Planet Eclipse Gtek M170R Paintball Marker Overview

What’s going on guys, it’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you an unboxing and later, shooting video, of the new Planet Eclipse GTEK M170R. And yes, you did hear that correctly, the M, mechanical, 170R, so.

[Mark] I would consider it the Mark 170R.

Unboxing the GTEK M170R Paintball Gun

Ooh, Mark just wants his name thrown on there. Little fancy box, set that off to the side. Nice little Game On! hardcover. So, obviously for the guys that are rough and tumble out there, you want a nice little case to keep this jam safe. So, as I’m opening this, I just wanna say companies such as Planet Eclipse and GOG or Smart Parts, whatever you wanna call ’em, since the mechanical 10-man tournament scene is back, it’s boosted some life into paintball and it’s boosted life into these companies making the mechanical markers. 

So without further ado, I’ll do it backwards, it’ll be hard, we’ve got your two-piece, should be a .689 bore barrel. I’m just gonna screw it together, set that off to the side, should be a 14-inch, 14 1/2, if I’m not mistaken. Obviously, you’ve got your manual, so if or when anything goes wrong with your gun, you can troubleshoot through the manual. Set that off to the side. Obviously, PE always comes in swinging with a brand new tube of grease that should last ya a good while, I mean, a little grease goes a long way. Brand new barrel cover, yay, barrel covers. What I always like is that Planet Eclipse doesn’t skimp out on the nice Allen key package; any Allen key provided in here would be something that you would want to use on this gun. 

And lastly, another favorite of mine, Planet Eclipse includes, I mean, a plethora of just endless O-rings, detents, anything you could ever want to rebuild this gun, guys, they provide it for you. They don’t just give you one of everything, they give you multiples of everything, one of my favorite things about that. Anyways, guys, enough of me rambling, let’s just jump right on into the gun itself. Ooh, ooh. And I even, like Mark, I’m gonna chill talk about it at the end, but– A little safety, when’s the last time we seen, like–

[Mark] All my guns have safeties.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Marker Features

A gun of this, oh Mark is Mark, mechanical Mark. So yeah, but a gun of this stature with a safety on it, I like it, obviously necessary when it’s mechanical. So, screwing the barrel on, yes, once again, it’s a two-piece barrel, it’s a .689 standard stock bore. I’m gonna start from the front here and just work my way back. On the normal 170R that is electronic, you would pull this off the front grip and then your batteries would be in here. On this one, they made a nice little engineered composite piece to actually block where the old batteries would go, so obviously, since it's mechanical, no batteries, the front grip slides off. Trade it out with your buddies if you want a different color grip. Actually, while I’m in there, might as well, I mean not that it matters, but if you had eyes, which this gun obviously is mechanical and doesn’t, you access ’em through here. So, I’ll put that back on so Mark can get a little. 

Pull the front cover off to get in there if you broke any paint, you wanna clean it out, wash it out or, most importantly, change the ball detent if it got chopped up or if it’s old. Ball detent is right there, so, very, very easy, completely toolless, I love the design. And then just simply click it back in place and slide your front grip back on. Since I’m right up here, let’s talk about the feedneck. One of the, in my opinion, one of the best clamping feednecks on the market. The thumbwheel is very nice, it’s very nice sizewise, you can actually get a good hold on this thing. Some of the other companies make, obviously, the same style feedneck, but with their thumbwheel, you can’t really get a good hold on it, it’s super tiny and it doesn’t have ridges like this one does. 

So, any hopper you want to use on the gun, it’s a clamping, locking feedneck and you can tighten it down by the thumbwheel. Back towards the back of the gun, like I just said, it actually has a push safe safety. So, red, red means you’re dead. So, if we ever see the red O-ring that’s on the safety, means your gun’s live and ready to fire. So, the safety’s a good feature. Since I’m in the trigger area, Mark, this one’s gonna be a little hard for ya, but we’ll see if you can’t get right in this area. 

All right, so, there’s three set screws. You have your, at the top, your trigger spring sensitivity set screw, like I said, there’s three in there. The second one is gonna be the activation point set screw and then the bottom one is gonna be the post travel. What I mean by that is pretty much how long until the gun fires, your trigger returns. So, there’s three set screws, you can adjust this trigger on a mechanical gun to whatever your personal preference likes. So once again, you have the trigger spring set screw at the top, the middle should be the activation point set screw, and the bottom is the post travel set screw, which, once again, that’s the most important to me, is once the gun activates, how far does the trigger go back forward. You want a real snappy quickshot or do you want a, do you like the longer pull? Whatever you guys want, you can fully customize it on this, boom. 

Regulator, ASA and More!

Let’s talk about, since I’m at the back of the gun, three or four more things. SL6 inline regulator that goes right up through the grip and into the gun. It’s been proven, it’s an amazing regulator. So, I like how Planet Eclipse, they always try to step up their game, the SL6 is very efficient, you would want that if you could get it in your gun. Let’s talk about the little POPS ASA assembly. Boom shakalaka, on, off. Okay, everyone knows about the POPS situation, it’s a good one. And then lastly, the proven Gamma Core, Mark. The proven Gamma Core, here, it’s been used in multiple models of their, obviously, the standard 170R, the ETHA, it’s very efficient, it’s quiet and it’s proven. So, guys, enough of me rambling on, watch our next shooting video. Right Mark, next video?

[Mark] Yeah, next video for shooting, for sure.

Yes, indeed, watch the next video, this is the 170R, M though, M170R by Planet Eclipse. Mechanical; a lot of these people are using it in the ICC and the ICPL, all these old school throwback 10-man tournaments. So, boom, what do you think Mark, any final thoughts?

[Mark] I think it’s awesome and I think they should head over to our channel for the aftershow.

Ooh, baby, your lights are making me hot, so bright.

[Mark] I’m gonna put Tony on the spot and have this compared with an AMP and maybe some other mechanical out on the market, get his uncandid thoughts, bam!

There you go. Thanks, guys.

[Mark] See you there.