HK Army Eject Harness

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we are talking the new updated colors of the HK Army Eject harnesses.

Mark: And why? Because who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: That's You guys already know that. So yes. Wow. HK Army, they never disappoint they come out with all of the colors. We're gonna go through those first and then couple... Talk about a few of the updated options on the harness itself. So first off, we are looking at this nice little color here Mark, should be the scorch. We're gonna set that one underneath, 'cause I'll talk about this one.

Mark: Ooh.

Tony: Next up, we're gonna be looking at poison. By the way they come in five-four, four plus five and a three plus two. So this is the updated poison color. Set that over there.

Mark: Three-two, four-five and five-four.

Tony: Three-two, four-five, five plus four.

Mark: Yep.

Tony: Three different size options, 11 new colors.

Mark: But only two prices. That's really confusing.

Tony: Yeah. It's either 75 or 80 bucks. So depending on what pod pack, bigger ones are 80, smaller... I think the smallest is the 75, but either way, 75 to 80 bucks.

Mark: Yep. Small and the medium though. The four-five is 75 as well. Nice.

Tony: So they keep it rolling.

Mark: Value.

Tony: Around that same price point.

Mark: Value.

Tony: Tiger stripe this is a nice wood's favorite right here. And then we're gonna be looking at electric... Then we're gonna be talking about a little devastation cloud.

Mark: I like that. That's fun.

Tony: Yeah. It's definitely an interesting pattern on there.

Mark: Because I only play in the rain, I feel like that one's perfect for me.

Tony: [chuckle] Mark's just cloudy. Over here we've got tropical skull. If I can name all of these and remember them, that'd be great. This one is grunge.

Mark: That one's cool, too.

Tony: Yeah, it's definitely cool, definitely a real nice pattern. We throw that over there. Obviously you guys already know about the leopard king.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah.

Tony: Leopard king in the building right here. And this one is going to be slate 2.0, their previous version had just a standard slate so here we are, slate 2.0 and boost.

Mark: Ooh, you're good.

Tony: I think so. Let's see. Yep. Boost. All right. And then lastly, we should be here with the blackout. So, stealthy. Very nice. All right. So, like I said, three different sizes, 11 new colors. Let's talk about these bad boys. Let's grab this one out, this is the five plus four, so tons and tons of paintballs being held on this bad boy. Let's flip it open, you've got that four way Velcro panel here. Super, super strong Velcro on these, and then wait till I show you the inside. And I do like these rubber pull tabs, Mark, so in case your hands are the... Got mud, dirt, water, slippery paint oily on there, they've got the nice pull tabs on here to really get that pack, to get a full stretch or if you're looking to get it off. And then obviously, you've got that system here. This is what I was gonna be talking about. I wanted you guys to see this. So, when it goes on the inside of your waist, this thing is not slipping up and down. This is like... It's almost like a silicone tacking I wanna say, so you can see obviously HK Army logo, but as that goes, obviously it crossed your body, this pack is, should not be moving up and down on you. Really like that.

Mark: You know what's also nice about when they do that on the packs, is it lets you know which belt to start with.

Tony: Yeah, [laughter] start. And then next over and, and over and over again. On the inside, one of my favorite parts about the updated versions or colors, not that the old one didn't have it. I feel like the newer style has more padding, a very, very nice neoprene back support here, it's got plenty of padding on there, so it's gonna feel real nice and comfortable. Some packs out there on the market don't have that extra oomph to it, but this is very, very nice here, center. And it's also, like I said, it's kind of sticky, so it's not gonna be sliding up and down on you. And on each side here, you've got that mesh ventilation, so obviously, you're gonna be wearing this thing, you're gonna be hot, you're gonna be sweaty. You definitely want some air to be able to get in there, so you're not just... You don't feel stuck per se. So I really, really like that. They continue to do onward with the mesh ventilation. And in my opinion, from the older style, I think they definitely upgraded that back padding, which is super solid. Onto the actual eject part itself, obviously HK makes the mag tech and strapless packs, too. But this... Once again, very strong Velcro, they guy... The HK Army guys are guys of style. Anywhere you look, you don't need to have an HK Army logo in there, but it's super cool when you run outta paint. So they've got their logo in there as well.

Tony: Very nice strong Velcro here. Once again, back to like those pull tabs on there to really get that pod harness open, you're really gonna want to grab a hold of like these nice silicone tabs. Best part about this HK Army pod, we're gonna put that in there. The actual eject part itself, that four way ejection system, you're gonna shove that in. You're gonna notice up here, obviously the harder I push this pod in to really seal the Velcro up here, you're gonna notice when this thing's full of paint and on your back and you're playing, it's intense out there. You wanna pull this sucker out, it's gonna help push this pod down into your hands, so you're not fumbling around with it. So really, really, I like that ejection system here, as you push it up, you got your elastic up top, is really gonna stretch out, and when you actually release it, it's gonna help shove that pod into your hand so you're not fumbling around, out there on the field. Let's see if all of them... Yep, every single one has it, Mark. All five of them have it. And then obviously you guys can hold a ton of paint with this five plus four. You've got your main five, one, two, three, four, and five. And then you've got your four, one, two, three, four, and then you can also hold an extra two on each side. So one, two, one, two, you're holding a lot of paint balls with this pod pack. For an $80 pack, would highly recommend. Lastly, I'm gonna throw it on real quick, I'm gonna take this...

Mark: So it's actually a five plus eight?

Tony: Pretty much. Yeah.

Mark: Wow.

Tony: So they do five and then they have the four and then you get two extras on each side, so you got a lot of paint balls in there. Let's throw this bad boy on. Oh yeah and it can definitely fit bigger dudes for sure. So, yeah I've got plenty of room...

Mark: So to say that stretches pretty good.

Tony: Oh yeah.

Mark: It's got a lot of elastic in it?

Tony: Yeah. It's got ton of elastic to it stretches pretty good. Yeah. I can go over and over, I could... I'm not gonna say two, but I can fit close to two of me in there. So, and then yeah, no, very nice, very nice. I like it for... Like I said, for 80 bucks I would definitely recommend, would recommend the pod pack. So these are the 11 new colors, three different sizes of the HK Army Eject pod pack. Please check them out on the website. You guys already know it's

Mark: Bye-bye.