Shocker CVO Mechanical Paintball Marker

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, we’re going to be unboxing the Shocker CVO.

[Mark] Oh.


[Mark] Oh.


So without further, wait, what were you going to say?

[Mark] Not the XLS?

No it’s not, It’s a Shocker CVO.

[Mark] Oh.

Unboxing the Shocker CVO

So, without further ado, let’s jump right on into this. This is a very nice case by shocker and it’s a hard case, it comes with a carrying handle. It’s fantastic. Shocker CVO. Oh.

[Mark] Tip that my way. Let me see that.

Tip it?

[Mark] Tip it just a little bit, oh.

Tip it, tip it, tip it. Okay.

[Mark] That’s why it’s called the O, oh.

Because it gives you that O face, you know what I’m saying? Rebuild Kit.

[Mark] There’s a lot of O’s in there.

There are, this is meant to be Mark, this is meant to be. O-ring, detents, all that stuff, cool, great, fantastic, off to the side. Barrel tip?

[Mark] Oh.

Oh, barrel tip, okay. God, the viewers are going to be like quit saying oh. So, freak barrel. Do you like that?

[Mark] That is nice.

Freak XL barrel kit, 8 inch control bore. Boing, oh, comes with this 687, okay. Bing, slide that back in there.

[Mark] Only comes with the 687?

That’s it dude, it’s the only barrel that comes in there. Barrel tip, barrel back, with a Freak XL insert, and then you also get some Allen Keys. Oh. which is actually a great feature, oh. No, but for real guys, you got some nice Allen wrenches here. Like a full complete set to do anything you want to the gun, work on the gun, etc. Work on other guns, whatever you want to do. Shocker CVO. Look at this one, this ones a beauty, Mark.

[Mark] It is nice.

Take a quick little peak at this bad boy.

[Mark] I like that blue. That’s a pretty blue.

Do you know how the bolt comes out or should we save that? Or should I talk about the features first? That is the best thing here.

[Mark] So many questions

Get the gun, get the gun.

[Mark] It says Shocker.

It is a Shocker.

[Mark] I guess everybody will know what I have if I’m shooting that, right?

Okay, so what do you want to say here, Mark?

[Mark] Is that…

Shocker CVO Features Review

Close up on the gun.

[Mark] I’m super close on the gun but I’m curious, I haven’t seen a trigger frame like that in a while. Everything has these giant trigger frames. What is that?

So let me tell you a little about this. This is called their Precision Trigger. Not original by just saying it’s precision but it truly is a precision marker. Next, you have the roller bearing leather. And I’m going to get into this in just a second, but I want to, just pointing in the direction, roller bearing leather. You also have the roller-actuated pivot valve that actually fires the marker. And then you got the adjustable ASA. Your spool valve. You’re highly efficient at 145 PSI with this gun. It’s a beauty. Oh, even the feed neck. You got a locking feed neck here. This is a wonder itself. You got the rubber grip up front that holds, you know, you can get a good grip on that bad boy, and not have your hand slip off. Did I mention the ASA?

[Mark] You did.

I’m not sure, I think I did.

[Mark] Briefly.

But there it is, boom. Boom-shock-a-locka. All right guys, let me kind of get as Mark takes some good pans of this gun. Let me get into the actual details of this before we go outside and shoot this bad boy. So, as I’m talking about it Mark can pan over the gun and show you what I’m actually talking about. The precision trigger, it is fully adjustable, this is what separates it from other mechanical competitors. Set screws inside, you can adjust it to the trigger length that you want. The trigger, you know what I’m sayin It will, with the bearings that are inside of this trigger, will provide a clean pivot of the marker.

[Mark] But wait, how do you get two fingers in that trigger hole?

You don’t get two fingers in there, you only get one man. It's mechanical. We’re not walking the trigger here you’re just getting it going.

[Mark] It seems so retro, I haven’t seen


[Mark] A trigger like that in forever. Is that a Tidman 98?

It’s one pull at a time bro.

[Mark] Wait, one pull, interesting.

One pull at a time.

[Mark] I can’t wait to see it fire.


[Mark] Sorry.

On the inside of the grip, I’m not taking the grips off so you can see or dropping the frame roller bearing lever on the inside.

[Mark] Google it.

This lot, yeah, hit it with the google roller bearing lever right on the inside of the frame. So what that does, not only does the lever ride on the steel bearings but it’s also equipped with a roller bearings set. And you guys are like, what does that even mean?

[Mark] Guess what.

So basically, two roller bearing levers provide minimal friction with the trigger pull. Since this is a mechanical marker, It’s just so smooth. There’s two bearings, one on each side of the trigger frame.

[Mark] So this is mechanical so where do the batteries go?

Haha, there are no batteries, it's mechanical, man.

[Mark] That’s what that means.

I just wanna take this outside and shoot it. But I’m going to continue on with the features before we do so. Lastly,

[Mark] Who’s here?

Who’s here? Ding-dong daddy’s home.

[Mark] There he is daddy’s home.

Okay. All right, all right.

[Mark] He dropped his phone.

The Pivot Valve

Before we take this bad boy outside and shoot it, I wanna go over the roller actuated pivot valve. This is actually what makes the gun fire guys. So like I said it is a pivot valve. It’s gonna be back in this region. Somewhere in here, Mark can get it on camera.

