Bunkerkings Fly2 Pod Pack Review

Hey guys, it's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today I'm excited to talk to you about the brand new Bunker Kings Fly 2 pack. Lone Wolf Paintball is, without a doubt, your go-to source for paintball packs, and I want to share the key features and takeaways from this second version of the Fly 2.

One standout feature that I personally love is the new design, and my favorite part is the addition of a convenient zipper pouch integrated into the back of the pack. This pouch is perfect for storing your car keys, wallet, or even a cell phone. I know many players are wary of leaving valuables in their gear bags, so this zipper pouch is a game-changer.

Now, let's talk about the colors and the price point. The Fly 2 comes in a whopping 11 different colors, and the one I have here is the Joker print. From classic navy blue to flashy designs, there's something for everyone. The price for this fantastic pack is $99.95, making it a great investment for paintball enthusiasts.

Moving on to functionality, the patent-pending Pod holding technology is a standout feature. Whether you're using standard 135 or 140 pods or larger 165s, the pack accommodates them seamlessly without any adjustments needed. The four-way attachment on the back ensures a secure fit, and the high-quality Velcro prevents any bouncing during intense gameplay.

One of the coolest features is the 300-degree anti-slip grip print on the back, providing comfort and stability. The Royal pillow, as they call it, adds an extra layer of comfort, making this pack a joy to wear during extended gameplay.

The Fly 2 can hold a substantial number of pods. In this case, it accommodates 11 pods in total, making it an excellent choice for both tournament and scenario play.

I personally appreciate the thoughtful design, including the stretch material and optional belt extenders for a customizable fit. Overall, the Fly 2 is a top-notch pod pack with features that cater to a wide range of players. It's available in various colors to suit your style, and you can find it on LoneWolfPaintball.com. So, if you're looking for a reliable and stylish paintball pack, the Bunker Kings Fly 2 is definitely worth checking out. Stay tuned for more reviews and updates, and as always, thanks for tuning in!