Infamous Spartan Paintball Gloves

What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you the all new and very affordable Spartan Infamous paintball gloves. Yeah, uhuh, Spartan. Spartan is in the house. These bad boys, I mentioned, very affordable. They retail at $9 and 95 cents. These things are pretty legit. So taking a look at them, they might just remind you of some of those very textured gardening gloves you wear but these are the paintball version. They have a highly protective impact zone on the front and your fingers, which is obviously gonna be emulating the skeleton, since they are the skeleton squad. So these are very thick rubber pieces that, obviously when you're playing, you get shot in the hands, these things are gonna protect your hands from bruising up and hurting by when you get shot by a paintball. These are, first off, they are nylon compression-fit gloves, dipped in an anti-slip coating. So what that means, obviously the dexterity to these things, very, very nice. You can move around. You can actually use the trigger fingers. You can do all sorts of things with these gloves at a very affordable price point. And they're gonna protect your hands from getting shot out there and hurting. So they also do incorporate a breathable mesh top within here. So obviously, as you know, the anti-slip mark, is there any way to zoom in like in this area?

[Mark] It's hard, I can see the slight variation.

So there's the variation of having the anti-slip grip coating here with blending in to this breathable mesh top. 'Cause like I said, when you guys are out there playing, running around, you're gonna get sweaty. You want some ventilation in there. So when you take these gloves off your hands aren't looking like prunes. So they do come in actually four different sizes, small, medium, large, extra large, and which is a pretty cool factor that they didn't need to do but they did. So I don't know if you've got different players in your family, but, so over here, this size is small and it's got a green outer layer ring. This size is going to be medium. It's got a red outer layer ring. I'm currently wearing the large and these ones are blue. And then the extra large are white. So something like I said, they didn't need to add that but it's just a cool, hey, I had the red gloves, you had the green gloves. Case you obviously, like I said, people in your family, you've got kids or whatever that are playing with these bad boys. They do also, we got these sitting over here. These are their more tournament style gloves. The Sicario Hitman gloves, these ones retail at 35 bucks. They're more for the player that's really, really into the game. Mark, would you like to say anything about these? Because I know you like them.

[Mark] No, those are really nice too. I mean, good grip. They don't offer any protection though. Like you get shot in the knuckles, you're full feeling it full on with those.

100%. These ones have the moisture wicking material built into them. That's why they're more expensive. They're super tight and they have Velcro straps, all sorts of other stuff. But did I miss any points on the Spartan gloves?

[Mark] My only concern is with some of these gloves and I think that's why some of the other brands cut the fingers off, is being able to feel the trigger. Like can you feel-

Oh yeah, these are, they're very lightweight even with that, anti-slip coating on there. You can definitely move your fingers around very, very nicely. It's not stiff at all and you could definitely be able to feel the trigger on a paintball gun. Absolutely. So back to the price point, man. For 10 bucks, you could probably go to, let's say Blows or Home Depot and get a pair of gloves similar to these, seven, eight bucks. But they don't have the protective coating, they're not made by a paintball player and for the paintball player as well. So I do see a lot of guys out there wearing gloves similar but nothing, you know, quite like this.

[Mark] Ditch, the ones with the flowers guys, get the ones with the skull.

100%. Yeah get the skull, support Infamous and yeah, these things are great for 10 bucks. Definitely picking a pair up that's for sure.

[Mark] Awesome. I have no questions.

He's got nothing. He's got nothing, hit up We have small, medium, large, extra large in stock and ready to rock right now. Thanks for watching guys. And hey, pick up a pair of gloves for pretty cheap price.

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And get some of these sick gloves 'cause you're gonna like it, especially for 10 bucks. You'll like it.

[Mark] I'm gonna get some for Halloween too.

I'm gonna, no doubt. Get some for the kids.