Push Division One Large Roller Gear Bag Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I'm going to talk to you about the push division one gear bag.

Talk to me about it.

Yeah. We're gonna talk about it. So guys, this bag isn't necessarily new to the market by any means, but they're finally back in stock. Gear bags have been flying off the shelves. So yeah, I'm here today to talk to you guys about the push D one gear bag. Start with the outside, then we're gonna go inside. Let's talk about the backpack straps right off the hop. I know these coming in at least eight different colors. The ones I have secured to the bag right now are the predator cammo and then you've got other options as well. We've got the tiger Stripe. You've got your normal tan. I believe you've got a desert cammo as well. And then over on the other side, we're missing purple but I know they make a purple. They have a blue, they have a lime, and they also make an olive. So there's definitely options to kind of fit your personal needs and wants as to what color you want for the outside backpack straps.

Can I get to select that when I buy the bag, right?

Correct yeah, these bags, they are $299.95. I mean, they're absolutely wonderful. They do a lot of cool things that some other bags on the market don't offer. Yes. Kind of pricey, but they're definitely worth it. So onward with the backpack straps you can secure them up top with the actual clasps here and then alters are at the bottom. This is the bottom of the bag. And that up at the top here you've got ultra reinforced multiple like stage Velcro that you can secure it up top. And then obviously fully adjustable depends on, you know how short or tall you are. You can adjust it in multiple positions on here. So I like that. It's a cool option. If you know, it's muddy at the field, you wanna throw your bag up on your shoulders. So you're not dragging it through the dirt, mud and water. All right. So next let's kind of talk about the bottom down here Mark, before we head up top. So the bottom here, I'm gonna flip it around so you can probably get a better view of it. So pretty much you've got another carrying handle. You're lugging it around the field, throwing it in the back of the truck, or even, even at the airport. Good handling there. You've got these actual stoppers on the bottom. So it's better support. So when you're standing your gear bag upright the gear bag doesn't fall over. So you've got these stoppers. They're reinforced here at the bottom too. It's pretty hard. And I like, I like the design, even down here in this area. I don't know how well you can even see it got wheels up in here. You've got the, this is all reinforced down here. And then the wheels too, these got the the rigid off-road wheels. So obviously a lot of paintball fields. You've got the mud, you've got dirt, rock stuff like that. You've got to reinforce wheels and you can easily drag this thing through anything that you want. So better put it back this way, going back up top we're gonna talk about there's a compartment here that looks like it's either like fleece or microfiber line that I would, I don't know what push recommends to actually store on here but it is very soft. It looks like I would probably put some maybe extra lenses or something along those lines in there. It doesn't look quite big enough for a goggles that's for sure. But some extra lenses or something that you don't want to get scratched or damage would go up in this top compartment. Then we've got another little zip-up compartment here. And this would probably be if you were storing your car keys or your wallet something like that, it's not much room in there but enough for a wallet or car keys. So that's probably what I would use that for. Next if you want to really cinch this bag boy down it's got these on both sides, depending on, you know what's in your gear bag. If you don't want your tank or your gun flopping around in there they have the secure class on both sides of the gear bag, the flips the sides. So this one also as well over here, there's four total. And you can really cinch it down if you don't want stuff moving around in there during travel. So, Mark let's, should I flip it over before we go inside? Talk about the name tag holder.

Well there, I think there's a couple more compartments on the outside.

Yeah, there's is a couple of combine straps.

Behind it. Behind the straps.

Yeah. Oh, yep.

At least one.

Yup. we got this one in here, the front one. It's a sneaky one, but it's there. So this Mark, what would you put in there? What do you think?

Oh! Maybe like my map of a field strategy plan.

Oh yeah, lay out something like that. Probably stuff that obviously easy slide in and slide out.

It's not a deep pocket.


It's wide.

It's wide and thick.

So you can't like stick it out.

I think I'll throw like a binder. Yeah. They're layouts. If you guys have plays for your team, something like that maybe side your binder in there. If you've got copies of the layout sheets, like an Excel or your local or regional events. So yeah. I mean, nothing. I wouldn't put anything that's super important in there but maybe a binder or, you know, something like that.

Maybe you could fit an iPad. I don't know if you're bringing it to the field though.

I don't know if I, I don't, I don't know if I'd trust that.


Maybe on the inside.

[Mark] Lets look at the size of it.

Yeah. It's like the size of an iPad.

[Mark] Yeah.

Looks good. Okay. Before we go to the bottom, you've got obviously going back to this area up here Mark. This is for if you've got team patches or anything, that's a Velcro. You guys can stick it either here or on the actual push part where it says push paintball there. So if you've got any patches, teamwork you wanna represent display, show off. You guys can stick them right on the outside of the gear bag.

Can you tilt the top towards us just a little bit this way.

Like this way?

