Different Types of Paintball Grenades & Watching Them Go Boom

[Tony] Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today, we're gonna talk about all the different types of grenades for paintball.

[Mark] How many times are there?

[Tony] We've got a lot of different types. So, we've got exploding ones here, little wire pull. We've got small smoke grenades. We've got large smoke grenades, and we've got some water-balloon type paint grenades. So, stay tuned to the end of this video, 'cause we're gonna take all of these outside, and we're gonna throw them and see what they actually do. So, first off, I'll start off with the Wire Pull grenades. These ones, either red or pink fill, a hundred milliliters of actual paint or liquid inside. These things actually have a pull on the top, which you guys are gonna see here, near the end of the video. You're gonna pull it. You're gonna throw it. And this thing is actually gonna make a loud boom, and paint's gonna get shot everywhere. So-

[Mark] Can you take it out of the package? 'Cause we can't see it though the bag.

[Tony] Yeah, 'cause we're gonna use it anyway, so that's fine.

[Mark] Thank you.

[Tony] We'll take it out. There you go.

[Mark] Oh, that looks so much cooler out of the pack.

[Tony] There you go. Good idea, Mark. So this bad boy, like I said, there's a pink pouch on the inside of this holding either red or yellow a hundred milliliters of dye or paint, whatever you want to call. It does have the pull tab ring at the top. So pretty much when you're ready to let this bad boy launch you're going to hold onto it firmly with both fingers pull the ring straight up and you're going to chuck it. So within about five seconds after pulling the fuse pretty much the thing is going to explode. It's very loud and it chucks, paint a lot of paint. So

[Mark] So it's on a timer. As soon as the pins pull.

[Tony] As soon as you pull the pin, I believe it's about five seconds. Once again, we're about to find out.

[Mark] Okay.

[Tony] And then this thing makes a very loud boom. So that was the wire pole pink grenade by Enola Gaye. Next up, we're going to talk about the WP-40. So this is the WP-40 smoke grenade, same type of situation. You have the ring on the side. This one is actually a, they measure it by duration of time. How long the extra grade smokes for and the cloud size. This is a 90-second burning smoke grenade with a cloud size of three. So it puts out a good amount of smoke. Not as much as the EG18 X, obviously but so burns for 90 seconds. It's a cool burn. So it's pretty much guaranteed not to start any fires if you're on a dry field and this is a cloud side of three. So when you actually ignite this one you pull the ring off to the side instead of straight up because there is an actual little flame that comes out once you pull the pin. So you're going to want to pull this one off to the side instead of straight up into your hand, chuck that bad boy it's going to burn for 90 seconds.

[Mark] Now you said they're pretty much guaranteed. I would still recommend if it's a really dry summer hot days, ask your field owners or a raft. If you can use it beforehand because they, they will still

[Tony] 100% agree if it's super dry, I mean they are cool burning technically, but you never know with something that obviously can put out a flame. So check with the field owner. Next up. Let's talk about the EG18Xs. So these are the big boys. This thing puts out a ton of smoke burns for about a minute. It's got a cloud size of eight. So more than double, almost two and a half times of what the WP-40 puts out. So the EG18X burns for less time, but puts out a lot more smoke, which you guys are about to see. So yeah, same thing with this. It's got the pull ring here. And then once again, you're going to pull this bad boy off to the side instead of straight up and then toss it. And watch this thing put out a huge cloud of smoke. Lastly, we've got the BT a these are the M8, just paint grenades. These are simply a, to me like a glorified water balloon full of paint that kind of shoots it everywhere.

[Mark] Take it out, take it out.

[Tony] Okay. All right.

[Mark] Yay.

[Tony] We're going to get in.

[Mark] He's doing it guys. He loves us.

[Tony] So that's what I meant by this. So it's got a, like a little twirl thing down here. Zip locked in and then obviously up here there's a pull pin. So this is the pull pin for this. You're going to pull the pin and pretty much with these you want to hit anything with a hard surface if someone's inside of a building or if you can hit them directly with this, if you're good aim. So you pull the pin and then you just chuck the sucker. So once again, it's like a, yeah it's pretty much like a water balloon full of paint.

[Mark] I don't The first one that you showed the first wire pole.

[Tony] Yeah.

[Mark] Grenade. Does that have pain in it as well?

