Carbon SC Elbow Sleeves and Carbon CC Knee Pads Overview

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm talking Carbon Knee Pads and Elbow Pads.

Mark: And why? 'cause who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: That would be You always know that. Hopping right on into it. Carbon coming out with more great product. Of course, Mark, the knee pads, and over here, in the elbow pads, you would notice that they both have those washable cases. So, of course, take off your tags, take off the actual sticker, and you can actually throw these into your washing machine, would recommend cold water, but that's a nice feature that Carbon includes with their products, most of their products anyways. So knee pads or elbow pads?

Mark: Knee pads since you've got them in your hand.

Tony: All right. Knee pads. We're talking there're CC Knee Pads. Once again, coming in that washable case. These retail at $60. So, obviously...

Mark: Do you get a pair? Do you get a left and a right?

Tony: You do. It actually tells you, you get a pair, a left and right. So pull out your foam. A little Carbon sticker there. If you wanna throw it on your hop or your gear bag, wherever you wanna put it. Carbon Knee Pads, ta-da, in all of its glory, Mark, in all of its glory.

Mark: Is that the left or is that the right?

Tony: Dude, they can actually tell you. Take a peek. It's a right.

Mark: Oh, I think I was looking at the right spot.

Tony: Oh yeah, it was down there at the bottom, and if you...

Mark: Maybe.

Tony: If you are curious, it's got a left.

Mark: I can't see it.

Tony: Oh, you can't?

Mark: No.

Tony: Oh no. Can you see it? Can you see it now?


Mark: There we go.

Tony: All right. Left and right. Let's dive on into this. This is dual layer foam, super protective, 3 millimeters thick. Does have a nice anti-slip outface here. So depending on if you're gonna wear them, you're gonna wear shorts and the knee pad itself, you hit the ground, it's gonna be a little sticky, but a lot of people obviously wear paintball pants. Wear these underneath paintball pants. So this is probably for the reason of your paintball pants are gonna be against the silicone tacking so it's not slipping and sliding up and down your leg. But if you were worried about that, it does have a nice tension control strap up here. So depending on how big your leg is, these ones are large. They run small, medium, large, XL, or how tight you want it. You can pull this elastic strap and then just, obviously, it has a Velcro top there. It does have the anti-slip internals for your thigh. So this thing, hopefully, it's not gonna be moving around on you very much. It's got that nice internal., I think they called it like their center donut alignment.

Tony: So, you know it's technically right on the back of your knee, in the correct spot. So you wanna take that little donut there and line it up directly in the back of your knee so you know it's not too high or too low on you. Overall, obviously, a knee pad is a knee pad, but I do like the thickness. I do like they're small and compact. They're not too bulky. Not gonna restrict too much movement on you guys. Yeah, these seem pretty solid. It's almost like a knee... Well, yeah, it's pretty much like a knee brace in the back here. Open, it's gonna allow some flow and ventilation and it's not gonna restrict your movement if you do obviously wanna take a knee or your sliding and diving. So that is very important, the open back to allow that... You've got some different mobility...

Mark: Yeah, it doesn't bunch up on you when you bend your knee, and...

Tony: Correct. Yeah, so it's not just all one piece. And like I said, also sweating, you're wearing these things all day, it's got some ventilation. So I do like it. I do like the 3 millimeter dual layer foam. I like, it's got the silicone tacking here, and I like that they're nice lightweight. And they're really not too expensive for $60. So these are the Carbon CC Knee Pads. Do you think I missed any of the features, Mark?

Mark: No, I'm gonna call you out real quick.

Tony: Go ahead.

Mark: That it's just the center alignment for your knee. Like you said the back of your knee and it's like, no, you just stick your knee in that spot. That's where you knee cap would go.

Tony: Yeah, I was thinking like... Yeah, obviously, it's got the donut in there, but the back, when your knee bends, your should be bending through the center hole and yeah, your knee cap should be right in there.

Mark: Yeah, I tried to embarrass you.

Tony: That's okay.

Mark: Moving on.

Tony: Moving on, we are going to the SC Pro Elbow Pads. The elbow pads are $55. Once again, coming in that nice wash bag. I'm gonna pull these bags.

Mark: These go up to 2XL.

Tony: Oh.

Mark: Yeah.

Tony: Even fitting some of the bigger boys. What size? These are XL. All right, let's get this padding outta here.

Mark: Ooh, you gonna give us a gun show?

Tony: Give you the gun show. So I wonder if these say left or right. Let's take a peek. They do. Oh, I'm sure the other one says right.

Mark: I hope so.

Tony: Let's do... Oh, hold on. Yes, it certainly does. It says right. So first impressions, very, very light. I like this super thin and flexible material. It does have like that built in half hand or half sleeve, some people call it, with the thumb hole. It's also got the padding on here. It's nice and light, but you can definitely tell it's gonna... It's not too bulky either, so it's gonna keep you protected. I feel like this moisture wicking material is also gonna be nice. So that's right. Let's try on a left one. What is all this fancy stuff on here, Mark? What's the key features on this bad boy?

Mark: You got the dual layer impact protection from elbow to forearm, so that's your padding, which is nice, four way stretch fabric for natural range of motion.

Tony: It is super, super stretchy. I do like that.

Mark: It's got that non-slip bicep cuff to hold the pad in place.

Tony: Yeah. Well, I got this on.

Mark: You gotta show that one.

Tony: Of course. It's got the nice silicone tacking in there, so it's not gonna be sliding up and down on your arm. Obviously, you want... It's an elbow pad for a reason. You want it to stay in protection when you're sliding and diving, so I do like these. Yeah, they are very lightweight and comfortable. For $55, it looks like even the... Hold it. Can you see that stitching on there, Mark? It seems like it's pretty durable. It's just not one stitch and go. They definitely put some effort into that. I think it should last you quite a while. As always, the Carbon products are great and they are very durable.

Mark: It's got the half hands.

Tony: Yeah, the half hands are nice. I do like the half hand feature. Although it's not padded, but that's not the biggest deal. Other players will wear gloves or not wear gloves. It's up to you. But if you would do want some padding in that area, they don't have it, but just wear glove and you'll be good to go. Super comfortable though. You can definitely... It's a good range of... Hey, should I give them the Caesar, Mark?

Mark: Ooh, drop your bows.

Tony: Oh, looking good. Yep, feels comfortable. So yeah, I do like these. And you read earlier, the stretchy fabric is nice. So depending on a little bit bigger, a little bit smaller arm, it's gonna fit just right. And these things, good Lord, these things are super, super light. So I do like them these are the Carbon SC Pro Elbow Pads. Let's see. Hold on. Let's read the bag before we close this out. The cuff... Oh, the it's called... Why wouldn't you tell me? That stitching I was talking about, it's called fat lock stitching. So I knew there was something going on there. It's not gonna fall apart on you very easily.

Mark: Can't do your job for you.

Tony: No, that's fair. Other than that, yeah, these are the knee pads, elbow pads, $60 for the knee pads, $55 for the Carbon SC Pro Elbow Pads, and you can find them at

Mark: Bye bye.