DLX Luxe X VS Field One Force | Review & Comparison

What is going on ladies and gentlemen? Today we are gonna do a quick comparison between the DLX Luxe X and the Field One Force. So let's jump on it.

[Mark] Oh, it's gonna be a good one. I can't wait to see this battle

It's gonna be a barnburner, Mark.

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Luxe X Overview

Jump into the boxes, Luxe X coming in a nice carbon fiber, very hard and sturdy shell, you know. Check it out. Pop this bad boy open, first things that I noticed, gives you a little rundown over here. So now Mark, this one does have some helpful tips on here, you know.

[Mark] Nice.

And on the backside, Oh printed on here so you're not gonna lose it, O-ring gauges hotter. Pretty much rebuild the gun if you guys need to. So I like that.

[Mark] And I like that the way the gun goes is all molded to fit-

Yeah, all here, it fits right. You know, nice and tight in there. Does also come with your wall charger, Okay. You have to charge this bad boy up. Flip it here. Over on this side. Come on out. You've got a brand new set of Allen wrenches. I'm not digging that out, Mark. Allen wrenches in there. Okay, that would have been easy but, charging cord for that and your brand new Luxe barrel cover.

[Mark] No parts kit?

What do you mean? No parts kit? We're almost there.

[Mark] There's more?

There is more.

[Mark] You tricked me, I thought that looked like the rest of the Luxe.

No, sir. So that's on that side. Then you've got your quickstart guide manual there. And now you're on to your grease. Everything's nice and molded in these cases, I like that. You got your grease that you're gonna need to obviously rebuild the marker with. Keep it nice and tuned. And Mark onto your parts kit.

[Mark] Oh, thank God.

Thank God, Mark needed his parts kit, that's the only way he was gonna get through today. Knowing that the Luxe X comes with a parts kit, all the tiny O-rings, comes with some springs and random knick knacks, cool. So parts kit, done with the Luxe so we're gonna go onto the Field One Force next.

[Mark] No extra barrel inserts in the Luxe?

Dude, I don't see any. I'm not seeing any, I think it only comes with one. Spoiler alert but guess what, they have so many different size XL inserts you can buy. Just saying.

[Mark] I like sticking my old standard sized inserts in there and seeing if I break a ball when it hits the lip or if it shoots straight enough.

I would not recommend that. Would not recommend it. 


Field One Force Review

Alright so that's that Field One Force case. Nice. It's hard, it's not as hard as the Luxe one but it's still padded, it's still hard. It does also have a sneaky on the outside where you can store all your monkeys at, you know.

[Mark] Monkey pocket.

Yeah, put your extra monkeys in there.

[Mark] Oh and it's got a little thing where I can stick my name tag in the back so people know whose it was they stole from. See the clear-

Yeah, exactly, so you know, photographer Mark and your details.

[Mark] Please don't steal my stuff.

Okay don't take my stuff. All right let's crack this bad boy open. Let's see what's on the inside.

[Mark] Wait, do these have XY-zippers?

Let's check. They don't. They're knock offs, they’re YKKs.

[Mark] YKKs, that's what I see.

They don't.

[Mark] Oh, all right.

Yeah, I'm not seeing the markings in their Mark. All right, here we go. Players card? Blake Yarber player card?

[Mark] Blake, all my favorites.

There he is there. I think we're gonna have some stats. Some stats on the back. This one Alex Fraige also did. Okay, pretty good, I like it. Name signature, all the good stuff there. Ferro cover, strap kit, you wanna hook it up to the outside of the case, slap it over your shoulder, you can do that. Spot for extra inserts there. This is an all neoprene padded case as well so it's super soft, very comfortable. It's definitely gonna keep your barrels and inserts and stuff protected. And then if you wanna strap the gun in on the back, that is also an option as well. 

Boom, up into the front. I noticed right away it's got more neoprene padded pockets for barrel inserts, which it comes with One on the gun already. Now it's coming with a second barrel insert which I like.

[Mark] Oh, you couldn’t do it again if you wanted to.

Oh man, that's no fun. Okay, Field One Force lube. And what else is in here? Tons and tons of rebuild cards. If you guys wanna rebuild your gun, pick the card that you want. Delta carrier.

[Mark] All right for all the paintball scientists whose lube is just Dell 33 and who uses actual custom proprietary out of these two, do you know?

We'll see. Oh, do I know? Between this and that?

[Mark] Yeah, is either one of them used Dell 33?

