Dye Backpacker & Dye Discovery Gear Bag Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm bringing you the all new collection of the Dye luggage line.


[Mark] I didn't know Dye made luggage?


Yes, they used to make a ton of bags back in the day they quit for a while but now they're back. Ready to go in stock, ready to rock. So let's talk about them a little bit. Three new items on the Dye luggage line: the .25T Fuser Backpack. Uncle Mark, got that?


[Mark] I got it. 


The .35T Backpacker, you got that one? And then the big boy, the 1.5T Dye Discovery Gear Bag and all these coming in at simple price points of $49.95, a $99.95 and $199.95 for the big boy roller gear bag. Visit the online store. We carry tons and tons of great products on the website ready to go and we ship the same day or the next day, don't ever forget about that. 


Dye Fuser Backpack

So the Fuser .25T Backpack, it's very simple for $49.99. First off Mark, I don't know if your camera can see this proprietary Hex-Logic anti-rip material?


[Mark] I can, it shows up in the sheen really nice.


Okay, very nice sheen. So apparently Dye has come out with a new fabric that is almost promising not to rip. So obviously only time will tell, but we'll check it out. First off before I dive into these, I think that Dye come out with very interesting names for these a .25 T, a .35 T, a 1.5 T. I don't know what's going on with the names but I know they're good products, so it just makes me wonder if the names are a little funky but hey, great products nonetheless. 


So let's dive into it, Mark. I know the Fuser Backpack, the cheaper version we'll just see right here on the side first. It's got a nice, hey, thirsty at the field? It's gonna hold your water bottle right on the side of the backpack. Okay, while we're in that area here Mark, can you see the Dye branded zippers?


[Mark] They're not KY, YZ?


No, I don't know dude, they said they're very durable.


[Mark] Okay.


I'm checking them out, let's take a look. I don't see the YKK brand on there, okay--


[Mark] YKK, I believe anything Dye says though.


But they promise they are very, very durable. So on the one side of the backpack you can hold a water bottle or drink, whatever you guys want. Other side of the backpack there is not a mesh pocket for that. Don't know why they should've put two on there but still for $49.95, this is one heck of a backpack. Before I go inside, let's flip it around. I do like how they integrated the padded mesh ventilation pockets on each side of the actual backpack itself. So guess what? It's padded, it's gonna feel good when you're actually wearing it. And B, it's gonna help air get through there. So guys with sweaty backs it's got some ventilation and it's not gonna keep that sweat or moisture in the actual material itself.


[Mark] My SpongeBob backpack makes my back super sweaty.


See? Exactly, probably doesn't have those. And even on the straps Mark it also has the ventilated and these are padded as well. The straps both have that. So it's gonna feel good on your back and actually when it rests on your shoulders as well. So that's a good option. And if you notice with the actual, what do you wanna call those buckles? They're fully adjustable. So depending on your bigger guy, your smaller guy, they're gonna fit you either way. So with that being said, talking about the straps you're gonna see this, what do they call this? A C-ring or a D-ring?


[Mark] D-ring yes.


A D-ring, you guys can clip on another water bottle or a player ID or whatever you want right here on the ring on the backpack itself. All right, so nothing super fancy. I mean, obviously since it's their $50 option up top, they do have an external compartment. So you guys can throw your keys or whatever barrel covers all of these options here, these are travelers for the field or even if you're getting on an airplane to go to an event they have options for whatever you guys would like. So external pocket for, like I said, your keys, wallet, barrel covers, random stuff you can throw it in there. And then it does have a very, very nice carrying handle patted carrying handle up top too. So if you don't wanna wear it if you're walking through the airport or your local field, you can just carry it without throwing it and using it as an actual backpack. 


All right, on the inside, this is what you wanna see. Inside is basic, you've got a couple of sleeves here if you wanna tools or whatnot, another Velcro pocket on the other side. So this is kind of whatever fits your needs, I don't know if you're at the field or at an event. Whatever you guys need to store in the mesh pocket here, it's got plenty of storage. Biggest thing is that it does have a padded 15 inch sleeve here. Velcro strap, you guys can throw in a laptop, tablet, whatever you guys like right here this entire thing here is fully padded and ready to go for whatever you guys wanna put inside of it. 


Dye Backpacker .35T

All right Mark, we're gonna go onto the .35T Backpacker now and kinda cover what comes with that one and why it's $50 more than this one. So set this one off to the side. All right guys, now we were onto the .35T Backpacker one. This one's a hundred bucks total. So $50 more than the previous one obviously and this one's got tons of options here. You can see there's a lot of Dye branded zippers going on around here Mark, they're, they're, here, they're, up there. Let's kinda crack into them and see what it has to offer. This backpack does have tons of storage. So I don't know in your opinion Mark, what are we gonna throw on each side of these smaller external pockets?


