-pressurized the solenoid or the internal reg. 

So once again, guys, for the beginners out there, since this is a beginner speedball gun, this gauge is super important. You never wanna tinker around in there, Mark, right?

[Mark] Right, never touch that.

Never touch that. Only touch the well-known velocity in the back of the gun. This is the only place that you guys need to adjust velocity. Never ever put an Allen wrench in here. Only adjust the velocity through the back, where it actually says velocity.

[Mark] And only to where the field tells you you can set it.

Empire Mini GS Maintenance

And bolt maintenance, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. As for bolt maintenance, the only thing you need to do to get your bolt out of the gun is take out this back screw, your bolt's gonna slide out very similar to how an X2.0 would. Slides out the back, that engine looks the same. And then you're gonna lube every O-ring on the gun, coming brand new out of the box, it's already ready to rock.

I would suggest if you're an avid player, lubing this gun, probably every single time you're done playing with it. You don't really care that much, every two to three times, you wanna do that. So, guys, general overview of the Mini GS. Would highly recommend this for guys getting into the beginner scene of like the tournament paintball, correct, Mark?

[Mark] Correct, I would 100 percent agree with that. You wanna shoot ramping and all that fun stuff, this gun does it.

Yeah, it has plenty of firing modes, like I said in the beginning of the video, we have all the programming the paintball gun on a previous video, so just search that on our YouTube site, you'll find it, how to program it. Main takeaways before I close this video out: Always watch your gauge, make sure it doesn't go over 200 PSI.

Empire Mini GS ASA

Never tinker with this ASA on-off screw that sits in there, only adjust it from the back, and then make sure your hopper is nice and tight, securely fashioned for takeoff, ladies and gentlemen, up top, here. So, all right, Mark, don't forget, available at lonewolfpaintball.com, for all your latest and greatest paintball needs, and slide on over to thejerkyden.com, for some of the best lean protein in the game. And until next time...

YouTube Question

[Mark] You've got a question to answer, from the YouTubes!

Okay, hit me with it, let's go, you got it ready?

[Mark] So, Caleb Cook wants to know, Should he sell his Axe Pro and get an Etha 2?

I would say yes, yeah, I would sell the Axe Pro, that's definitely been faded out, not saying it's a bad gun by any means, but yeah, I'd rock the Etha 2, my personal opinion. You guys let me know in the comments below, was I right, was I wrong? Take it easy, guys, we'll see you next time.

[Mark] See you!