HK Army Diggerz X1 Low Top Cleat Review

What is going on guys? it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you, the all new Low-Top Digger cleats by HK Army. It is H and these cleats I like their redesign compared to the previous model. They finally brought Low-Top to the market, in some different colors. So let's jump right on into it. Price point $79 95. A great price, a lot of other football cleats, soccer cleats are probably gonna cost you, roughly about the same price. So these are actually made by paintball players, for paintball players. Low-Top Diggerz is gonna come in a mesh case. It's gonna be this mesh case. In my opinion is probably for, they are all nasty. They smell. You wanna have some breathability inside of the actual case. So when you're done playing it you wash them off with a hose or whatever. You can throw them in the case and they can breathe and not just be stuck in an enclosed bag. And they're gonna smell like complete crap when you take them out. So I like the case, it's got a carrying handle on top. Three different colors. You've got the black and white, you've got black and gray. And in here, we've got a black with red. So the black with red, I don't know they're all pretty clean and crispy. We obviously, that's our colors here but this is a very, very nice looking cleat. Let's get this stuff out of the way, set it off to the side. So, first thing we're gonna notice, compared to the high top version, is this does have a supported compression material for your ankle. So you guys, this is when you get your foot into this shoe, this compression material here is gonna be very tight around your ankle. So hopefully, you don't have any rolling issues or, obviously you want as much support on your ankle while you're playing and sliding and diving as possible. On the inside here, that's gonna be a hard shot to get Mark, but on the inside, this is all memory foam insole. So actually it's gonna be very, very comfortable for your foot when you guys are playing. 'Cause as you know, if you make it all the way to the finals, or even if you're in a scenario game, it's a long day of paintball, you're gonna want something extremely comfortable on your foot that's not gonna be bugging the crap out of you out there.

[Mark] -And it's your game to lose.

That is, it is your tournament, your game to lose. Mark, next up on the point sheet, traction points.

[Mark] Sure.

See what I did there?

[Mark] How many?

15. So you've got 15, you've got five below here. You've got 10 uppers there. And then even in the middle, there's four extras. So whether you're playing on AstroTurf, grass, dirt or mud these cleats are definitely gonna be what you want to be wearing. So main traction points, 15 of them and then some of our integrated within the center of the shoe as well. And then I know you've got a really good camera. Could you see the HK skulls on there? Not that it matters. It's just a little extra attention to detail.

[Mark] I probably can on a bigger screen.

Okay, so, even on the bottom here, obviously you can see the HK Army there. It says Diggerz. And then there's little HK Army skulls all the way around just a little added, extra feature. It's kind of cool. I do know, I believe they used, what's the term for the actual, the durability and the construction from the bottom of the shoe to the actual main. So I think it's like, two times or double the strength of the previous version of the cleat. So..

[Mark] Yeah, I know they increased how well that sole sticks to the rest of the shoe. If you've ever had crappy cleats, they pull apart really fast.

I was just gonna say, yeah. If you buy some crappy cleats, from one of the local sporting goods stores, the bottom of the cleat actually separates from the main body of the shoe. This design they have definitely manufactured it and found a way for this to last a lot longer than the average cleat. This tongue actually on here as well is padded. And that is also going to save your foot from those annoying, like almost like cardboard ish tongues on the cheaper soccer cleats and stuff like that. So this is actually all padded here. So it's not gonna be bothering the front of your foot or your ankle. They even keep these little fancy things in there. I like that, to keep it from deforming if it's being shipped or in the packaging, stuff like that.

[Mark] But I should probably take those out before I stick my foot in.

I would definitely take this out, before you stick your foot in there. Yeah, no doubt. All right, next up on the list Mark. Hit me, what have we got? Nothing, he's got nothing.

[Mark] I mean, how is the stitching and stuff on the outside? Like, does it look pretty durable?

Yeah, I mean, it's very, honed in here. It's not sloppy. I don't see. Even obviously you saw me pull them out of the, brand new out of the box or the bag. There's not any loose strings or anything that I can see, that is going to make these things be falling apart very easily. Yeah, even on the bottom, there's even, other than glue holding the sole to the actual cleat. There's even more stitching within that area as well all the way around. So you have actual stitches in there, plus the adhesive glue that keeps it together, which is very, very important.

[Mark] How is the, I know you talked about the memory foam a little bit but how's the sole on the inside? Like, is it enough padding that I'm not gonna, like how's the arch?

Yo, it's yeah, it's, it's really, really solid. I mean, I can stick my fingers in there and I can feel like the actual memory foam kind of, taking to my finger. So, yeah, I mean overall, I think it's a very, nice cleat. I like it. Let's grab the older version real quick. If you have any other points Mark, hit me with them, while I'm comparing it to the, high top version.

[Mark] I think you covered most of the, the main keys. I mean, they made some adjustments, they made some improvements for sure.


[Mark] Our first gen, I mean the high top still a really nice shoe though.

I can, I can definitely say that, I personally would rather have the low tops, especially with, the compression ankle support. Very nice. Some people really, if you do have bad ankles, have broken one or injured them before, the high tops are probably the way to go. This is full support all the way up. The tongue on this one is also padded, but not as padded as the newer style, but there's still some padding there. They did have some mesh webbing or venting in here, where it looks like they kind of got rid of that with the newer style version. Maybe it was, a new technology or something like that they developed. But overall, I mean these cleats, let's even count, one, two, three, four, five, six seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. So, even still 15 traction points on the older style. Same with the newer. Yeah, I think the biggest difference is, let's check. Oh this older style still has memory foam as well. So that's, very nice and I think the biggest difference is just you're gonna see high top version or the low top version for those, quick, fast guys that really wanna, be out there busting and shaking the moves, so..

That and the sole, they improved the adhesive on the soul. last a little bit longer.

Correct, two times more durable on the newer style compared to the older version. So they say, but still both great cleats. So, if you've had previous ankle injuries, probably would recommend the high-tops. And if you want something a little bit more more shake and bake, go with the low tops.

[Mark] True.

Other than that, yeah. HK Army, Low-Top Diggerz, three colors, black and gray, black, white, black and red, are available, Get yourself a pair. These are, like I said, made by paintball players for paintball players. So, you know, they're gonna work.

[Mark] You said 80 bucks?


[Mark] Nice.

That's it guys. Thanks for watching, Check out HK Army as well. Some of the best products in the game.

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