HK Army Magtek Magnetic Harness Review

[Mark] Magtek.

Magtek. We’re here for you. Bam. 

What is going on ladies and gentlemen? It’s Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball once again and I am bringing you the new HK Army Magtek Pack. Boy oh boy does this thing have some really, really, really, really, really new features to it that I haven’t seen on the market before. 

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Magtek Magnetic Harness Overview

So let’s jump into the Magtek Pack. These do retail for $99.95, and we got our hands on these here at the latest World Cup and absolutely fell in love with them. So first off, we’ll go over what is the Magtek Pack? So, as you’ll see here Mark, we’ll show you guys why we’ve got the pods in there in a little bit. So what we see here is two industrial-style magnets that actually sit into the strap, and then connect to the counterpart up top here in the actual harness. So people are thinking okay, magnets, it’s cool, it’s new. Why? 

How many times have you guys out there have had a pack for a year, two years, three years, and the Velcro deteriorates, you’ve got dirt, mud and grass stuck in the Velcro, and it just no longer sticks. Either you throw the pack out, or you go to your local seamstress and have them put new Velcros on your pack and in your straps, which, you’re wasting time and you’re wasting money. Why don’t you just go out there and get the latest and greatest product?

These magnets, they’re circular, they’re super, super strong. So once again, you can even, obviously with your packs on your back, you’re not looking, as long as you get it close, it clicks. It’s not gonna come undone. Preferably, obviously, you want both the magnets to click. But say you’re lazy, you throw a pod back in there, an empty pod, and then you just want it to hold until the game is over, you just click it, and boom. It’s super sturdy, super strong. It’s not pulling down on you whatsoever. So once again, this is the Magtek Pack

Let’s go over the actual ejection system too. So Mark if you can zoom in here, you see how that one’s kind of like a little turtle down in there, Mark?

[Mark] Where did he go?

It’s just kinda hiding away. So guys, when you pull the pod from your Magtek harness system, pull it, slide it down, and you’ll notice as you slide this bad boy down, it hides away like a little turtle like its brother next door. So the ejector style, the way they designed this, they’re super-stretchy. So once that pod comes out, ejects into your hand, you’re not fightin’ to get it, and it actually hides, so more low-profile on your pack. You don’t have extra stuff sticking up. 

If you’re a snake player, obviously you wanna be as low profile as you can, crawling through the snake, so the ejectors actually go back down in there, once you pull the pod out, which is very, very nice in my opinion. So, that’s a good feature, I would say. First off, the magnets in my opinion are the best thing. That’s a solid feature. But then, let’s talk about comfort here, Mark.

[Mark] Wait, there’s more?

Additional Features of the MagTek Magnetic Harness

Wait, there is more. Holy Velcro, this thing is not going anywhere on you. Let’s talk comfort. No matter what position you’re playing, like I said, you could be a snake player, crawling and diving and sliding around, say you go down to change levels on your snap shooting, this pack will actually move and adjust with you, with all this padding. So you’re ultimately getting the superior comfort that you want, and that you need. So let’s actually pull that off and show this in here, Mark. So we pull that back. 

This is a woven strap on the inside here. And what this does, is this keeps the harness from actually bouncing around on you, taking a dodge, running out to a corner, running up the center of the field, this pack is not going to move on you whatsoever. Superior comfort on the back part. This thing is like a pillow. I’m sure you guys can see on the screen, like a freaking pillow, super soft, super cushy. And then this internal harness here, man oh man, it keeps it very tight to your body so it’s not bouncing up and down and all around you. Woooh baby. I like this pack. I like it a lot. What do you think Mark?

[Mark] It’s great. I wore it, it’s comfortable. They actually threw it on me and it made me run around a bit like a little chicken.

Yeah, yeah, Mark was one of their test monkeys.

[Mark] Yeah.

So once again guys, this is the HK Army Magtek Pack. This thing is absolutely awesome. The magnetics, the comfortability, the ejection system, all of it. They retail about 80 bucks so check ’em out. Shop with Lone Wolf Paintball. Hit the online store. And until next time, we will see you guys later.

[Mark] How many extra pods can you hold?

Well, okay, okay, so yeah, you got four, five, six, seven. You got eight, nine, 10, 11. This thing can hold up to 11 pods. So, good point Mark, good point. So we’re out of here. Take it easy.