[Tony] The white, this one? Yeah yeah, it's got a hundred milliliters of either red or yellow inside of here. So you're going to pull it. You're going to chuck it. It's going to make a boom and it's going to shoot paint everywhere. So that is that let's take all four of these bad boys outside and see what they have to offer. All right, guys, now that we're outside we're going to start off with the lowest per se and kind of raise it up after that we're doing the pull pin kind of water balloon type paint grenade and we're going to be thrown it at Fitz. So let's go. So guys, it's going to be the pull the pin pull this bad boy and let her rip. Oh yeah.

[Mark] I saw the splatter.

[Tony] I saw the splatter. So you guys, that was the, the, the water balloon type. The M8 BT you gotta hit a hard surface for it to actually explode. Fitz definitely has some all over his pants. So now

[Mark] Check your hopper on your foot.

[Tony] So now what we're going to do is we're going to do the wire pole exploding paint grenade. This thing is loud. It's got a hundred milliliters of liquid inside. So let's do this. You ready? Mark

[Mark] Yeah, but you can't hit his face.

[Tony] Okay. Here we go. Going live, hold it with the two top fingers. Pull the pin straight up. We're going to let this bad boy rip. Okay. That was a good one. He's out. Okay. Going inside. Thanks for watching. Up next is the wire pole smoke grenade, the WP-40 the one that burns for 90 seconds with the the cloud range of three. So you're going to pull this grenade off to the side not straight up and we're going to have Fitz demonstrate this bad boy. Go for it. Oh, he's getting smoky with it. It's a lot of blue going on over there. Mr. Fitz.

[Mark] No, obviously, normally you guys wouldn't wave it around like an idiot, so you could actually see how much it fills up, but you know

[Tony] That's just the way Fitz does things around.

[Mark] It is Fitz after all.

[Tony] Okay. All right. Yeah. Everybody come, everybody. Come on in. Welcome. Welcome to the shoot. Thanks dude. Make sure to take these out of inventory. Fitz. It's still burning over there. Yeah. It's still, it's still burning told you. It's going to be probably got a good 90 seconds.

[Mark] So obviously you want to use these On a less windy day. Cause you can see how much of it's getting blown away.

[Tony] Oh, you write in your name. Is that your signature? And it's still going and it's still, it's still going. It's a little smoky. No big deal. No big deal. Alright. Fits. I feel like rides to feel like it's so long Mark.

[Mark] Cause we're watching it. It's like a toaster.

[Tony] Oh, okay.

[Mark] You stare at it.

[Tony] Watching hair growth. There we go. Now, now we're dead.

[Mark] But actually it's good. Right? I mean, you don't want to buy one of these and have it go out in like five seconds.

[Tony] That's very true. Now. It's time for the big boy. Are you ready for this? Now? We've got the EG18X the bottom minute burn time. Lots of smoke. Mark. Pick the orange one because it's going to look good. Are you ready for this, sir? All right. Well you already know.

[Mark] Again, if you guys didn't pay attention, You pull it away from you. So cause it does have a little bit of Andy's gone.

[Tony] Told you guys that is a lot of smoke fits. You're going to do a little dancing for me. Come on through the smoke. Let's see it. Nope. Oh, there you go.

[Mark] He doesn't follow up.

[Tony] I can't even see him at all. All gone. Here he goes.

[Mark] Where is he?

[Tony] I don't know. Oh, there he is. Oh, there he is. There he is.

Sexy Music.

[Mark] Did you guys like the music I put in there? Little um too sexy.

[Tony] Oh yeah. That was a good one. That was just, that just puts out A lot of these neighbors are probably what in the freak is going on.

[Mark] Huh. I can't cut the grass in the smoke, can you?

[Tony] No. Cause you can't even see it. All right. Uh so now that you guys saw what these smoke grenades can do we're going to head on inside. Alright guys. Now that we're back inside you guys saw what these things can actually do. Check them out on the website, leave in the comments below which grenade you thought performed the best. Did you like the loud boom of the wire poles or would you rather go with something smaller or bigger? Let us know. LoneWolfPaintball.com hit up the online store. And if you guys have any questions, once again put them below, hit up the ask us anything on Facebook. Follow us on the Tik Toks, the Twitters, the this, the that. LoneWolfPaintball.com. We're out of here.

[Mark] I like the big smoke ones. My favorite they're the 18s.

[Tony] Of course. Yeah. Because they put out a lot of smoke.

[Mark] They're so pretty. Yay.

[Tony] Yeah. Take it easy guys.

[Mark] See you.