Infamous Paintball Pro DNA Pads & Gloves

What is going on guys. Today it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. I'm bringing you the Infamous Pro DNA protective collection. Bam, alright.

[Mark] The Protective collection I like that.

The Protective collection, you like it? Good, solid, so, let's start off. Little different than we've done before. You guys now this is the, I would say the not professional mark, but what not.


[Mark] The lightweight speedball package.

The lightweight speedball guys that have been playing paintball for a little while. This has got you written all over it.

[Mark] If you're a snake guy, this is kind of the setup. I'd recommend it.

True, if you've seen the previous video on the exalt collection, this is kind of like you've been playing paintball for a while collection.

[Tony] You realize the paintballs balls don't hurt as much.

Yeah, and like you said, if you're more agile and you wanna be able to move just a little bit better, a little bit quicker, and you don't want as much padding, but you still want protection. This is what you'll want. Let's jump into it. So infamous Pro DNA elbow pads, like I said, a lot of you guys, we do these videos 'cause you guys ask from what pads do you use? What would you recommend for a snake player? What would you recommend for a first time paintball player? So we kinda tried to cover all avenues of that. Elbow pads by Infamous. Plenty of padding. It is thin, but there's still padding there. And the biggest part about this thing is Mark, see the elbow pad, like literally they are so thin and flexible I can roll this thing up. It'll fit nicely into a gear bag somewhere. It's not gonna take up too much space and it's gonna be able to keep your movement out there. Very flexible, agile and ready to rock when you need to. This is a Nike, not sponsored this video, not by any means, but the actual way of the dimension here, the stretchiness of the material, I just used that name due to the fact of it's like a very professional and a sought after high quality product to be completely honest. I mean, they Infamous did a great job with this. I mean, it's super stretchy. It's very breathable. It's not gonna keep your, even though it is all black, it's not gonna keep you super hot out there on the field and it's definitely gonna help absorb the moisture and keep you cool. So I like that right here at the where your elbow bends. It's got a nice vent, here to release sweat and steam. And it also does have the half hand option as well. So when you slide these on, you got the thumb hole there. So it's gonna cover the top of your hand. And then, would you know, it's got the nice little infamous skull, that's gotta add points, right Mark.

[Mark] Yeah.

So now these things they're very nice. They're very thin and they'll be able to keep your mobility out there top notch. So those are the Pro DNA pads by Infamous. Next let's move on to, we're throwing, do we wanna do gloves next? Should do the pads.

[Mark] Do the gloves.

Do the gloves, alright. Next the Sicario/Hitman gloves by obviously Infamous. These things are meant to be very tight. They're not super bulky. There's not very much padding in them at all. The best thing about these gloves are, once again, you'll see these on, let's say the pro golf tour. There's tons of grip on the backside. All these little tiny, like hexagons, they're all super grippy, so if you're taking a dive, taking a side, dirt and mud water, these things you're not gonna lose hold of your gun, drop it in the mud, drop it in the water. They're meant to be sticky and they're meant to be super tight. So let me try and get one of these bad boys on. Imma pause here, Mark. Yeah, they're gonna be tight and yeah, it's just a fight. We're gonna get it on there. God, this reminds me of a Hitman.

[Mark] Feels like--

I feel like I could go like, I'm gonna go break into a car or something, right Mark.

[Mark] Do not break into cars.

Yeah, do not break into cars it's a crime but they are very nice. They're meant to be tight. I like the way they look and you guys can see, there is tons of, like I said, it's like a very grippy material on the palm side of the glove. Very nice, I like them. Nice little Velcro there. And this is all a mesh breathable material. Once again, you can see throughout this way. So, these are the gloves. And probably right now, you're either wondering price point, right?

[Mark] Nope, because you know what?

'Cause we're gonna have special card.

[Tony] We're gonna have a special combo price on the website, so they're gonna have to go to,

That's right.

[Mark] Click on the package thing, find this package to see what kind of special deal we're running.

