Hydra Fit are the Best Knee Pads According to Paintball Players

Alright guys, you already know who I am. We are here at paintball fit. We're gonna take a look at the new Hydra knee pads. What's the deal with these things?

All right, well, so Hydra knee pads have been out for a few years. The blue ones are our hydro classics. They've been out for a while, and everybody loves them. And so then we were like, well, how can we make them better. And we basically with the hydro blacks, what we did was we went from a seven millimeter pad all the way around, it's basically a compression sleeve is what this is. On the classics it's seven millimeters, these we dropped it down to five millimeters in the back, so it's less material behind the knee. And then we added more where those are 10 millimeters in the front, These are 15 millimeters. So it's a little bit more padding. We also, this is our Hydra skin. It's a cut resistant material, I've got a video on hydra.fit, you can watch where I go after it with a razor blade. And not only do I do it with a razor blade, but I do it on my son Johnny's leg. That's how much we trust it.

[Tony] Oh wow.

And I'm going at it. You watch you'll see me I'm just like going for it, stretching it they don't, they don't tear up. The reason for that I don't expect anybody get in a knife fight with him. But occasionally you might run into a steak on a field or a sharp stick or some kind of debris. And we've all seen people that they jump onto the ground, next thing you know you're going to the hospital.

[Tony] 100%

So we wanna stop that. One of the things that are great about Hydras is the fact that 90% of all injuries don't come from impact smacking on the ground, your knee injuries come from changing direction. Oh! You just popped your your MC or whatnot. So this is a compression sleeve that keeps the knee warm, keeps the joint all tight together and more, but still gives you all your flexibility. Super, super comfortable. I'll let our reviews speak for themselves. Everybody.


And yeah, they're super super comfortable.

I like that outer material 'cause I feel like a lot of other knee pads on the market, eventually they fall apart. Then the Velcro that wears out. There's no Velcro on this, right?

Yeah, these are designed to be super super comfortable to everything you need nothing that you don't want them to go underneath your pants and they slip inside. The pant doesn't grind on them or get caught or hung up. There's nothing get hung up there. You put them on you forget about them. And at the end of the day, you take them off instead of all day long, you don't have to pull them out or just like "Oh, they're so uncomfortable." A lot of people will say I ask them Do you wear knee pads? And they're like, "No, they're too bulky I don't like them." And they try our Hydras.

It feels like you definitely you hit it well with this one. Yeah, they're light,

I'm gonna look at you and say here try, put an extra large on. Just tell me what you feel. You ever had them on?


And be honest.

What are these things retail at?

So they retail for $60.


Okay, you can get him at Hydra.fit or Hydrapb.com but Hydra.fit takes you right to our site. But good Papa shoe off and try that as an extra larges see how that feels.

Let's take a look. Super comfortable, actually. I mean, you're not restricted and you can do your knee movements. Yeah, these are nice. These are really nice. I really do like the fact that I wear, I'm not gonna say name, but I have knee pads that I wear right now and their Velcro straps are wearing out on them. So I like, yeah.

[Interviewer] Alright, anybody got a knife?


I got a knife.

We're not gonna do it on your leg.

No. I like them. These are super comfortable, very very nice.

[Interviewer] So the question we're gonna get from the internet is there any arm pads in the future?

I'm gonna plead the fifth at the moment.

So possibly, but I'm not gonna say that just yet. Alright, guys, so check it out. Hydtrafitgear.com

Yeah, that will work.

So you got some jerseys too?

Yeah. So we make practice jerseys, basically. So we have our really expensive jerseys, everybody gets them from different companies. We personally use weapons, we love our weapons jerseys. They're amazing. These though, are our hydra's practice jerseys. They're designed for the team, so they don't tear up their tournament jersey, at practice, 'cause you're out there grinding over and over and over and you wanna look good with the threads come tournament day. So you keep your tournament Jersey, for that. This is our dura mesh material. So it's super, super tough and yet it's breathable. It's very breathable, very, very comfortable. Obviously the Hydra Logo and stuff on there. But this is our King Louis design. We do different ones. And they're all available on the site, and I don't see my Cobra Kai one. Oh, that's Cobra Kai right there.

[Tony] Okay

Yeah we have our different ones available and we come out with different ones periodically. We don't do them in huge numbers. So they're always limited. So people if you want them,

And you could get it now and then obviously you'll be on with a new fresh design.

And then we will be coming with a fresh design. That's right. Keeping it fresh with Hydra.