Well, I definitely know the grease is Dell 33 for sure. I don't know what Field One uses but it's probably similar. And then the rebuild kit. Pull it open with one sticker. Allen wrenches, O-rings, extra screws, and then your O-ring sizing chart down below with all of your O-rings as to what they go to and Baldy tends too. So a nice little kit. I do like that coming out of Field One. So nice little sturdy, little like fishing tackle box type thing. All right, throwing this stuff back in. Let's get on to the guns. We'll talk about those and now I'm gonna weigh them to finish the video off. Yeah.

[Mark] How much does it weigh?

Everyone wants to play how much is the weight-

How much does it weigh? Are we gonna fat shame one of these guns?

We're gonna fat shame it? We can't, you're not supposed to. It's the year 2020 Mark, you're not supposed to fat shame anybody.

If I order a Field One can I request that you open the case and make sure I have a certain player card inside?

Maybe you'd have to call Field One and say I want Blake or Alex or Ryan to build my gun. Alright, who do you want me to start with?

Breakdown of Luxe X Features

The Luxe.

Luxe. We went over the cases kind of real quick when it comes with the Luxe does come, let's go barrel on each of them. We'll start here, I know Mark likes his certain ways. Start with the barrel. This does come with the Luxe XL barrel that takes the eight inch inserts so 687 is the stock size that this is coming with. Throwing that back in. So, just gonna start from the front and go to the back. 

You guys might notice underneath here there is a latch. So this will help you take the gun frame off of the actual body of the gun being completely toolless when you insert the latch back. And then back here Mark, let me just show you. Back here is another latching system. You're gonna flip that up, slide that forward or backwards whatever way you guys are looking at it and then the frame comes off the gun completely, which is a pretty cool way to, you know, obviously completely toolless take the gun apart. So it's pretty neat, I like it. As you guys just saw I pulled the bolt up and then out so that's the way you can toollessly have access to your engine and maintain and lube it. 

External eye covers, let's look at those. There’s a simple latch here. This little black thing slides forward and then you can flip the cover off in case you guys broke paint or need to service or access the eyes at all. Inside the trigger, it does only come with the One Stop trigger here. And I like that it's like a flat blade style trigger, you've got plenty of room in the grip frame. And that's pretty nice, I like that.

[Mark] How do you adjust velocity?

Velocity is gonna be right here through the front regulator. So this is the way you're going to adjust the velocity on the Luxe.

[Mark] And what's your take on nine volt double As-

This is a rechargeable lithium battery that sits right in here inside of the grip frame. So I like that option. And also I do like this. If you're lOnely, it talks to you.

[Robot] Powering on, welcome to the Luxe experience. Battery level, 100%. Firing mode, NXL.

And when you're done.

[Robot] Powering off.

Goodbye. That's it. Well ASA, it's a flip lever, here Mark, take a little peek. A little magnetic flip lever on the bottom which is gonna be different from the Field One Force, which now I'm going into. 


Features of the Barrel One Force

So Field One Force speaking of the ASAs, it is not a flip lever like the Luxe X, it is their cam lever action here so it's a twist on and twist off type mechanism sitting right there. What would you like me to cover next? You want me to go back to the barrel and kind of work down like I did with this?

That sounds great.

Okay, that sounds great. So barrel on the Field One Force, it does come with two inserts instead of one like the Luxe X.

What sizes?

The sizes are like a 691 and a 683 if I'm not mistaken. So this is their accurate, yeah, 691 size right there. This is their AccuLock Barrel kit. It's a tapered, inner bore design. So I'll show you what I mean by that. So the front has to come off to even access your insert. Down here at the bottom, you push your pull over, then it slides out. And this is what if you can get a close up here, Mark, on the tapering, I don't know if you can see a good-

[Mark] I'm trying to find the barrel, there it is.

Trying to taper down below. So you're not getting a gap in where the insert actually hits to the front of the barrel, you're not getting a gap it is tapered down right in that region. So right up top, it's got a small taper to it. So this is the AccuLock kit by Field One. All right, since we're working from the front to the back, let's talk about the grip Mark. This is Mark's favorite part about this gun.

[Mark] Oh, it's so cool.


Mark’s Favorite Barrel Force One Features

So the front grip is very, very interesting here. You can actually slide this bad boy either front or back depending on the position and how you guys actually want to play. Whatever is more comfortable for you. So this Field, this is called the grip shift technology. And you can slide it front or back and as far as I know this is probably one of the only high end guns in the market that can do that. So whatever's comfortable, you can do it. Also speaking of the front grip, Mark asked me about the battery in the Luxe X, that's a rechargeable inside of the grip here. 