[Mark] Yup. I love that region. It’s where the name is.

Oh, he loves that region. So it’s a precision aluminum valve that moves less than 600ths of an inch to actually make the gun fire. So as a mechanical marker, probably one of the smoothest shots on the market. And that’s all you guys care about I’m not going to get into the actual verbiage of the stuff you guys don’t care about. The gun shoots so smooth, the double rolling bearings, you know I mean can we just shoot it already Mark or no.

[Mark] The second…

Okay I’ll go over a couple more.

[Mark] A couple more things and I’m also curious.

Go ahead, go ahead.

[Mark] What would be this gun’s biggest competition right now, what’s on the market that would be comparable to this?

Oh man, he’s bringing that up

[Mark] Because I don’t know what the price point is yet, I don’t know.

Okay, so mechanical markers.

[Mark] Yeah I mean.

Okay you’re talking the Emek by PE, you're talking autocockers, or you’re talking other mechanical guns, I mean.

[Mark] Okay.

So, we’re, you know, this gun is very very nice though. Oh and then you know you’ve got the GOG eNMEy then too. You know, stuff like that, that’s mechanical.

[Mark] Okay.

Anyways, enough with the wooflah. The ASA, look at the ASA, fully adjustable on and off ASA, which is a very very nice feature.

[Mark] Yup, its off.

What’s off?

[Mark] The ASA. There’s no tank attached. It should be off right?

Barrel Included with the Shocker CVO

Oh it's definitely off, definitely off yes. Mark he’s always cracking jokes behind the camera. Great barrel, 8 inch insert pole.

[Mark] You’re showing barrels, hold on let me see the barrel. Dude it’s pretty, why is it red?

It’s red because that’s the color of the 687.

[Mark] Is that a standard? I’ve always been curious because when you buy a Freak XL barrel kit there's a green insert there’s a red insert are they standardized that way so you know real quick what color.

Yeah each color has their own number associated with it.

[Mark] Nice.

So red comes with the Freak XL kit. Stock and then you’re tip obviously, boo yah, here we go. We’re going to take this bad boy outside and shoot it like I said. Obviously, we are hose free, that is another thing they claimed to, you know, everything, air goes into the ASA up to the grip, and into the valve.

[Mark] Wait a mechanical with no hose?

I know.

[Mark] Do any other mechanicals do that?

Yeah they do. Come on Mark.

[Mark] I don’t know I’m just asking. I’m playing the noob game.

Mark is new, Yeah so it doesn’t have any macro line or steel braided hose, nothing like that. It is a spool valve marker, I mentioned earlier in the video the efficiency is absolutely amazing. It operates at 145 PSI and this gun ought to rock your socks, wait for the shooting video because we’re going to go outside right now and take this thing for a spin. Yup, and that’s it I already mentioned the carrying case and everything else dude.

[Mark] All right, so put the barrel completely on.

So once again

[Mark] Wait what are you doing?

I’m just going to re--

[Mark] I thought we were going outside?

Dude we are.

[Mark] I wanna go outside.

You do?

[Mark] Yes, my mask is ready, I wanna go.

Shooting the Shocker CVO

Let's take it outside and shoot it. Here we go.

All right guys now that I’m outside here at the indoor here in Clinton Township Michigan. We’re going to shoot the Shocker CVO, and we’re going to see what it can do.

[Mark] Oh. Oh, we’re bringing back the oh again, okay. 

We’re going to see what it can do, how accurate it is and how smooth it shoots most importantly, so without further ado let's get on with this. All right, Mark, what do you think?

[Mark] Oh I think it’s going to be great.

Ooh I think it's a beauty. I think we’re going to point her right at that sign and see how accurate it is actually.

[Mark] Aim for the sign.

You ready you think?

[Mark] I’m ready.

Oh, too low. Too low. This thing is incredibly smooth. He switched on me, and duked me.

[Mark] Made you look.

Made you look. This thing is super smooth. I don’t have anything bad to say about it honestly.

[Mark] How’s that trigger pull?

Very small, very light, very very comfortable.

[Mark] Do you like that better or a double trigger?

I mean.

[Mark] Just personal preference, not that its--

[Tony] Honestly, for being a mechanical marker it is probably one of the smoothest shooting guns I have ever shot. So shout out to SP Paintball, shout out to Russell this gun is absolutely amazing. And, uh. A couple more shots, I’ll see you guys back inside. Yeah this is a beautiful, beautiful gun. 


All right guys so now that we’re back inside after shooting this thing. I hope you guys like it. It honestly shoots amazing, I love that the adjustable trigger setting on here that a lot of the other mechanical guns don’t have. Shout out to Russell Jackson from you would guess it, this company, for the Shocker CVO. And we appreciate you watching. Go to Lone Wolf Paintball and check out the online store. Go buy some lean mean protein. And until next time guys, we’re out of here.

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Because they know that Mark.

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Like, subscribe, notification bell, ding.

[Mark] Ding. Shocker.

I’m poppin it, you’re poppin it. Pop lock and drop it Mark.

[Mark] I’m going to throw up.

I’m gonna throw up.