[Mark] Anything I want.


Barrel covers or anything, whatever you freaking want, that's fair.


[Mark] There's always something that I'm like maybe right now it's hand sanitizer and baby wipes, maybe it's--


That's true!


[Mark] An extra pair of underwear 'cause a day on the field sometimes can get kinda naughty and nasty.


Maybe it's your barrel covers on one side and your baby wipes on the other side, who knows? But it's got plenty of external pockets for like Mark said, whatever your needs are. If you're at an event or do whatever you guys want to do. Let's check out what's going on here. Okay, so we're gonna show wow! There's even a zipper inside. 


You wanna store extra tools, anything you want down in here 'cause the pocket goes to the bottom of the backpack. So that's very nice. And then there's a zipper inside of a zipper, check this out. Just another internal storage pocket so inside of a pocket is another pocket. So yeah, this backpack is very versatile. It can pretty much hold and do whatever your guys' needs are. So I do like that, we'll close that up, we'll close this up and then Mark, we didn't talk about baby boy down here.


[Mark] Why?


What are we? I don't know what's gonna fit in there, just a little guy.


[Mark] Maybe my field ID, I don't know!


Oh, I liked that. Your player ID for the tournament you're playing. Okay, we can throw that in there.


[Mark] Or an extra lanyard or to 'cause somehow you always lose one or need to borrow--


There's a lot of pockets going on outside which is always good 'cause we as paintball players we carry a ton of stuff. So onto the one of the--


[Mark] Wait, wait yeah, what's the pocket at the top?


That's what I was just, I was going there for. I mean get a close up of this Mark. So this is the .35T.


[Mark] Is that got that hex?


Yeah, it is. This is all the hex proprietary logic. That's patent pending or whatever they're talking about here. So it's not gonna rip and tear on you. We're gonna open that top pocket up.


[Mark] Fuzzy!


It's so fuzzy, so soft microfiber lined. This is for A, your sunglasses you got a nice pair of sunglasses it's not gonna scratch the lenses or B, if you are willing to do so maybe an extra lens for your actual goggle probably wouldn't recommend that but it's up to you obviously. But this is technically for a nice, this is a sunglass compartment in case you're at the field it gets a little sunny to protect those nice glasses from getting scratched.


[Mark] I imagine that's what Elmo's kisses feel like.


Oh, so soft and fuzzy, oh God! So first, pocket on the outside, going in is just gonna be an external or an internal just another full on storage compartment. I would put some dirty clothes or clothes that you're headed to the field with in here, extra change of clothes, whatever you guys want. It has this pocket here. And now Mark, for the grand finale, the other pocket below that.


[Mark] Wait, did we talk about the straps before you--


No, well, okay, I'll save the grand finale for last. Let's flip it over. All of this it's got your a little clamp here, your little buckle here. Keep it nice and nice and tidy across your chest. Padded ventilation, back support here. Padded ventilation upper on the shoulder areas. Obviously keeping it easy breezy, not keeping sweat or moisture in there. 


And then it also has the padded shoulder straps as well here one on each side. It is coming with once again other than the buckles to keep it tight across your chest, the D-ring clip and this one is also fully adjustable bigger guy, little guy it depends. All right Mark, are you ready for the grand finale?


[Mark] I am now.


Okay, he's ready now. So I showed you the first pocket general storage now we're going on to the bottom zip pocket. Boom! Get in there Mark. This is microfiber lined for any iPads or tablets. And then when you undo this now you also have another pad which is not microfiber lined for your big laptop. 


So upfront, that's where the little guys go tablets or iPads, something like that. And then your laptop is gonna go in the second pocket down below so this is truly kind of a carry all situational backpack. You're in the airport, you're at the field, it can do everything. So this is the .35T hundred bucks here on to the big boy, the Dye Discovery Gear Bag. 

Dye Discovery Gear Bag

All right guys, we are now here with the final piece of this luggage line, the Discovery Gear Bag. Start off right up top with the handle Mark. So in case you guys don't wanna roll it on the wheels, where are the wheels at? Over here? Oh, in case you guys don't wanna roll it on these nice all-terrain wheels you guys can just simply carry it by the padded handle up top that is Velcro and you can go that route. 


So let's crack on into this bad boy Mark. It does have the, I'm gonna flip it up real quick just so you know, it does have the Hex-Logic once again to prevent rips and tears. So you guys can see that there, it does have an external ID sleeve whether it be your player ID or yeah, probably your player ID I wouldn't put your license or credit card on the outside of your gear bag. So we'll drop that back down, let me open it up, take a look on the inside first. 


