HK Army CTX Knee Pads Review

What is going on guys?

It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you a quick review of the new HK Army CTX Knee Pads. Whoop! All right Mark.

[Mark] Knee pads!

Yeah CTX I thought it was like STX but no I definitely got it right, yeah.

[Mark] CTX, CTX! CTX!

All right, so you guys have already seen the video I did covering the CTX arm pads, very very nice but now they're obviously available with knee pads. So if you guys wanna go back, if you didn't see the CTX arm pad video go back and watch the video I did a full review on, you know all the new four-way stretch systems and all that stuff but let's talk about the knee pads that were released. 

Overview of the Paintball Knee Pads

First things first on the HK Army CTX Knee Pads, the double straps. I do like that HK Army did include double straps. Some knee pads on the market you simply slide them on, they don't have any straps at all and guess what? You go out there, you play your first game your first point your first match whatever you guys wanna call it, these things are sliding down and they are now shin pads instead of knee pads, so you're locking in from the top up near your thigh and then you're also locking in on your lower leg here with the Velcro straps that just so happen to be full of swag with the HK Army logo, they didn't have to do that but you know HK Army goes above and beyond every time between any of their cases, markers, they always wanna be flashy and extra fancy. 

So the double straps I really really like that, and obviously the Velcro goes all the way around, so it's not just a little piece and if it's too big it's not going to overlap and you can't latch onto anything, the actual Velcro does go all the way around, so I do like that. 

Second feature, I do like the elastic bands up near where it's gonna go on your thigh area, and even down below just providing extra support. Not only do you have the straps to tighten it up once you actually get the knee pads on, but then these are stretchy and they suck on once they're on your leg at the bottom and the top. So shout out to HK for going, you know doing some research they've had a lot of pro players over the years they sponsor a lot of pro guys and I'm sure they've asked input on how can we make a better knee pad, really really like these. 

Durability, Fit and Material | HK Army CTX Knee Pads

Now let's talk about actual durability and comfortability of the HK Army CTX knee pad itself. You can notice on the actual pad there's multiple spots, first off these things are, from the inside to the top, probably a good inch thick of real nice padding and they've got extra pads, you know over here, over here, down below, I mean they didn't need to go above and beyond like that in my opinion but they did, so a lot of knee pads, right Mark? You just have your basics in the center that's my coverage.

[Mark] You are correct.

They do have, obviously if you're kinda tilted depending on position you're playing I mean if you're tilted on your left leg your right leg, you've got extra padding on each side, you know below and above so instead of just having one giant turtle knee pad right in the center, and if you're not actually laying on that part you're laying on the ground pretty much but they went above and beyond on that. Comfortability wise and breathability wise, this has a very nice, what would you call it, like a neoprene Mark?

[Mark] Yeah I think.

Like this meshing in the back. It's super super comfortable when you, I would like to flip it inside out but I really can't. Anyways guys trust me it's very very comfortable on the inside, I tried these things on they're nice and they are very flexible so they're not those super super hard pads where you're like, god I feel like a robot I can barely move, run, or function in these things. Yeah they're very, first off they're durable, they're comfortable and there's plenty of support for padding and you don't feel like you're walking around like a robot. 

So I like that, and they do have plenty of ventilation in the back, you know you're gonna get hot and sweaty out there on the field that's why they kinda have this as like, I said neoprene but it's almost like a Dri-fit material type in the back that's gonna absorb sweat and help keep you cool as much as possible out there.

[Mark] Yeah I think neoprene is the thicker stuff.

Yeah yeah, that's what I was like, yeah this is more like a Dir-fit T-shirt almost that's gonna help absorb the moisture so you're not just super sticky and sweaty back there.

[Mark] And I like when they have like it's slightly open behind the knee.

Correct, yeah so you can get some ventilation in the back so you guys, like once again, some heat can get out and some moisture can get out.

Mark’s Favorite Feature

[Mark] You know my favorite, favorite feature though about these HK Army CTX Knee Pads are?

Tell me Mark.

[Mark] Because they have HK Army in bright white, I know which way is up when I put them on. I don't know about you but I put on knee pads upside down I'm like, that's not comfortable now I have to do it again!

Nope, yep if you're up at the top yeah I mean, oh look at even the back Mark, it's my right leg!

[Mark] Yay!

They have them labeled so you guys can't get it wrong. I was gonna go to the bag. Lastly, after a tough day of play you guys are gonna want something to keep it in and it does come with a mesh ventilated carrying bag. Why is that? Because these things are gonna be sweaty and stinky and you're gonna need some breathability or else you're gonna get like that nasty mold in your gear bag, nobody wants that. You can hang them out to dry, let the wind get in there, get some air flowing through. So Mark, what do you think that I didn't cover on the new Crash CTX Knee Pads?

[Mark] I don't know, I mean the gist of it I think is all the awesome features that are in the arm pads are now available in the knee pads.

Correct yeah, like the 4-way stretch and all that good stuff, I mean like I said they're light, they're comfortable, they're very flexible so you don't feel super constricted out there on the field, and you know once again check out the actual arm pads that have the very very nice sticky stuff on there so you're not dropping your gun on the ground.


[Mark] What're these amazing pads going to cost me?

$64.95 is what the HK Army CTX Knee Pads cost, either the arm pads or the knee pads cost, and it's a good price point.

Really good price point. So that's it, the knee pads CTX version by HK Army, shop Lone Wolf. I hope you enjoyed the quick review. A lot of people kinda wanna know what they're getting into. If you can't get into your local pro shop and actually check them out in person. 

YouTube Question

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[Mark] What're your thoughts on the Virtue Vio Ascend mask?

Virtue Vio Ascend I think it's a very good goggle, they have tons of lens options and also color options so you can do all sorts of color combinations, it's a tight face goggle it's not super expensive, very breathable, I like it and once again check out the website cause Mark did a ton of photos with all the Vio Ascends with all the different goggles and all the different lenses so you guys know exactly what you guys are gonna buy and what the lens in that goggle is gonna look like.

There you go, if you've got a question leave it in the comments below otherwise we will see you next time.

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