What are Paintballs made of? Are Paintballs Safe?

What is going on, guys? It is Tony and Fitz. And today we are going to talk to you about what paintballs are made of.

[Mark] I know why you're here. What's Fitz doing?

Dude, I'm going to talk science, first off, while Fitz eats paintballs. And yeah, that's pretty much what we're going to do. We're going to talk to you about what paintballs are made of and tell you why they're non-toxic. So, Fitz, are you ready?


Let's get ready to rumble. We'll start off with these are, these things are a gelatin capsule. They're pretty much made of a thing called the PEG, which is polyethylene glycol. So you're gonna find a lot of substances within the food industry that the paintballs are also a part of. So a lot of people think, "No, it's paint. It's oil-based." No, these things are water-soluble. So let's read a little science. Mark, you ready?

[Mark] Yeah, go for it.

[Tony] Do you want me to quote the source or keep that disclosed for now?

[Mark] Is it legitimate source? Or is it like Wikipedia?

[Tony] It's so definitely Wikipedia. It's a little professional wisdom and a little Wikipedia, all combined in one. So this is true science. But I do know these things are water-soluble. They're not going to hurt you. I wouldn't eat too many. Just... Is it good? We having fun over there? Okay. He's doing good. All right. So, paintballs are soluble in water. They are eco-friendly. They will dissolve. So over time it turns into like a colloidal gelatin which dissolves into the ground eventually, or within your stomach when the stomach acid hits you. So today's...

[Mark] He's chewing...

[Tony] Come again?

[Mark] He's chewing with his mouth closed. We can't even tell-

[Tony] What are you doing in there?

[Mark] This might be bubblegum for all I know.

[Tony] Oh, no, he's got, there's paintballs in there, Mark. There's paintballs.

[Mark] He's giving a response.

[Tony] So back to the PEG, the polyethylene glycol, a lot of people within the paintball industry call that PEG for short, because no one wants to keep saying that word over and over again. The actual outer gelatin, either colorless, tasteless. The stuff on the inside, not so much. Is it sour? Like it doesn't taste good? Correct. It's not going to kill you though. So, it does, yeah, once again, it does dissolve in water. And for the most part... How many do you think you could eat?

I'm at five.

You're at five so far? Okay, so...


He's at six. Okay. He's got six paintballs in there so far. I mean, pretty much other than that, yeah. The products, they're made of stuff you find within the food industry that people eat every day, and it's not gonna hurt the environment. It doesn't hurt animals when they eat them. Although I wouldn't suggest eating too many. Wouldn't eat too many. But you get one or two or three or four or five, maybe.


You might have a stomach ache, but it's not gonna K-I-L-L you.

[Mark] Well, it's more for when you get shot in a mask and it goes through the mask and you get some in your mouth, it's not going to hurt ya.

So in the early days of the paintball industry, Mark, these, the true original paintballs, I believe back in like the early 90s, they were oil-based. But these ones today, they're all water-based with gelatin and dye. So, yep. Okay.

[Mark] He's hit capacity.

[Tony] He's eaten paintballs. He's hit capacity here. So that was a quick little science lesson with Albert. And this is Fitz, from Fitz Games. He's a gamer. If you're a gamer, follow Fitz Games. He can't even say that right now, because his mouth is full of paintballs. Mark, before we close this out, is there anything you would like to say?

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[Tony[ Yes, we do.

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Now I wanna know the science out there. If we have any scientists on here, like, "No, what you just said was absolutely dead wrong." I think I've done a little, enough research, talked to a couple of guys within the industry to know the basis of it, that they're not going to hurt you. But if you guys are real scientists out there, put in the comments below your thoughts on it, and thank you, Fitz. I hope your lunch was good.

[Mark] Where should they go to get their gear fits?


[Tony] Thanks for watching, you guys. Take it easy. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

A large green jello.

[Tony] The box said "blue" on it, I swear to God.

It's okay. It's a lot of paint.

[Mark] Yeah. Yeah.

Oh my God.

[Tony] Well, there's a garbage can right there, Fitz.