So what Mark said in fast paced, go to, click on this package combo and see what special deals we are running for the pro DNA protective collection. Lastly guys, you're wondering elbow pads and gloves. Where's the knee pads slide shorts. We're bringing you the Pro Slide Short pant. It is a full on pant. So let's pull these things out. This is where the magic happens ladies and gentlemen,

[Mark] Oh boy.

This is it. Mark says, "Oh boy", so, let's start from the top Mark. I know I'm pulling away from you.

[Mark] Yeah you're getting out of the light, can't see you.

Okay, well let me just lay him on the table then I just wanted everyone to be able to see.

[Mark] Thanks.

Better? Okay, cool, so it's a full on pant goes all the way down to the top of your ankle. You do have your protective hip pads here. Most importantly, what you see right there in the center is gonna keep your manhood safe from being shot by paint balls. So I like that, very nice. Hip pads, your man pad. And then the reason I didn't throw knee pads into this combo is because they're already built into the pant right there. So we're not gonna throw on your under garments. You're not gonna throw on pants with already pads in them, then more knee pads and then paint ball pants on top of that. We've got way too many layers of pads going on there. So, what you guys need is the slide pants that have hit pads, the man pad, the knee pads, and then throw on either a light pair of paintball joggers or pants over top, or even if you're not like a speedball guy, if you're woodsball player, you can have double protection. Throw one another thicker pair of pants over top, if you're worried about crawling through the woods and getting sticks and stuffall up in your business. So, I like these pants. Mark, do you think that we've hit on most topics? I just wanna flip them over real quick and take a look. There is more mesh and breatheability right near the back of your knees where your knees bend, which is nice, helps relieve some steam and some heat.

[Mark] Yeah, that's what I like about these pants. More than anything I think is if you're gonna do a slide short and knee pad combo traditionally, getting it all in one in these pants. I mean, that's where the price comes in, right.

Correct, yup.

[Mark] You're 110, you said for these,

Yeah, these are like $110 or so, yeah.

[Mark] And you're gonna spend that on a pair of slide shorts and knee pads anyway.


[Mark] You might as well put it all in one because of the way they're built. They're lighter, they've got a little more breatheability in the back than even your traditional--

And they're very forgiving 'cause this material here, like I said, I mentioned Nike in the beginning of the video. It's very stretchy, it's gonna be a nice tight fit for you. You're not gonna feel very bulky and super confined. So the stuff is very forgiving. Like I said, stretchy breathable, and like Mark said, it's all in one, you would spend the same amount of money buying your knee pads and your slide shorts, get it all in one. You don't have to worry about it. And that's a very high quality product. So, other than that, I hope you guys liked the video and we got you covered from slide shorts to build a knee pads, to the gloves and then to the elbow pads. So, check them out,

[Mark] And go to the jerkyden protein keeps you.

Yes sir.

[Mark] All day on the field


[Mark] Or on the couch watching our videos. And we have a question from the YouTube's that we pick randomly.


[Mark] Jackson Linhart wants to know. So I've been playing speedball for a little and you can just play in the rain, what about the marker?

And you can just play in the rain.

[Mark] So I think he's saying is, can you play in the rain?


[Mark] And what about the marker, well--

A lot of guys like at the national tournaments, stuff like that, local national, whatever you want to say, they'll either tape up their eye covers. They'll put tape on their barrel, for the most part, yes. The guns can handle a little bit of water. You don't wanna go diving into a two foot puddle obviously. Your boards are gonna get fried. Hopper paint issues, the list will go on. But for the part, when there is rain, yes, you can still play in the rain. Make sure you got yourself a rain visor for your goggles. It's not really gonna hurt the gun. Just make sure you're not diving into gigantic puddles and frying the electronics. But yeah, I've definitely played in a lot of tournaments where there've been rain. A lot of the national events, Dallas every year for the MXL seems to range, Chicago, the list goes on.

[Mark] And guess what? I don't take my barrel because I use the Silencio barrel. And--

Infamous pitch, yeah, the Silencio barrel by Infamous definitely helps with the rain. So check them out, guys

[Mark] Leave a question if you got one, maybe we'll answer it in a future video, see you.