Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro vs Field One Force | Paintball Gun Comparison

Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you a versus video, the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro versus the Field One Force. Alright guys, before I jump into the versus video little competition battle going on here, don't forget, hit up Lone Wolf Paintball. We do have all of these amazing products ready to rock and to go on the website. So, let's start off with the cases. A lot of people want to know what comes inside the box.

Unboxing the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro vs Field One Force

[Mark] What's in the box?

What's in the box? Field One Force. Outside of the box, it's hard. It's durable. It's padded. It's kind of fancy, and comes with the little carrying handle up top as well. A little Field One Force action on the side. Okay. Alright, looking good.

[Mark] Yeah, the box.

Yeah, it is a box box. Let's crack on inside. Let's look. First look first, okay. Stuff. Let's talk about stuff. It does come with a nice padded strap handle. You can clip to the outside of the case, slung it over your shoulder, carry it around wherever you'd like, show it to all your friends. How sweet of a paintball marker you own! The Field One Force feral cover is brand new and packaged. It does come with a, well, this one anyways is a Blake Yarber player card. It has all, a little picture on the front, all the stats on the back. Okay. Definitely.

[Mark] You gotta collect them all.

Gotta collect them all. How many guns am I gonna have to buy to get them all? Next, oh, wait, we also have Alex Fraige here. It is signed. This is the tech card. This gun was assembled. Apparently signed and dated by Alex Fraige.

[Mark] Okay.

Alright. Cool. I like that. It's pretty, pretty neat. This does come with straps to keep the gun in spot here. So Velcro straps down below. It's got a printed manual on the back. This is actually a nice, real nice carrying case.

[Mark] That's a really good idea.

It is pretty cool. So you can't, you're not gonna lose it cause it's printed. I mean or not the manual. It's safety instructions and all that stuff, but either way, you're not gonna lose. Normally, if it was a card like this, it would probably get thrown away in the trash.

[Mark] Now with the Fraige signature on it, I ain't throwing that away.

Right. Right. You see all these different slots here, Mark?

[Mark] Hmm.

You got a bunch of different slots for barrels or whatever you guys would like even more slots up top here for barrels or inserts. And I am noticing since there's one on the gun already and there is a second one in here that comes with another insert. That should be it. And then you have Field One Force lube. And a little Plano here. Here's the actual quick start little guide, manual thing. You know what I'm saying? And then another card too. There's a lot of, I lied, Mark. I have all, I have the whole manual here. All my player cards. Do you like that? It is looking good.

[Mark] Yeah.

Looking real good. Okay. Back to the kit. I like this. Nice little tackle box thing.

[Mark] I like fancy cases.

Wrenches screws, a Field One Force sticker. O-rings up top. And then it does come with a little kind of starter guide as to what is included inside of the kit. So it literally has every O-ring that you guys need to rebuild it with. And a little, like I said, a little quick start guide to what's inside. I like that. That's nice. That's a nice little, nice little case. Alright. I feel like they're not doing it right. Let me put all the 37 cards back into the container. We'll move on to the CS2 Pro.

[Mark] Shuffle them so whoever buys this one, the manuals are in order.

I just did. If you guys get this from us, let us know if you got the shuffle cards.

[Mark] You didn't put the blue back.

Oh man.

[Mark] Blue goes in that pocket.

I know there's a lot of things here. It has got a lot of trinkets. That's why we're going over this. So people know what to expect when you buy this. Insert back in. See, the Field One Force box is done. I hope you guys are sticking with us still. Under the CS2 Pro, unlike the Field One Force box, which is padded in and you know, durable. This is like an aluminum case. You can beat the crap out of this thing and nothing's going on with it. CS2 Pro. It is coming with... Uh, Let's start here. There's one barrel back on the gun and two more here. So Field One Force comes with two inserts, CS2 Pro coming with three inserts. 

So you get one more with the CS2 Pro. Brand new barrel cover, manual. What? A different front bolt! Okay. So you want a little lighter shot. I think they have two different bolts with that or no one's here. One's a soft tip. One's a hard tip I believe. And then you've got Planet Eclipse grease, another trigger in case you don't like the flat blade, this one's a curved trigger. So you can swap that out. Brand new Allen wrenches. And my favorite thing about an Eclipse gun, it comes with a spare parts bag a mile long that you can rebuild the gun many, many times over and not have to worry about parts. I mean, this thing is completely packed full. I've got another video on the PE CS2 somewhere else on the channel.

[Mark] You never told me it's only in a zip lock bag.

No, I mean like there's so much stuff packed into here though. O-rings and screws and detens, and you name it. It's got it. Alright. So this is the Eclipse box. This is what it comes with. Onto the actual guns themselves. Did I miss anything, Mark?

[Mark] I think this should be a good point. Say what's the price difference between these two guns.

Difference in Price

Price difference right now, Field One Force is $1499.95. I believe. The Planet Eclipse, CS2 Pro is $1649.95. If I'm right.