This gun also has that capability, but it can also be run off to double As in the front grip. So to double A batteries in the front grip, or you can completely switch it and just run off a lithium battery in the actual handle of the gun. Or you guys can have two double As in here and a pre charged lithium here just hanging out. With the flip of a switch, you can go between the two. So if your batteries in the front grip Dye, then you can automatically switch over to, I mean you're going to need some tools but switch it over to the lithium inside of the grip handle. Which is pretty cool, I like that. So I don't think there's any other gun on the market as well that kinda has that unique feature to it. 


Luxe X VS Field One Force Comparison

Anyways guys, access to the eye covers won't be as easy as it is on the Luxe X where you can just flip the little lever here and get in there. So this is different. This, you're gonna have to use an Allen wrench and actually take the screw out and get in there to clean if you need access, because this gun does have four C-eyes, so if you need to clean him, you can do it that way. I didn't talk about the feed neck. So we're going to do that next. Both of these guns do have lever locking feed necks with nice little thumb screws here. So both of them here, get your thumb screw, here, you've got your thumb screw as well and both of them have the locking levers on each side. So good feature to have, that's for sure, especially if you're using different hoppers. 

Alright, I pulled the engine out of this one. So we'll go into that and then we'll go into the trigger. So the engine on this is the same well, the same way to get it up inside and out. But this is the nucleus core. This is their claim to fame on the Field One Force. They say the way they have this design and milled out on the inside allows for optimal performance and extreme efficiency on these markers. So it's a pretty cool core here. I know the Luxe X is super super efficient but they say this One has very very low operating pressure check them out on the website to find out what that is. 

Alright Mark, on to the trigger like I said, the Luxe only comes with the standard blade and the Field One Force comes with, I don't even know what you wanna call it.

[Mark] What's safe?

Yeah, kind of it, Yeah, like definitely reminds me of that, comes with a definitely different trigger than the Luxe X does come with. And we already covered the ASAs. Is there anything you think I'm missing other than to weigh these bad boys?


Luxe X VS Field One Force Price

[Mark] How much do these beautiful markers cost?

Price points. So I know this Luxe is more but Luxes start out at 1500 then go up from there. I know the special edition like this patriot's a little bit more. Field One Force is $1700 I think?

[Mark] $1699.95

So Luxes can start out at $1500 not this specific one. This one's a little bit more. This one, these are like $1699.95. So round the same within $100-ish of being at the same price point. 


Luxer X VS Field One Force Weight Differences

All right, I'm gonna grab the scale we're gonna throw these bad boys on here and we're gonna be done with this. Hope you guys are still watching 'cause I would like to know, I really would like to know.

[Mark] How much does it weigh?

How much does it weigh? Mark loves to sing. Boom. Alright, turn it on. Where are we here, are we in?

[Mark] We're at zero.

Pounds and ounces. Put tare just to be safe. Who's going on first?

[Mark] The Luxe.

The Luxe, going on barrel and all. Both of these guns do have batteries in them. They are charged up because you guys are wondering. So start there.

[Mark] One pound, 12 ounces.

One pound, 12 ounces. Let's do it again just to be fair.

[Mark] One more time.

One more time. One pound, 12 ounces. Okay, off to the side, hit tare. Here we go Mark. I can definitely tell the weight difference. Two pounds and six ounces for the Field One Force. Let's just do it one more time to be fair. Two pounds, six ounces. So this was what? One pound 14 ounces for the Luxe.

[Mark] I can't remember that far ago.

Come on, dude. It was just like 30 seconds ago. I think it was, yeah, was it One pound, 14 ounces?

[Mark] 12 ounces.

12 ounces, 14? Whatever it was, you're talking an eight ounce difference, minimum. This is definitely gonna be-

[Mark] Yeah, eight to 10 ounce difference, well.

Let's see. So you're still 2.6 here. We're just, Mark, it's like I can't remember that far. He'll have something up on the screen, I'm assuming. It was 14 and it went to 1. So this gun is definitely heavier by eight to 10 ounces. So Field One Force, excellent marker, also the Luxe X another excellent marker. And don't forget guys lonewolfpaintball.com. Mark, do you have a question for me?


Youtube Question

[Mark] I do from the YouTubes. Well, it's not so much a question. It's just a comment. I really like this one. Colorado Kalibur on the HK Army CTX Knee Pad review. Hey, Tony, you dropped your pocket.

I dropped my pocket?

[Mark] Haha lol just kidding what's up Lone Wolf. That was too good

I was right, did I say I dropped my pocket in the video? I don't know. I say a lot of dumb stuff. So that's cool.

Are you sure he got you?

[Mark] Alright guys, thanks for watching. Put in the comments below which one you like better, all that good stuff, take it easy and we appreciate the support.

See you.