JT FX Pro Harness Review

Tony: What is up everybody. It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and we are talking Pod Packs today. It is the JTFX Pro Harness.

Mark: And why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: That would be lonewolfpaintball.com. Before we jump on into it, as you guys already know, head on over to pbswagbag.com. Use our code LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. So Mark, we've got these Pod Packs at retail at $64.95. So under $65 bucks, you've got yourself a tournament grade harness. Let's go over the colors of the JTFX Pro. You've got your red, toss that one off to the side. You got Vegas gold. Over here in the back, you've got your lime. So tons of different color options available. That's just three. Right here you got snow white, then we have the OD green, right there. Then we've got blue, toss that bad boy off to the side. You've got gray and then you have a fuchsia pink in the back. So, like I said, colors for everybody out there, depending on your playing style or your current equipment colors, you can match pretty much everything. What do we wanna talk about? OD green or the snow white, Mark?

Mark: Snow white.

Mark: Alright. We're going snow white. See you later OD green. We're outta here. So yeah, these are $65 bucks. They come total with 11 pods, pods not included, but they can hold 11 pods. So you've got your one strap here. You've got that second double up top. So that's two, a main three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and then back to the double, 10 and 11. So these hold 11 pods total. I actually really like these for under $65 bucks. You can see a lot of the tournament harnesses out there are definitely in the $100 range, 80, 90 bucks, $65 bucks, not a bad go holding 11 Pods. Diving on into it these.


Tony: The TPR tabs, the release tabs are super, super sticky. So like you are... If you've got mud or water or oily paint on your hands, you are easily gonna be able to get that pot out 'cause these are super, super sticky. Obviously you can't see it on camera, but I would say out of all the Pod Packs that I've ever reviewed or even taken a look at, Mark, would you agree? 'Cause I know you saw these before we started the video.

Mark: Yeah 100%. They look like they're almost made out of fake leather, but they're super sticky.

Tony: Yeah. There's not like... Your finger is not gonna slide off that, but you're gonna get a good grip on that. So I do like that. I also like the fact that they have plenty of Velcro. So some Pod Packs, they cut it off. Like they give you maybe two inches of Velcro, doesn't hold, doesn't last that long. I mean, that's a good, I don't know, five-inch strip there maybe, of Velcro. So you're actually gonna latch on, and this thing is not gonna go anywhere. So I really do like that feature.

Tony: Next is gonna be the ejection part here up top. So when you actually put a Pod in, and you guys can see up here when you actually push it in, up top in this area where the JT logo is, and strap that. And when it's actually full of paint, soon as you go to grab that sticky release tab, this bad boy should eject out when it's actually heavy and full and on your back and that'll help you get the pod out easier. So, I do like that feature. Let's let's take a look here. How many straps we got? There's one... Where is that bad boy at? I think it was this side, two... Yep. They, they definitely didn't skimp out on the Velcro, Mark. I can tell you that much. Yep. So you're gonna have the same one, two, three, four.

Tony: On the back, you will notice though, you have all of the back cushioning that you're gonna need. And even for your, like your, the lateral panels as well, these are cushioned and I've... Have you seen the three bumps like that before?

Mark: Nope. New design.

Tony: Definitely interesting. So, plenty of padding on the back here. Yeah, that's interesting. We're going to have to throw this on. We wanna know how it feels.

Mark: Comfy test, comfy test.

Tony: I wanna know how it feels. So, let's...

Mark: How does it feel?

Tony: Like I said, good Lord. I mean, literally all of this Velcro, they didn't shy away from that part.

Mark: Any kind of adhesive on the inside of the straps to help it from sliding around?

Tony: What do you mean? Like on these?

Mark: Yeah, and sticky, like that'll be against your body?

Tony: No, no, I don't see any of that. And I mean, stretching wise... Yeah, they give you a little room to work with here. So let's throw that bad boy on. Yeah, it's flexible. It be flexing. It's nice. Feels good. The padding on the back is definitely interesting. Those three little bubbles like hits the right spot on your back Mark.

Mark: Oh.

Tony: It just hits, it, hits it just the right way. So yeah, the JTFX Pro Harness, I mean, you've got the elastic ejectors for the pods up top. I like these tabs, like I said, these tabs are extremely, extremely sticky and yeah, they do a good job here for 65 bucks. I don't think I can complain. Would you like to know anything else about this fine Pod Pack, Mark?

Mark: Where's it available at?

Tony: Well, you already know it's available at lonewolfpaintball.com. Check out the site, tons and tons of items on there for you guys.

Mark: See you.

Tony: See ya, bye.

Mark: See you later.