[Mark] Yeah.

Look, $1499.95 for the Field One Force. Alright. Let's take the cases off and get into the guns themselves real quick. Like I said, I hope you guys are staying with us. We're gonna do the features of the guns and then we're gonna throw them on the scale and then we're gonna be done. So, here we are. Mark, which one should I start with?

[Mark] Field One Force.

Field One Force. Do you want me to talk about a part it has and compare it to this since it is a Versus?

[Mark] Sure.


[Mark] Flip that CS2, so they're facing the same way and then you don't have to keep picking them up.

So like this?

[Mark] Nope. Rotate it.

Like this? What are you talking about? I was like this already.

[Mark] No, spin. Flip it over. Look at this way. So they're... Dammit.

So, what's he talking about?

[Mark] So you can go ASA, ASA.

Oh, well you should've said just put them next to each other and I would have completely understood the process. Okay.

[Mark] Words are hard.

Comparing ASA, Triggers and More

Yeah, he could have just done that and then it's fine. Okay. Field One Force. Let's talk about the ASA. It's got the cam lever ASA down below. So it's spin, spin of the knob and it's going to disengage or engage your air compared to the Pop's ASA style on the CS2 Pro push that locks it in. You can disengage here. So the ASAs are definitely different between the two. So next let's talk about, you wanna go triggers or bolt systems?

[Mark] I have one question about ASA's.

Go ahead.

[Mark] So I know it pops the system, when it's aired up, the little harder to pop off, this is pressurized.


[Mark] Is the turning cam lever harder when it's pressurized?

It's a little easier. So I would say it would be easier to disengage the air when the marker is aired up, but you know, they're obviously both good systems, just different, different styles.

[Mark] Curious.

Okay. Let's go trigger and logo bolt systems. So triggers CS2 Pro does come with two, a flat blade and more like, you can call it a curved or an S-style type trigger comes with the two, depending on which style you prefer. And then obviously the Field One Force. This is the only trigger that it comes with. So if you don't like it, you better get used to it real quick. Um, bolt systems. Let's talk about.... Can probably get them out this way. Bolt systems. This is the core from the CS2 Pro. And this is the core from the nucleus core, from the Field One Force.

[Mark] Both look like they just pop up and pull out.

Yep. Pop them up, sign them at the back. You guys can easily work on them. Both of these guns are super, super efficient. I like the gamma core on the CS2 Pro. It's great. It's pretty much bulletproof for the most part in Field One Force actually, like calling this their centerpiece of their marker. They're very proud of the nucleus. As you guys can see, there's a lot of intricate milling done with the nucleus core by Field One Force compared to the gamma by a Planet Eclipse. I'm pretty sure this is the Gamma Core that comes in the CS2. So look at, just look how funky that looks on camera Mark. Little funky monkey there, but yeah, both of them are super, super efficient. And that's just to look at the cores. They both pull up and slide on out. Alright Mark, while I'm putting these back in, what would you like to talk about next?

More Features and Maintenance | CS2 Pro vs Field One Force

[Mark] Do they both have locking wheel feed neck?

They do. So both of these have both lever locking clamping feed necks. Field One Force, you got your nice thumb screw. And on the other side, you do have your locking lever there as well. And then for the CS2, once again, you've got your thumb wheel screw and then a lever lock on the other side, which is very nice.

[Mark] Tool list or tool with eyes?

The eyes. So that's, this is before I hit the barrel systems and kind of close it out before we weigh them. Okay. So tool list front grip style. So this is where it's gonna get weird guys. So this CS2 Pro, you pull the front grip off with no tools. You can access the eyes here by simply sliding this in, pulling this out, and cleaning them up. You can access the eyes that way. Oh so, and then your battery compartment here is two double A's. You can push this down and your batteries will come on out. Pop that back on. So the Field One Force, this is where it's gonna get tricky guys. 

So there's a lot of things going on with the batteries in the front grip and, and access. So technically clean the foresee eyes that come on the Field One Force. You're gonna need an Allen screw or an Allen wrench to get the screw out compared to the CS2 Pro, which you just saw. So with this one, okay. Clean your eyes, blah, blah, blah. Right through there. That's cool.

The front grip is powered by two AA batteries, or you can also power it by putting a lithium lithium battery in the actual frame here where you hold the gun itself, or you can keep them both powered and just flip a switch. So say you are running this gun on two double A's in the front grip. Your two double A's die, if you have a pre-charged lithium battery that you bought to put in the back grip. Flip the switch, and then now your gun can be powered by the lithium battery back here.

Or you can just use one or the other. Another thought here, Mark, this gun, the Field One Force can be made for players of all sides. So this front grip can actually get moved back. If you're a smaller guy, you can actually take this whole front grip and move it back. Or if you're a bigger guy, you can keep it exactly where it's at. So this is very, very interesting on how Field One Force designed this gun. So first being able to move the front grip back and forth, pretty cool. Being able to power it by two double A batteries or lithium where you hold it in the handle is also interesting. So what do you think, Mark? I need your thoughts.

