Infamous x FNDN Waterproof Modular Field Backpack Review

What's going on, everybody. It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm bringing you the all new, Infamous Paintball modular field bag.

[Mark] Why? Cause who's the best source for paintball?, baby!

They said it. Not me. Of course. All right, let's hop on into this bad boy, Mark. But before we do that, head on over to our Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, follow us there. And don't forget, go over to and use our code, LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly mystery subscription. All right, this bad boy, you probably saw it at world cup if you were down here. This is Infamous slash Foundations, collaboration of a water proof field bag. Yes, waterproof, easily, hit it with the hose, clean the inside, outside, whatever you got to do. Get that mud. Get that paint off of it. Very good idea. Definitely like it. This bag has been two years in the making, tested by the pro players on Infamous and probably other people. Been redesigned and this is the final product. What do we want to talk about first, Mark?

[Mark] The outside 'cause I got a secret for you inside.

Oh, okay. All right. So it is their modular field bag, like I said, guys, it is waterproof. I would not recommend taking your hose or whatever you're cleaning it off with and shooting it right where the zippers meet. Of course, there's gonna be a little gap there, but the external, this thing is waterproof. Other than like I said, jamming a hose right where the zippers meet, wouldn't recommend that. Outside of the bag, as you guys can see, we do have two very, very nice shoulder straps here that can be removed. And if you wanted to, you can use it as, just a standard duffel bag. So if you're going to the airport and you don't wanna bring the extra straps along with you, you just wanna carry it like a duffel bag, does have a nice padded handle here. You guys can go that route. Velcro it up and carry it simply like a duffle bag. You will also notice on the outside of the bag, which is probably one of the biggest features. The laser cut, molle spots all over the bag. You've got them both on top. You've got them on the sides over here. They're literally everywhere if you guys want to attach your goggles, you're I don't know, I wouldn't recommend a gun case, but goggles, your harness, whatever you guys want to. All of these molle's, laser cut molle's on the outside will definitely help you customize it to whatever you guys would like. Let me see. Cause I know there's a spot on here, and here in the front, top front, whatever you wanna call it, it does have a spot for a team patch, your name, numbers, whatever you guys want to. So there's velcro spots on the bag as well.

[Mark] And carrying handles, so there was one on the top and one on the side facing me, as well.

Exactly. So yeah, I mean this bag literally has it all. If you want to put it on your backpack, rock it that way, if you want to hold it like a duffel bag, if you just want to carry it by one carrying handle, yeah, you definitely have those options all around. There's plenty of spots on here to kind of customize it to whatever you guys want to do. We've got the last straps here, Mark. So once again with the molle's being literally, literally everywhere, you've got that 3M laser cut logos all over. You've got these here, though. If you want to attach, like I said, your goggle case or whatever you guys, whatever it may be, you guys can use these, the molle's on here. Weave them through and they're super durable, so.

[Mark] Let me see that embossed skull on the bottom again.

Which way?

Yep, right there. And all those more molle's.

Yeah, there's literally, this bag is covered front, back, top, bottom. There are molle attachments everywhere. You guys can customize it. Just like this to whatever you guys want to hang right off the side of the bag, that won't fit inside of the bag or if you don't want it inside of the bag. So speaking of the, inside of the bag, Mark, now that we've talked about the outside. Oh, and lastly, the super durable, big, heavy, the YKK zippers, probably some of the best zippers out there in the industry. So speaking of that.

[Mark] I would expect nothing less from Infamous.

Of course, of course. Well, like I said, this bag has been two years in design, tested, and then redesigned again to specific likings of the pro players on what they wanted to see and what could be changed. So without further ado, what'd you put in here? There's definitely things in here.

[Mark] There's things. I've got to show what it can hold.

Oh, wow. Oh, okay. So 1 pod, 2, 3, 4.

[Mark] Well, because the inside can be washed as well, you could stick your dirty pods in there if you really wanted to.

That's exactly right. You could wash them along with it. And as you guys will see, once I get all this stuff out of here, we do have a brand new Pro DNA Harness on the inside, also by Infamous Paintball, all right.

[Mark] It's like a clown car.

We do have a nice, nice goggle bag. So if you obviously got your goggles in there, you want to keep them protected, here's your goggle case.

[Mark] And if you don't, you can use your carabiner and hang it off one of the molle straps.

Exactly. Let's see what else we got in here. We've got a loader case for your nice loader. Set that off to the side. Mark. You didn't, you didn't put the loader in the loader case.

[Mark] I know. I grabbed the loader case quick. I thought it was a tank case.

That's just more room. You guys, this bag does hold a lot. Speaking of it, they do retail at 179.95. Being waterproof, you guys can also take this, not even just for paintball, sporting event, camping, whatever you guys want, this bag is meant for that. Like I said, it's a collaboration with Foundation. A nice outdoor company. Continue on. We have, wow, that's the XL.

[Mark] Yes, I stuck the big boy in there.

You got a big boy marker case, this thing can hold a bunch of different markers. So you've got your gun protected. You've got your hopper protected, your goggles protected. If you wanted to swap out one of these items for a tank case, as well. All right. This bag holds it all. Oh, you left, you left our travel money in there.

[Mark] Yeah, you got to have travel money. Mark left our travel money in there. Okay. You can also hold your travel money. All right. Let's take a look on the inside of the bag and take a peek.

[Mark] Hey, there's a skull.

There's a skull.

[Mark] And not much else.

I was gonna say, there is literally nothing else because a lot of you guys out there that are doing the tournaments, stuff like that, you guys already have your cases. So what do we need? A little special compartment for this or a special compartment for that. You've got your loader case, your tank case, your goggle case. You guys already have that stuff. And like Mark said, if there's not enough room in the inside of the bag, there's plenty of room on the outside of the bag, everywhere for different attachments. I think Infamous Paintball definitely did a killer job with this. And like Mark mentioned earlier, if you guys got paint in there, dirty pods, this thing, you can take a hose in here, clean it all out, let it dry, and you're good to go. Waterproof bag, a modular field bag by Infamous Paintball and Foundation. I think they did a great job. All the bells and whistles, the backpack straps. If you happen to take it hiking, when you're not playing paintball or camping, carrying handles, you name it, it's got it. It is Infamous Paintball and it does hold a lot of stuff. They are available on the website right now. So head on over there, that's Follow us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, all that other good stuff. And until next time, we are out of here, guys, take it easy.

[Mark] See you.