Etha 2 with PAL Loader Overview

What’s going on guys? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you a compatible system here. The Etha 2, newly compatible with it’s friend, it’s its pal. We’ve got a PAL Loader here guys. So first off, before I dive into the video, don’t forget go to Check out the online store, we have all of these products available. Check out the new line of the Revive merch, and the old line as well if that’s what you prefer. So today, my uncle Mark, who’s behind the camera, tells me “We need to do a review on the PAL Loader “with the new Etha 2 that is compatible.” So let me first off show you guys how and why and what is actually happening here. On the top of the marker, you’ll see this feed neck. Looks a little weird, looks a little odd. What do you think Mark? Imma put it back on the stand, I’m gonna tilt it towards your way, if it will stay. Probably won’t stay, I’ll lean it up against there. Maybe you’ll see it. In there, this little plunger, when you pull the trigger every time, the little plunger there, shoots up and presses this blue button. So you’re thinkin, “Well that’s great, that’s cool, that’s dandy, right?” Lemme show you what

– [Mark] Don’t call me daddy.

– actually happened. Dad, is that you?

– [Mark] Did you just call me daddy?

– No, I said it was dandy, not daddy. Guy’s out there. Anyways, so what we need to do here, plunger, when the hopper’s actually on will touch the little blue button. which you see right there, and then it agitates on the inside of the hopper, pushes the shelf, keeps the paint flowing in a nice, frequent manner so you’re not getting jammed up. Planet Eclipse, who is the maker of the PAL Loader, obviously, says that you can use this on compatible PAL markers, Emeks, Ethas, is there any others?

– [Mark] Not yet.

– Emeks, Ethas, I think they’re coming in the future for a couple of their other guns. Anyways, if your gun doesn’t have the actual feed neck component that will push the blue button, you can still use this hopper on any other marker. So, with or without, you can still use it. These retail at $17.95. This is the high cap. They have a smaller one, which they call their low cap as well, and then obviously, we run PAL Loaders on our rental Emeks at a .50 cal. So guys, this is the Etha 2 and let me show you real quick. This gun retails at $399. This is, like I said, the PAL compatible Etha 2. Retails $400 and it does come with the ever-so-proven gamma core. That’s what made this gun so, in my opinion, famous and popular at that $400 price point. It does come with the gamma core. I don’t know if I can get it out there, Mark. You might have to edit this part out. Nope, there we go, it’s coming. Gamma core is what this gun is known for, like I said. You can’t really get a high-end gun for about $400 bucks that shoots this good. So if it’ll ever come out, there she is. This is the gamma core that’s inside the Etha 2. And what else you think, Mark? Let me just pop this open real quick. Batteries, batteries, like that? Oh, Paintball Energy, man, check him out. Just kidding, don’t check out Paintball Energy. Go buy yourself a nice, reliable 9-volt. For real. What do you think Mark? C’mon, c’mon, I’m running out of ideas.

– [Mark] Well, I mean, how long is the, the Etha 2’s been on the market for how long? I mean, it’s not a brand new gun.

– As long as you know it.

– [Mark] It’s the updated version.

– As long as you know.

– [Mark] As long as I know? As long as you know.

– [Mark] All right. I don’t know, he puts me on the spot. It’s been out for I don’t know, a year and a half, two years, three years? It’s been out for a couple years. But anyways, this one hasn’t been out long, the one that’s PAL compatible. You guys need to check it out. On the PAL Loader, let me just go a little bit more in depth before we close this quick video out. Planet Eclipse did design the actual top lid. A lot of cheap plastic hoppers, as soon as you crack the lid open, it snaps, it breaks. If you guys can see right in here, they did like an inter, like, weaved design with the actual lid cap itself, so you can bend it left, you can bend it right, without worrying about actually snapping the lid off. If you guys have had a cheap plastic hopper before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You flop the lid open, you catch a tree branch, you catch something, and the lid just snaps right off. So you just lost out on an $8 to $9 hopper. They did a great design with this one. And obviously also, the inter shelf with the push button air-assisted PAL compatible stuff. It’s a great design. $17.95 for the PAL Loader. Etha 2 now available with being PAL compatible so, check it out guys. These are available at our online store, And don’t forget, buy some of the best beef jerky in the game, Get your lean protein, stay fueled out there on the field. And that’s it, until the aftershow. We’ll see you guys in the aftershow.