Empire Resurrection Autococker Review & Shooting

Hey, guys. What's going on? It is Tony, from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I am bringing you a quick unboxing and a shooting video of the Empire Resurrection. All right guys, as you may know, the Resurrection has been out for years now, but there's been a huge price drop on something that is an absolutely amazing product. So let's hop right on into it.

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Empire Resurrection Unboxing 

All right, Mark, so you're going to have to get a nice little close-up. I can try to help you here, but let's pop this bad boy open. Owner's manual, and a disc as well, if you want to pop it into the computer, check it out, see what it has to offer. So I'm going to throw that underneath.

All right, guys, this is the Empire Resurrection. So I'll get into the features here in just a minute. Set that aside. It does come with a nice brand-new set of Allen keys here, which is always good. Hey, you've probably got other paintball markers as well, you're always losing Allen wrenches, people are borrowing them from you from the field, and never returning them, so now you've got another full set to work with, and a barrel cover as well. Underneath. This is, in my opinion, for this gun, retailing right now... I said, "Big price drop," in the middle... for $409. You can have an autococker with... hold up, hold up... bam, baby.

[Mark] Whoa.

They call this the 6-piece sniper set, but it does come with five different sized backs. I mean, what other gun on the market is coming with five different sized autococker threaded backs for $409? Just throwing it out there.

So today, since this is going to be a shooting video, let me get all the sizes real quick, Mark, hold on. I want to choose the right one. So we've got .675, .680, .685, .690, .695. Like I said, this is so important to me, because a lot of higher-end guns out there right now, your CS guns, your Shockers, all sorts of higher-end guns, have autococker threaded backs. So if you bought this gun to kind of mess around with in the woods, which is another important feature, because the mechanical stuff has come back strong, the woodsball scenario stuff is also extremely strong right now. So it's one heck of a gun, and it comes with an awesome barrel kit.

[Mark] That .675, is that the smallest?

I'm not going to choose that, but yeah. I mean, I've seen paint very, very small, that could probably fit inside a .675.

[Mark] Well, I was trying to remember, the Freak kit comes, what, .679? Is that the smallest?

No, they make a... I want to say a .674.

[Mark] Okay, they're-

They're making different sizes all the time, but today I'm just going to choose a .685. Normally I try to choose a .684, but close enough. And then, obviously the barrel tip as well. And then it comes with a nice... I call it a plaino, or a fishing tackle box full... not full... but it does have rebuilt O-rings, screws that you're probably going to lose over time, lube, and a little extra front cocker hose for you. So throw that back in there.


Empire Resurrection Barrel Backs & Features

[Mark] Can you show us how to make sure you pick the right sized barrel back?

I mean, are we going to do that right now?

[Mark] Yeah, why not?

I've done that in other videos, for sure.

[Mark] Well, just a quick refresher.

All right. Cool. So I picked .685. It was a good pick, Mark.

[Mark] There you go.

You want to put the paintball in, have it not drop all the way down, and be able to blow it out of the breach. So let's say I put it in a .690... oh, falls right through. You guys want to drop the ball in, a nice snug fit, and be able to blow it out, kind of like a blow dart gun. If you put it in there, and it's way too snug, obviously your ball is too tight, you're probably going to break paint inside of your tip or back. So .685 seems to be a good choice. If you guys want a full breakdown, search our Youtube channel. I've done videos on how to properly size paint before, but today we're going with .685.

While I'm doing that, Mark... So guys, the Empire Resurrection is known for its super simplicity. Let's get this bad boy on here... go over just a couple of the key features of the Resurrection. It does have a lever lock clamping feedneck, to fit any hopper on the market. These guns are closed bolt system markers, so they're known... Autocockers, since the beginning of inception, have been known to be the most accurate guns on the market. Some people want to debate it, but closed bolt systems are extremely accurate. Does come with a low-pressure regulator system, so you can adjust it easily, and does come with the slide trigger frame.

So compared to some of the other autocockers you've probably seen in the past, people are always messing up in the three-way area here. This gun comes out of the box, ready to shoot, no need to tune, no need to mess around with your three-way system. Pull it out of the box, size your paint up correctly, and go out and have a good day of paintball. Have some fun. Also, lastly, Mark, does come with the ASA, the locking lever ASA in the bottom, to gas and degas the marker. So it's got a lot of nice features. It feels super comfortable in the hands. Like I said, it's got a nice slider frame with the trigger shoot on there as well. So let's shoot this bad boy. I'm going to throw on my Ninja SL2 tank and a Spire III hopper

[Mark] Do it.

I want to shoot it. I do, Mark, I do.

[Mark] I want to shoot it.

I want to tighten this feedneck up a little bit though. I'm glad it comes with a locking wheel feedneck, to fit all types of hoppers out there on the market.

[Mark] All the hoppers.

That's right. Okay. All the hoppers. Fits all of them.

[Mark] Can't say that about some of my old autocockers.

You're right. Bikers going by.

[Mark] Wave a little bit.

I don't want to scare them. They're gone. 

Shooting the Empire Resurrection

All right, baby, here we go, Empire Resurrection. An inch all the way around.

[Mark] Can you put it on ramping?

I should have oiled them up. No, you can't. I'm used to shooting electronic guns, but this thing is super accurate. Obviously brand-new out of the box. It can get worn-in a little bit more, to kind of help the smoothness of the shot, but other than that, thing shoots great. Like I said, I love that it comes with five different barrel backs, you can size up whatever type of paint you're shooting.

We got to oil those hinges next time, Mark. Empire Resurrection. You get everything you saw in the box just now, 409 bucks. Hell of a price, for a hell of a gun. Like I said, the 10-man stuff, scenario stuff, the mechanical stuff in general, is on high demand, a high comeback. So great marker to pick up, pull it out of the box, throw your hopper tank on it, go out there and have a good day of paintball. Super accurate as well. So don't forget, visit lonewolfpaintball.com. Head on over to buy some jerky


Youtube Question

And Mark, you probably have a question for me?

[Mark] I do.

Okay, let's hear it.

[Mark] Come on phone.

You got a fan and some water too?

[Mark] Yeah, that'd be great.


[Mark] Kye Tsoundas... Again. I always apologize guys.

Mark just butchers names.

[Mark] I slaughter them.

He's The Butcher, that's his nickname.

[Mark] He says, "So I recently purchased the G160R, and an LV1-


[Mark] ... what are just one upgrade, you would recommend, for both these markers?

So he's got an LV1 and then he said a 160R, or-

[Mark] G160R.

So a Bob Long gun. First off, those are both great guns. I would just recommend, if you don't have a barrel kit, since those are both autococker threaded guns, get yourself a good barrel kit, whether it be the Freak XL system, or check out the Deadlywinds barrel kit. But on our website, lonewolfpaintball.com, barrel kits are huge. Make sure you got yourself a good hopper, and make sure you got yourself a nice carbon fiber tank. Upgrades internal-wise, wouldn't really mess with them. So a barrel kit for accuracy is what I would probably recommend, if you don't already have a good hopper or a good tank.

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Take it easy guys.

[Mark] ... see you.