What something like this go for practice?



$65 and they're solid jerseys. People have had some of their design. Well, this guy, he's wearing his he's been wearing that for a while now they just last. It's a stronger material.

Especially down here in the hot Texas heat, you gotta have something that's breathable.

We also have our other design this is our performance one which is this material which we're about to be launched, there's more of those. They'll be ready for Christmas, can't tell you what those designs are, but they're coming. So we operate both in the dura mesh and our performance jersey material for if you're in colder climates and you don't want the holes around then we have those.

This quality product I like it.

Thank you.

Especially these knee pads really really solid

Thank you.

Good job so. Stay tuned guys, let's get some testimonials. For now Tony from Lone Wolf paintball and hit up the website lonewolfpaintball.com. Alright guys, so I found someone, a good man Brian here that he's gonna talk about the Hydra knee pad. What do you think of these?

These are incredible. These are the favorite knee pad that I've worn. We took a knife to these and you couldn't cut through.

Yeah. This outside area. They're super comfortable. Thinner in the back. And this is the best knee pads you can find.

That's a good testimonial. I like it right there?


You also do photography correct?

I do, I do. I do

Where do we find you at?

Verbhal. V-E-R-B-H-A-L.

Facebook, Insta.

And on Facebook, it's Verbhal Photo PV.

Okay, awesome. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Thank you.

[Interviewer] Any of you guys wearing the Hydra knee pads?

All day.

Of course I am.

What do you think about them?

These are the best knee pads I've ever worn in my entire life. I've worn about four or five different pairs of knee pads. And these are the best one.

And the cool thing about these is so on the outside they have the double stitching. So it's thinner back here so it doesn't like build up or pinch your knee. But it's thicker in the front. The old ones were like the same size all the way around. But these are thicker and thinner in the back

[Tony] And he was saying obviously like the cut resistant.

Yeah, take a razor blade...

He got his on too, you're rocking yours.

What I find is the best thing about these is their compression. So my knee, I have horrible knees. So the compression is actually like, I wear these, well I wear the blue ones when I lift weights. But yeah, these are the creme de la creme.

[Interviewer] Maybe a little personal question, but 'cause we can see sizes. So what size are yours?

These are XLs

[Interviewer] You XL and yours are?

Extra small.

[Interviewer] Xxs


[Tony] Small. He's got smalls on.

[Interviewer] He's like what he didn't shave his legs. Awesome, guys. Thanks a lot.

Thank you guys.

[Tony] Yes. Any of guys wear those hydra knee pads?

I got those bad boys on right now. Honestly, I won't wear any other knee pads. I used to every event I would play my knee would always start hurting really bad. Ever since I've been wearing the Hydras I don't have any any knee problems.

[Tony] 'cause they're like you'd say ...

It just kind of keeps it all in place. It's really thick padding on the front from the backside it's really thin and it bends really, really well with the knee. So like a lot of times those knee pads like when people were like the volleyball knee pads, they like just a bunch of like cut off circulation. I have no issues with these knee pads at all.

[ Interviewer] Last question, I know you're busy trying to get ready for cup. So do you have any issues with them sliding down at all?

Okay, maybe, maybe once a day, but I mean that's if I'm running around 40, 50 points

[Tony] A game after game, after game.

After game. Yeah That's gonna happen right. Like outside of that they always stay.

[Tony] Beautiful man, appreciate it.

[Interviewer] You guys were the Hydra knee pads.

Yeah What do you think about them?

We love them.

They're amazing.

The best in the game.

[Interviewer] Oh my goodness, boys and girls, even our own Joe is wearing the Hydra knee pads

I like them guys. So out here paintball fit I have an awesome time. The Hydra knee pads got hooked up with these things, I guess it's kind of a Texas staple out here PB, PB fit brand. I love them even for big guys, put a bunch of points out there. They did not move at all super comfortable. We played yesterday and the knee pads I usually wear, I didn't even wear them 'cause I just don't really like them anymore. But these things they are incredibly comfortable. It's, they don't move. I really can't say enough great things about them so...

[Interviewer] So where are they going to be available?

We're gonna start carrying them in lone wolf, they turned me into a believer enough that I'm gonna buy them a bunch of them support the brand. Yeah, definitely like to carry stuff in the store that I personally like to play with. So these are these are great guys. Check them out. LoneWolfPaintball. Thanks again to JD, his wife Sarah, Johnny, everybody here paintball fit for doing having us out awesome hospitality.