SP Shocker AMP vs Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R Marker Comparison

What's going on guys. It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you a comparison between the brand new Shocker AMP versus the Planet Eclipse 170R. These guys go head to head. Price point. This one's $895.95 bucks pretty much for the 170R and the new Shocker AMP is $899.95 bucks. So you got a $100 price difference right off the bat. So Mark hit me with some questions. Let's do this.

Barrel and Feed Neck Differences

[Mark] So, let's start with barrels. Tell me what the difference between the barrels is.

Barrels. So, I'll just pull this one off and then we'll talk about this. So this is the new Shocker AMP obviously. Barrel wise, this comes with a 14 inch two-piece, All-American spiral tip that does take the Freak XL Insert. So right off the go, I mean, that's a huge plus. You guys can change inserts to fit the bore size of your needs. So this is the Shocker AMP coming with the Freak XL barrel. Then we're onto the Planet Eclipse 170R. This is the 14 and a half inch shaft system barrel. It's two-piece, but it does not take any inserts. So there's that.

[Mark] All right. Do they have thumb wheels on their feed necks?

Yes, they do. So the Shocker AMP head does have a nice adjustable thumb wheel right there. And then also, as you can see on the 170R, once again a little bit bigger, so you can get a little bit better grip to tighten down on whatever hopper you guys are using. So, both of them do come with the aluminum feed necks with the locking lever and the adjustable thumb wheel.

Grips and Triggers - Shocker AMP vs GTEK 170R

[Mark] So, how come one has a significantly larger front grip?

One has a significantly larger front grip. I'm assuming you're talking about the 170 Mark, due to the fact that that is where the battery is stored. So guys, let me just set this over here for a second. This is the 170, and as you can see it's a toolless front grip, toolless access to the battery component and is a nine volt that sits right inside of that bad boy.

So, that's a pretty, pretty cool feature. I like it. You can change your battery within 15 seconds, if you really wanted to. Completely toolless. Actually while I'm in there I'm gonna show you this, lemme pull it back off, the eye covers. If you can zoom in on that part Mark. See this latch. That's the latch you guys can access your eye covers, in case there's any broken paint inside the gun by completely toolless once again so, that's pretty cool, that slides back and forth. You can get in there and clean the eyes with a Q-tip if you need to.

[Mark] Okay, so where's the battery in the AMP?

The battery in the AMP is a nine volt that sits in the back grip. So right here, not in the front grip, but back here it's a nine volt battery. That's how the gun is powered.

[Mark] And what about the eyes on the AMP? Since you talked about--

The eyes on the AMP since I talked about those, yes you can zoom in there, you're gonna need an Allen wrench to take those eye covers off. Not the end of the world, but not completely toolless.

[Mark] Okay. Triggers comparable?

Triggers. Pretty much comparable. I know they have a name for, I believe this is The Blade Trigger that comes on the 170R and this is the newest style version of the trigger for the AMP. They're both... This one's got some more curvature to it for sure. The Blade Trigger is definitely more flat and kind of slim. And it's really up to you guys' personal preference of what you guys think is comfortable. So...

[Mark] Are there upgrades available for both of those?

Upgrades Available

Yes, there are. For the AMP right now, I think they're in process of it. I know there have been some 3D printed models and other triggers as well for the 170R definitely.

[Mark] All right. Toolless bolt removal?

Both of them are toolless bolt removal. I'll start with the 170, it's kind of an up and out motion Mark. So you're gonna push this thing up and then it's gonna slide out completely toolless with the Gamma Core. So it's very, very nice. And I'll set that down. And then the new AMP is the quarter turn system. So it's a quarter turn in the back towards you, and it just slides right on out. So both toolless and so there's no need to bust out your set of Allen wrenches for 'em.

[Mark] Soft tip bolt upgrades?

Both of them. Yeah, you can do soft tip bolts for, either one of these guns. And obviously people are gonna be asking, what does that do? It's for brittle paint. A lot of these guys that are shooting these, are tournament players, and you're shooting brittle tournament paint. So, I want the softest shot possible.

[Mark] Okay. On/Off ASAs?

Yes. Pops ASA on the 170. So you're gonna be, obviously it's just a little silver push button here, and that's how you engage and disengage the air. And then the AMP has the new kinda redesigned twist knob ASA on/off, so it is still self bleeding, but it's a kind of rigid twist knob here on the bottom. So you can get a good hold and grip of that bad boy.

[Mark] Okay. Let's see, we got the obvious milling differences.

Did you hit me with the operating pressures on these?

[Mark] Not yet. I was still working on the outside.

Okay, that's fine.

[Mark] Let's see.

So we did bolt, you know.

[Mark] 170 looks a little bulkier in the grip versus the--

In this one they actually have slimmed this down on the AMP compared to the previous XLS model. So the front grip is definitely slimmer, with a new outer rubber grip as well. So...

[Mark] Yep. Okay, so operating pressures that you brought it up, let's talk that out.