First thing, we're gonna notice I'm gonna flip it kinda towards you Mark and talk about it a little bit, you've got plenty of storage compartments up top here. This bag is completely surrounded by a heavy duty nylon tight fabric which almost reminds me of a heavy, almost like, would you say a tarp Mark? Something like--


[Mark] Yeah, I think my dad used to cover his cars with something similar.


Easily cleanable the best part that Dye obviously did this for was you guys can get in here you got dirty, you got paintballs broken in there, you got dirty clothes, you guys wanna get in here with a hose and actually wash this thing out, can definitely do that as well, so yes.


[Mark] Once you take your stuff out, don't do it with your stuff in it.


Oh yeah, I wouldn't leave your gun or your gear inside but take it out, you guys can hit it with a hose it's gonna clean out, flip it upside down and let it drain. So you've got that, once again tons of internal storage compartments and you guys can see the inside of this bag. It's very, very large. 


You guys can fit all of your clothing, your pads, goggles, guns, tanks, hoppers, you name it. This bag is big enough to fit all of it. And then even on this side Mark that they didn't get to see there's just more storage here, tons and tons of storage. Hold on, just wait. You got a divider on the inside.


[Mark] What?


Yeah, there's a lot of things going on. You got a divider on the inside and then you have access to the bottom, you see that long zipper there?


[Mark] Yes.


You guys can hide items down there whatever you guys would like, but it's got this huge divider with the Velcro already on there. So you guys can kinda customize this inside of the gear bag however you guys would like. So we're gonna throw that back down.


[Mark] Is the bottom hard?


Yes, oh yeah so the bottom is hard. This is a divider, but it's very, very hard. So you guys, like I said, can divide up. I don't want my gun and tank and hopper touching any of my other stuff. It's completely customizable to whatever you would like.


[Mark] Interesting.


So I'm gonna close this portion. Let me make sure I covered everything on the inside. The dividers, the internal storage compartments. Okay, we can close that up. I like this part now Mark other than the bottom which we'll go to next. So this part is very, very hard, very, very sturdy. 


A lot of guys would probably throw their goggles in there. If you guys don't want your goggles getting crushed you guys are gonna throw them in this nice hard compressed outside compartment here, which is also lined with a very, very durable nylon material. 


So if you want your goggles in there, cool. Also I could see people storing their cleats inside of here. I wouldn't worry about my cleats getting too smooshed but it's a very, very easy accessible outside compartment that you can once again take a hose to long day at the field, boots, cleats whatever you guys have dirty gear you guys throw it in here and once you get home, hit it with a hose and clean it all out and it does have another storage compartment inside of there as well. I do like that, it's a great option and also it has a top carrying handle too Mark. 


So if you don't wanna carry it by the padded ones up here you guys can just kinda drag it along with this. So now let's talk about, you wanna see the speakers?


[Mark] What?


Ventilation ports so this is kind of bringing me back to the dirty cleats, the dirty stinky cleats or boots. It has ventilation ports right here guys so it's helping get some air in there. So it's not when you open it up, "baby, it's a little stinky in there I'd say." So I like the ventilation ports on each side.


[Mark] Is that like a luggage handle?


I was just about to talk about the telescoping handle. So you guys are dragging it through the airport or through the event, push the button and this handle comes in and comes out just like that.


[Mark] Nice.


Let's flip it up now Mark, let's talk about the rails here. So I once again would say, if you guys are traveling at all you guys are throwing this thing on the ground like that, it has reinforced sidebars on each side. Yeah, so these are nice and hard durable. And then we already kinda touched on these all-terrain wheels. You're dragging it, rolling it through the dirt, mud, water. 


You've got the nice rigid wheels here on the bottom and let's look is there anything on the other side we'd like to, what are those called? Like stabilizers when you actually--


[Mark] Yeah, just so when you pop it up it's even if it doesn't like leaning forward.


Correct, it does have two stabilizers on each side. Like Mark said when you prop it up, it just doesn't wobble side to side or fall over. Other than that, yeah this is the Dye Discovery Bag these things retail about 200 bucks, well, not about there are 200 bucks and that's it. 



I hope you enjoyed the whole kind of breakdown of Dye's new luggage line: the backpack, the even better backpack and now the big old gear bag. And until next time guys, shop lonewolfpaintball.com we do have all these products available and ready to go. Hi Mark, that was a lot of talking.


[Mark] It was and I don't have a question. I have a comment that was too good to see. We did that most expensive player gear bag showcase while back, everything dude says "this guy has 50 guns and he doesn't use a single one, ladies and gentlemen, these are pro paintballers."


Yes, very good. That is funny.


[Mark] I just thought that--


That's a good one. That was with Ben, right?


[Mark] Yes.


Yes, yes. Ben had a lot of good guns and correct, you got 50 guns but you're not really using any of them. Thanks guys, take it easy.


[Mark] See you.