Carbon SC Pro Top and Carbon SC Pro Bottom Overview

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today, yes, we are talking Carbon Pro Tops and Pro Bottoms.

Mark: Why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: Let's jump right on into this. But before we do, head on over to, use our code LWP10 at check-out to save 10% off your first monthly mystery subscription.

Mark: Or don't and pay full price.

Tony: Oh, you could do that, too. Whatever you want. Alright, so Pro Tops and Bottoms by Carbon Paintball, some of the... In my opinion, some of the best soft goods in the game. Once again, both of these, the top and the bottom are coming in washable bags, take off the tags, take off the front sticker and throw it in the washing machine, would recommend cold water only. We're talking tops first, Mark, diving right on into this bad boy, the SE Pro Top, tons of padding, great material, let's pull it on out, and these retail at $109.95. As always, Carbon with tons of their padding in there. So the Pro Top, 110 bucks. This is what we're looking at. It does have that four-way stretch moisture wicking material. Super, super comfy. I do like that. Best part about this, in my opinion. Mark, it's got built-in elbow pads.

Tony: But that's not all. It does also have the thumb lock for the half sleeve, so this bad boy's not sliding around on you, so it's got the built-in half-sleeve is what I like to call it, it's got the built-in elbow pads, and these things are very... They're padded, but they're flexible, so you're not gonna feel too constricted out there if you're obviously wearing this underneath a jersey or something like that. I really do like that it's kind of almost got like... I'm not gonna say a turtleneck, but a higher neck area on this, but the material is so comfy and soft that I don't think that's gonna bother you whatsoever.

Mark: They do that to their logo will peak out of your jersey.

Tony: Yeah. When they're getting pictures out there on the field, so this is what... This is what the back looks like. So yeah, it's got that dual layer and the elbow pads and the forearm, so yeah, that foam here is gonna be very important if you're a snake player diving into Jarritos, whatever you guys gotta do, but very nice and padded. I would say other than that, it's... Obviously, it's moisture wicking. It's got the four later stretch, super-comfortable, super-soft, and that's gonna keep you protected and it also has the cooling feature out there, so you're not gonna get too hot wearing this bad boy.

Mark: And it's got flat stitching, so you're not getting all...

Tony: Ah, the flat stitching, yeah, we know Carbon's pretty slick with that. You can see the stitching on here, it's not just that one-and-done-type thing, they actually put some serious time into this, so it's not gonna fall apart on you within the first couple of times that you guys are actually playing, 'cause as we know some other products out there, you play a couple of times and you've already ripped it, so that with the flat stitching on there definitely helps, seems pretty durable as always with Carbon products. So once again, the wash bag, make sure you take off, take off the sticker, take off the tag, and you can throw this right on in there. Other than that, yeah, and the moisture wicking, the four-way stretch, yeah, the thumb risk loops, pretty much that covers the key features of the top peer, which I do, I'd like it, that the stretchy materials almost reminds you like a spandex.

Mark: So I just wanna ask. So if I wear this, I'm not gonna buy elbow pads separately?

Tony: I would not. No, that would just be way too much going on there since they've already have the built-in elbow pads. I would not throw another elbow pad on top of this whatsoever. You're just gonna be way too constricted. Alright, so that's the top. Let's go to the bottom. Once again, it's got the wash bag and all that, but these are soft goods, Mark. Like...

Mark: Super soft.

Tony: Are they just keeping them extra-protected with this thick layer?

Mark: No, it's so they look good on the shelf hanging up at the store.

Tony: Oh, yeah, for the retail purpose. I see, I see. So now we're looking at the bottoms. These are probably one of my favorite bottoms out there. I know a lot of people really, really do enjoy their Carbon Bottom. Let me see if I can't get a good good... Kinda hanging it up. Right in front there. You see you got your crotch pad, keep the family jewels protected. So you got the crotch pad there. This is, I think they call it their industry-leading, nine layers, or nine panels.

Mark: Nine panel.

Tony: You've got nine panels, so you're talking one up front to keep the jewels protected, and then all the way down through the sides and hips, you've got a second panel, a third panel and then down to the knees, they split in two. So you've got actually a seam there, so when you're bending down, it's just not one big hunky pads, so you can't... You feel super restricted. So they have paneling and padding all the way up and down, and this is spandex, Mark. This is super-stretchy. It's got the moisture-wicking material to it, so from the top, when you put them on near you waste all the way down to the sides, thighs and knees, you've got padding. A really cool feature on these... Let me flip them around for you real quick. Both sides, you do have zippers near the ankles, so depending on are you were high top cleats, low top cleats, you got fat ankles, you've got skinny ankles, you got an adjustable zipper on here that really is, whatever you want. And then the inside, there's even more fabric, stretchy fabric there, so depending on what you guys want, what leg style is, what type of cleat you guys are wearing, I do like that they incorporate these zipped ankles down near the bottom.

Tony: Stretchy all the way up near the top, so these things aren't going anywhere. I believe they make the bottoms all the way through. Was it large? Small, medium, large, I believe, and then the top... Even for the tops, I think the tops went up to 2X, if I remember correctly.

Mark: You got pants go up to 2X as well.

Tony: Oh, the pants do, too?

Mark: Yep.

Tony: Oh, okay, so hey, they got size ranges all over the place, so... Yeah, these are really, really good. These ones, yeah, 110 bucks, tons and tons of padding all the way around, and like you mentioned with the top, Mark, you guys aren't going to need to wear or buy a pair of slide shorts. Has the padding in the front. You guys aren't gonna need to buy kneepads, 'cause it's already has kneepads built in, I would once again, wouldn't recommend throwing kneepads over kneepads, it's gonna be way too bulky, you're gonna get hot and it's gonna get sweaty real quick, this stuff does have that stretchy moisture-wicking material. So buy a pair of pants, 110 bucks, you are fully padded from thighs, sides all the way down to the knees, ankles, and these things are definitely gonna keep you protected. I know a lot of players that do wear these, they absolutely love them, and I'm sure there's tons of reviews on these bad boys already. Mark, got anything else for me? Any other questions before we close this bad boy on out?

Mark: Do they come in any other colors?

Tony: I believe this is the only color as of now.

Mark: Okay.

Tony: So that should be it. Alright, guys, both of these tops and bottoms are available,

Mark: Bye-bye.