Yeah. Just a little bit so that you get a nice top-down shot.

Like in there.


So you got the Velcro there and you've got Velcro in there as well.


Show me, where's my name tag,

Where you go, where your APPA player ID is gonna go. It's tall. It's right in this region though.


And I'm glad I flipped it over cause you could see these rails, one of those four Mark.

So when you drag it, it doesn't ruin the bottom of your bag?

See, big brain moves. So these are reinforced railing here. So like Mark said, when you're dragging it it doesn't actually rip and get the actual material in the fabric of the bag all cut up and you know, looking, looking creative. So name tag, reinforced rails on the bottom of the gear bag, looking pretty good.

And what of the ones on the outside?


So down further than most normal bags. Like the shell closet.

First on the market. First on the market. Running these bad boys all the way down so.

And why not?

Extra protection reinforcement. So you don't get this expensive gear bag all torn up. When you're dragging around the field.

What's that?

What's that?

Is that a retractable handle on the top.

So dude you already know that?

I know, but I just think you should already know it.

Well look, well look. So yeah, obviously it's got the, what do they call that retractable but telescoping.

Telescoping handle.

Telescoping handle yeah. We're traveling, we're going to the airport. Got to use the telescoping handle. All right, let's get inside. We're going inside. If I can get in there.

And I don't, we've mentioned the bag was about 300 bucks. The straps, if you want to buy additional straps or a different color, they're about 30 bucks.

Yeah. $29.95. So not we're going inside. Yeah.

Oh my Gosh! There's so much stuff.

There's a lot of room here. There's a lot of things you can do here. Up top in this mesh compartment I would probably suggest like arm pads, knee pads, something along those lines down here, you're probably looking at maybe some tools, extra barrel covers. Mark?


Swab barrel swabs that fold and bend in half. I mean just extra storage all around the mesh stuff. I would personally suggest that you're like I said your sweaty arm pads, sweaty knee pads something along that line, keep it in the mesh and can actually breathe.

And it looks like that full top opens up too.

Yeah this too you can keep, so I'll just open it up. It's kind of awkward over the table but that is what it is, you know you can actually open this up and keep your other stuff separate. So if you actually had like clean clothes or something, if you were traveling, if this was like your all in one clean clothes and paintball you can keep some clean stuff up top still have this layer protecting it so it doesn't get gross. And then you can have your other, you know tools and whatever you want to put in there. So onward let's go. One of my favorite parts about this bag is this compartment right here. Mark, do you know why that is?

I can do these shiny.

It's shiny. Why do you think it's shiny?

Cause it's like thick leather. It's like, it's kind of like leather.

Its like leather. But it's the dry slash wet compartment. If you don't want to have your wet soaked muddy cleats or boots that you've just played paintball into, get into the rest of your gear bag and to be able to wash it out very easily. This compartment right here is what I would highly recommend boots, cleats, whatever. If anything is wet, you can throw it in here full of paint full of mud. Once you get home, you can easily rinse this out with a hose or wipe it out with a wet rag. And this will definitely save you from getting the rest of the bag completely full of stuff. So next,

When it gets full of stuff.

I hate when it gets fullest. You don't want stuff in there next, now you can see this one. Isn't so shiny. It doesn't have the, the pleather look as Mark would say this one is just for standard storage. Pretty much whatever you guys want. Slide shorts, jerseys, pants, anything you guys want to put in here. This is where the gun goes, though. This is a nice little padded exterior part. You can put a gun in there. That's what I would suggest. Or your most prized possession. Cause it's got extra padding.

Is it just padding or is there any kind of like straps to hold in?

It's just padding. So it's just padded there. That's probably where I would put the gun. So it's not rubbing up against other stuff, but yeah, that's just me.

Just tilt it towards us so we can keep it inside a little bit.


Please. Oh, thank you.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! So yeah and this is what I was talking about in there. So looking good. And then for compartment wise, that's pretty much it but this over here, this is zipper opens all the way up. And if you really wanted to hold some some sneaky stuff underneath.

Yeah it's not sneaky now you're showing everyone.

Secrets, let loose. Now all of this flops over and obviously you see the telescoping handles down in there but I know a lot of people that utilize all of this extra space and they do pack extra jerseys or you know, pants or just in case saddles and stuff like that. They put it all the way underneath. So yeah, it's got a lot of storage in this bag. Once again, this is the push division one gear bag. It's not new on the market but they're finally back in stock ready to go shout out to push paintball for, you know it's been quite a minute for working hard to get these back into production and Mark, do you have any closing remarks?

Yeah, they need to work harder because waiting in this long for quality products is annoying.

That's true. I like that. I like that, but it's a really nice gear bag. It's got tons of space, tons of options for you. And don't forget to hit them up there at lonewolfpaintball dot com. You can pick your strap options and until then take it easy guys

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