[Mark] It is interesting. I'm assuming you have to take the grips off. Just flip the switch though, with the battery.

Correct? Yes.

[Mark] Okay.

Yep Yep.

[Mark] It's interesting. I'm looking at...

It's just there's no, I don't think there's any other gun on the market where you can actually move the grip to kind of fit your playing style.

[Mark] Am I reading this right? Is that where you adjust the velocity in the front grip of the Field One Force at the bottom?

You're talking here?

[Mark] Yeah.

No, that's just where the AA batteries go.

[Mark] Oh, it seems like the metal circles.

Yeah. So, you should actually unscrew that to access where the double A's are.

[Mark] More twist.

Yeah. That's it. More twists to cause velocity on these are right here through the bottom of the cam ASA, but hey good good, good, good eye there Mark. So that's interesting how the whole front, I like the CS2 Pro, where you can just slide the front grip off, change batteries, access the eyes. This whole situation over here is unique. So unique for the Field One Force.

[Mark] I do like rechargeable batteries though.

Included Barrel Kits

I like that you have the option with the Field One, I mean this easy access in and out. Cool. But the Field Ones, like you can have them both kind of ready to rock in case one runs out in the other. Interesting. Barrels, let's talk about barrels. We're gonna get onto that. Field One Force does come with an Acculock Barrel kit with two different inserts. So pretty much, if you wanna get your barrel off, you're gonna unscrew the front tip and then it pushes up, slides over then it pulls on out. So Field One Force comes with two with a very, very interesting Acculock system. It's super, it's a great barrel system.

[Mark] It has tapered into itself.

It does.

[Mark] Super, super tight fit. There's no gap.

And that's why they call it the Acculock because you have to take the front tip off to actually be able to disassemble it. Like Mark said, the actual inserts taper down at the end. So the paintball has a nice smooth transition out of the barrel.

[Mark] We showed that in the Acculock barrel system video. We showed how that taper really presses into itself.

We definitely did. Onto the CS2 Pro barrel system. Like I said earlier, it does come with three different inserts just compared to two. And then this is what you're looking at. So reverse threaded and these things are pretty legit. I really, really like the Shaft FL Kit by Planet Eclipse. So this is nice. This is the shaft FL that it comes with reverse threaded out in and out. That's the insert. Alright, Mark. We've kind of covered a lot of the, you know, ins and outs of both. Let's start them on the scale.

[Mark] Let's do it.

Weighing In | PE CS2 Pro vs Field One Force

Alright. We need the scales.

[Mark] We need scales. Can you get it? You can do it. We can do it. I can feel it. Rambooo! This is the moment everybody's been waiting for. Not a shooting video, not an efficiency test. They wanna know how much it weighs!

Pounds and ounces. They do wanna know how much these things weigh. Cause you guys are gonna ask, "What's the weight difference?" A lot of people have said on the big mean internet about how heavy the Field One Force is. Not that bad in person, but we'll throw it on a scale and they always say numbers don't lie.

[Mark] Before we go, though, neither gun has any batteries or does one have the...

They both have batteries in them. And they're both AA. Right.

[Mark] Right. Perfect. Just want to make sure, make sure it's clear. Not trying to rig the electric.

Correct. They both have batteries in them. Goodbye. Alright. Scale is gonna be tared and let's do it. Here we go. CS2 Pro. Both of these guns have barrels on them. Where are we at?

[Mark] Two pounds?

So it says two pounds. It's tared. We're gonna set it back on. I'm gonna do it again.

[Mark] Two pounds

Two pounds. Okay. CS2 Pro coming in at two pounds. Tear that bad boy. The Field One Force going on. 2.6.

[Mark] 2.6 ounces. Points should be different.

Okay. Two pounds, six ounces. So, right now we're looking at a six ounce difference. Alright. Two six. So the scale has spoken. The Field One Force weighs six ounces more than the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro. So that's it. Alright. We've covered what they come with. The kind of the key features of both versed them out. Let us know in the comments below which one you would rather have or if you own one or both of them, let us know either way. Log on to Lone Wolf Paintball. Shop there, cause we are the best source for paintball.

YouTube Question

[Mark] And wait, there's a question from YouTube. Pat Neyer, "My lens on my Dye i5 has a small crack. Is that something I should worry about or is it fine?"

If your lens ever has a crack? I would definitely get it replaced by contacting Dye. If it's a warranty issue or if you cracked it by dropping it or just too much play, I guess. I don't know. Get it replaced. You'd never want to mess with your eyes. If your lens has a crack, I would definitely get it replaced, contact the company. If you think it was an issue on their end.

[Mark] Alright, there you go. You got a question. Leave it in the comments below. Otherwise we will see you next time.

We are out of here. Gotta go.