Virtue Strapless Breakout Harness Paintball Pod Pack Review

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, today we are talking about the Virtue Strapless Breakout Harness.

Mark: And why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: Well, that would clearly be, as everybody knows. So before I jump into a quick little discussion review on this virtue pod pack, head on over to, use our code LWP10 at check out to save 10% off your first monthly subscription.

Mark: Or don't, and pay full price.

Tony: Oh, true. Alright, so getting a lot of different pod packs in the warehouse, in the pro shop, all that good stuff, we've come across the Virtue Breakout Harness. I know it's been out for a minute, but we're gonna talk a little bit about it and in the next video, do a comparison with a little something else. So, Virtue Breakout, the one on the table is a four plus seven, holds four main pods, any pod from a 135 count to 165, which I currently have in here, and then you've got seven extra loops. You've got two, you've got three, four, five and another two is seven, so it holds four main and then seven others, so 11 total. So this pod pack can definitely hold a lot. Before we go into the next, these are 80 bucks, so very, very good pod pack. A lot of players seemed to like it. For 80 bucks, that's pretty standard, and some pod packs are a lot more than that, so I do like it.

Tony: Alright, Mark, we're gonna get into some of the features. So like I said, currently, I have the 165 pods in there right now, we'll pull one of these bad boys out. The thing about this, it is, according to Virtue, it is one of the best packs on the market for strapless unload and reload. You can obviously get it pulled out and you can put it back in so you're not leaving your pods out there on the field with ease, and we'll find that out towards the end of the video. See if I can't do it with it behind my back, pulling out and get it back in there without losing it. So, let's crack this bad boy open. First off, we do have a four-way lock down system. If you don't know what that means, you've got one, you got two, you got three, and then you've got four. You like that, Mark?

Mark: That is fancy.

Tony: Breakout, so you know what pod pack you're wearing. So yeah, the four definitely is gonna help with stability when you actually wrap that thing around your waist, you're going one, two, and then tighten it down, three and four, so it's not jumping up and moving around on you. Next, we're gonna talk about the inside of this bad boy. First, you're gonna see that Royal Comfort padding in here, it's literally like a nice little squishy pillow, provides great comfort and support for your back. Obviously, if you're wearing this thing all day long, you're gonna want something that is very soft and squishy, very comfortable, 'cause you're probably gonna be wearing this with a lot of weight with the ping inside the pod, so I do like that.

Tony: Second off, talking about the inside of this pod pack, there are no internal adjustments like some of the other pod packs on the market, where they have like different straps for the sized pods you're putting in here, so I do like that that you don't have to make any adjustments in through here with any Velcros or straps. It fits the 135s up to the 165 pods, and you'll see with pretty much pretty good ease, these are the bigger pods in and out, so you can literally... There's no... This doesn't take too much tension, but you can also tell these things aren't gonna fall out, that is due to extra support from these elastic straps up top. We were talking about this before the video started, this is a really good idea up here, obviously your main compartment, it holds a pod nice and snug, but this elastic up here is just extra support, so hopefully down the road when your pack starts to get old, these will help keep the pods in there longer. As we all know, a pod pack's not gonna last you forever. You're putting it through the sweat, the mud, the dirt and getting shot up with paint, eventually you're gonna have to replace it, but I like that they added this little extra support there.

Tony: Mark, is there anything else on this pod pack? Obviously, completely strapless. We are not dealing with that. We've got the nice logos on there, so everyone gets a little chance to see what you're rocking out there on the field. One of my favorite things, like I said, is this nice Royal Comfort, I'm gonna call it the pillow in the backs, definitely keeping your back nice and comfortable back there.

Mark: Two questions.

Tony: Go ahead.

Mark: The first question is, do the large pods that you have their fit in the secondary pod straps?

Tony: That's a good question. Let's find out. Obviously, this one's brand new so we'll go in further loop, and yeah, I'm sure they will. I mean, obviously, with it being brand new, yeah, but it's definitely gonna fit on the outside. You know, I'm gonna see if you can't get two of the bigger pods next to each other. We'll see. We shall find out.

Mark: That'd be a lot of paint if you...

Tony: That is gonna be a lot of paintballs. This one I don't think you're gonna be able to actually do it by yourself when it's on your back, but yes, they do... I mean, they will sit, they will sit side by side on there. So yeah.

Mark: And my only other question is, how is the grip when you're putting the belt on? Some of them have a rubber to grab on to to pull it tight so your fingers don't slip off the ball.

Tony: This one does have one on the last strap you're pulling over, it's gonna be right here, it's got that nice rubber grip on there, so your hands aren't gonna be slipping off on it.

Mark: Awesome.

Tony: Lastly, Mark, we're gonna, like I said, at the end of this video, is gonna put this bad boy on. Reference waist-wise, I'm about a 36, so we'll see what... Is this pod pack gonna fit bigger guys, littler guys. Definitely littler guy. I'm gonna undo it. So we're gonna throw this on. Very comfortable with that back pillow. So four-way lock down, feeling good, I like it. And let's see if we can't actually get one of these pods back back in there.

Mark: He did it, guys, he really did it.

Tony: Yeah, and then we got one more over here, let's see if I can left-handed. That's it. Beautiful. Virtue said they did what they said it was gonna do, something like that. Yeah, you can easily unload and reload these, so you're not leaving your expensive pods on the field. And Mark, as always, where do they find these bad boys?


Tony: Take it easy, guys.