Valken Fate GFX 4+3 Harness | Pod Pack Review

What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. On today, we are going over the all-new Valken Fate GFX pod packs. Yes Mark, you didn't even ask the question, but I know what you're gonna say. GFX pod packs. Yes. So Valken released five different colors. We only have four on the table. Over here, we have Merica, red, white, and blue. Back here, Liquid Silver, up top Plasma Blue. And over here, Plants Preen. The Hawaiian Orange, sadly didn't make it on the shipment, but that is also a color. So check that out on the website, Let's hop right on into it. So, these are $35. For a pod pack, for $35. Mark, I know you got some questions for me. Let's let's hear them.

[Mark] Well, the number one question, that we always get about every pod pack we've ever talked about, will it fit a bigger guy?

100% will fit very large guys, if that's the case, and you gonna wait until the end, I'm gonna throw this bad boy on, and show you, you know, how big the actual newer design straps on this harness, how they are. So first off, let's talk about the outside. Should I bring the older the style into play now? Or just talk about these? Kind of compare.

[Mark] Just talk about these, you can compare a little bit after.

So guys, these do have a capacity. They are four, plus three. That is a big difference. Other than the sublimation in colors, from the previous version. Four main pod compartments. And then you've got your three separate you know, one here, one in the middle, and also one on the other side. So this pod pack, is gonna be holding seven pods for you guys. It does have a nice rubber tabs, so you can get a good grip on, obviously when you're ripping, you're ripping the strap down, to get the pod out. It's got that nice rubber tab there, so you can get a good hold on it. Next. I'm gonna show you. It's got the auto-injector, from as what they call it. A lot of the higher end pod packs, actually have these. So this elastic strap at the top, helps push out the pod, into your hand, easier and faster, so you're not messing around back there. And it also actually has, Mark, It's got a padding in there, so it's got a little pad. Can you see that? Yeah, it's got a little round circular pad on there. It keeps it, you know pod nice and tightened, nothing jiggling around. So let's throw a Valken pod in there, and show you how this top, auto-injector system actually works. So you're gonna push it in there, nice and tight. You're gonna strap it in. And then, obviously if it's full of paint, it's gonna be heavier. It's gonna slide out easier. But this elastic strap at the top, helps push the pod down, into your hands, you know, for quicker timing. So, you're gonna open the pod up, and as you guys can see, that ejects right on out of there. So one more time, we're gonna strap it in. And if it had paint in there, it would come out even quicker, into your hand, And it's gonna shoot down, just like that. It's a nice feature. Hey, and for a pod pack that's 35 bucks. You really can't beat it, obviously with all the nice sublimation, between the Merica, the Liquid Silver, the Plasma Blue, Plants Green, Hawaiian Orange. These pod packs are really nice. Let's talk about the backside. So we covered the tabs, what it holds capacity-wise, auto-injector. This is what the backside is gonna look like. It is more of a, let me get it down here. More of a professional style pack, compared to the previous version. So it does have, like four main straps, per the higher end pod packs. So initially, this is going around your waist, and then you're gonna be tightening it down. You're gonna tighten it down. You can tighten it down here. And then your fourth strap, is gonna come and finalize, you know, your ultimate, tightness and comfortability, on the pack. So you got your two mains, one, two, and then the outers, one, and then the final strap down, which I'm gonna show you here, in just probably a couple of minutes. quick comparison between, the new style versus the old style. 35 bucks here for the GFX, and we're talking 25 bucks, back here for the older version. Mark, since you're behind the camera, can you see any main differences, right off the rip?

[Mark] I mean style wise, the old ones were single one color, with black graphic. The new pack holds the in-between pods, so you get the extra three if you need them.

[Tony] That's right. What about any sublimation?

[Mark] Well, yeah, I mean, that's part of the printing, or the color, right?

Yeah, but yeah, very basic. These pod packs are 25 bucks. You know, just comes with, your obviously very basic colors. Like Mark said, it does not have the in-between pods. So this only holds four, this one holds seven, and then obviously the different colors, they're all sublimated in the background, to make it look very nice. And then this one too, as well does also have the auto-injector, pod straps, which is nice. But on the back, there is a huge difference. So if you guys can look there, compared to the newest style, already showed you that there is four, technically four straps on this, the older style, just have this. So, this is all you got on the older style, compared to, what I showed you guys on this one.

[Mark] What about padding? We didn't talk about padding.

Padding, they're pretty much the padded. Yeah, they're padded. It's a light padding, but it's a mesh ventilation, on the back for both. So the back padding, is pretty much the same exact style, but the straps, I mean that can make a difference, in a world of difference. If you're running around, and this comes off in the woods, you know, this one, you've got a lot of secure, you know, you're gonna be very secure, in the newer style pack. Not that this is a bad pack, by any means a lot of beginners, for 25 bucks buy these, gets you out there on the field. And it's not like one of those, two packs that you wear on the side, making you look goofy.

[Mark] I got one of those.

Yeah, no, that's fair, to each their own. But 25 bucks for the older style, 35 bucks for the newest style. And this is it. So for reference guys, I have a 36 inch waist. So, for you bigger guys out there. we're gonna slide this table around Mark.

[Mark] He's going to do it guys.

We're gonna do it for the people. We're doing it for the people.

[Mark] I didn't know you had legs.

I do. I do have legs. They are there. Boom. So as you can see, I mean, this is the length on this bad boy, is pretty long. Once again, I said, I'm a 36 inch waist. You can put this bad boy on, with comfortable room, and still have a very large area, to still secure, you know, your extra straps. So this will probably fit. Shoot. I'd say someone, what do you think Mark? I'm a 36, so.

[Mark] I mean, make sure that's good. It's got a good grip on it.

[Tony] Oh yeah.

[Mark] So, that's a 44, 46.

I was gonna say that. Yeah. You could definitely get this around, some of the bigger guys out there, because like Mark said earlier, that is a concern that, you know, people are like, is that pod pack actually going to fit me? Yes, it will. It's got a lot of extra room.

[Mark] Backwards You silly bugger. You did it, he did it guys.

Dude, It's okay. It's okay. We're gonna keep it backwards, to close this video. These are the new Valken Fate GFX pod packs, 35 bucks. Check them out. You guys definitely won't be disappointed. I can promise you that.

[Mark] All right guys. And if you haven't already, go join our new Facebook group, or Ask Us Anything group, its a little sparse right now, we're just gaining some followers. We're gonna be hitting that hard very soon. So go sign up, and send us your questions. You can leave them in the comments below, who cares. See you.

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