Mechanical Optionality of the Shocker AMP vs PE GTEK 170R

Okay. Operating pressure. You're talking 135 PSI on the 170R, which is really good. For the Shocker AMP, they've dropped it down 20% from the previous model. And this one operates right around 105 to 110 PSI, which is gonna be... Both guns are good for shooting brittle paint. This one's a little bit softer.

[Mark] Now, I'm a mech guy. What if I want to convert these to their mech options?

There is an option for the 170 called the Planet Eclipse GTEK M170R, which is mechanical. And then the Shocker has a CVO frame. That's a good question though Mark. For the AMP, I don't know if the CVO frame is compatible with this. So, I know Shocker makes the CVO, which is their mechanical version, but I don't know if you can buy a CVO frame and put it on this new AMP. If you guys know, if you're a tech out there, if you guys have or haven't done it, let us know in the comments below. But since this gun's new, I don't think you can. For the AMP, I know you can do it with the Shocker XLS. So, hey, that's a good question. I like it.

[Mark] We just did an efficiency test on the AMP. I don't remember, did we do one with the 170?

We probably did. I believe we did. But, they're both about the same. I think you might get an extra pod or so out of the AMP currently, but they're both. I mean, you're talking 10 plus pods, depending on what size tank you're using. Yeah, they're both very efficient Mark, for sure. So if you're thinking about buying one of the two, you're not going wrong either way.

[Mark] All right. And if it's only $100 difference in price, it's not gonna break the bank either way.


[Mark] I can't think of anything else--

Which Marker is More Maintenance Friendly?

Both great guns. Okay, so we did the barrel, talked about the feed necks, triggers. I would like to mention at least the AMP, since you are gonna be paying $100 more, it's one set screw in the back to take the frame off, and then you have a solenoid that you can easily just detach and rebuild completely toolless. So that's a pretty cool feature of the new design.

[Mark] So the AMP is more maintenance-friendly--

Maintenance-friendly in that aspect. I mean, hopefully you're not trying to do maintenance on your solenoid often. You shouldn't have to, but if it does come to that. and you want to switch it over to... Because I think they did this for that reason, Mark. Kind of, reverting back to what you asked me about mechanical wise, you can actually swap out the solenoid here, with that silver lever that's inside, and throw in the mechanical version. I believe that's what Russell was talking about. Yeah, this gun can definitely go... It's coming back to me, Mark. This gun can definitely go mechanical. Yep. Flip the solenoid, you can interchange it and put... Yes you can. You guys don't need to answer in the comments, 'cause I already know.

[Mark] Too late, they already did.

Yeah, they did. "Oh my God. You're dumb."

[Mark] I guess the last thing would be... Okay a hopper to put on these? And the reason I'm asking is, is there a benefit to using a certain hopper with one of these over the other? Or can they both run the same hopper without an issue?

They can both run the same hopper without an issue. They're both very, highly fine-tuned machines. And you want to throw a Spire hopper on there or control loader or rotor or... You name it. They both can handle very well with any higher end hopper on the market.

[Mark] Can I see you hold each one up, like you're going to play with it so we can see it.

I don't even have a tank Mark. You want to hold it like this or hold it like that. How do you want me to hold it?

[Mark] I guess if you don't have a tank it doesn't make as much sense but--

That's fair. I mean, just kind of an overall outline.

[Mark] Yeah. I didn't know if like, if one has a better line of sight or anything that we could tell--

I mean, both of the feed necks are roughly about the same size I feel like. And like you pointed out earlier, it's a little bulky in the front end of the 170, just due to... Obviously that's where the batteries are. But I mean, for the most part they're fairly similar.

YouTube Question

[Mark] I guess we've no reason to drag this video a little longer than it needs to be. Except for, I have a question from the YouTube--

Oh, he hits me with a question. Got me.

[Mark] Of course I do.

He got me.

[Mark] Ben Fors wants to know, "what's one of the bucket list scenario events "one should attend?" What's a bucket list event? Well, obviously it was,

[Mark] Scenario?

I mean, scenario like the Living Legend stuff. I've heard a lot of good things about Skirmish. So either track out Living Legend, still I think does a version of that. Living Legends or Skirmish Paintball holds a huge, I think that the Battle of Normandy, Mark, does that ring a bell?

[Mark] Yeah.

I believe that's there. I believe it is.

[Mark] Invasion of Normandy?

Invasion of Normandy. Yes, I think so.

[Mark] And I'm gonna give a little shout-out to one of the local fields of the Monster Game at Hell's, it is always a good time. And that's usually, or it's been recently bringing your own paint which is unheard of so.

Yeah, they do GI vs The World and stuff like that out at Hell Survivors too. So that's a good field. Bucket list though, check out Skirmish Paintball. I think there's thousands of players that go out there.

[Mark] Sounds good. There you go. You got a question, leave in the comments below. Otherwise we will compare some other paintball gear that you can buy at lonewolfpaintball.com.

Take it easy guys.