Dye Jet Pack Harness 4+5 Overview

All right guys, so today I’m gonna be goin’ over the Dye Jet Pack Harness 4+5. These retail at $59.95. It’s a great price point to get yourself into a light-weight, tournament style pack. Now I’m gonna go over a couple quick features. This was in response to a couple of our viewers that wanted to actually know about low-end tournament packs.

Dye Jet Pack Harness 4+5 Features

So here you go, we sell a lot of these out of the store and they’re a fan favorite for $59.95. First off I’m gonna start, I’m gonna take it off of here. It’s got very, very nice Velcro and elastic straps on there. And they’re super long for the bigger guys out there like myself. So, the actual back, we can look at the back. It’s all rubberized so it sticks to your pants and your jersey very well. There’s not gonna be any, well there’s not gonna be a lot of bouncing around or shifting side to side on ya. That rubber traction really helps you stay put. 

So, we’ll flip it over to the front. And we’re gonna go over the actual elastic straps on these. These are the ejector straps. I’m gonna put a pod in here in just a minute. These straps will actually help you, when you pull the tab, it’s gonna help shoot it down into your hand for an easier and quicker fill.

So, let’s grab a pod real quick and let me show you what I mean. Got your full pod in there nice and tight and your out on the field and you reach behind you and you go to pull it and little assistance shoots it out into your hands so your not trying to dig. And if you're stuck in there, it’s aggravating out there guys especially if you’re trying to reload quick and get back on game. So, pull that out. 

The next thing I’m gonna go over on this pack is going to be, I don’t know if you can see it that well on camera, this whole belt in the back is made of mesh lining to help keep you cool. Obviously you’re out there playing, running around you’re gettin’ hot and sweaty. It’s got a nice light-weight mesh lining on there to keep you cool and not overheat so much. 

Lastly, the best thing about this pack, in my opinion, it comes with nice rubber, they’re called micro-filled release straps. So, a lot of other packs they’re just fabric. They don’t really have any rubber so you can’t get a good grip on them out on the field. Rip it right open, hands aren’t gonna slip off.


This is a great pack for the price point. It’s a nice, extremely light-weight pack. So, they do make this pack in a 3+4 version. And also a 4+5 which this one is. You’ve got your four main holders for each pod and then one on each on the outside you’ve got an extra one here, an extra one on the inside here, an extra one on the inside here, here and this end as well. 

So, once again 4+5, you can hold nine pods total in this version. Like I said they do make a three plus four as well. All right guys, overall once again this was the Dye Jet Pack 4+5. For the price point it’s amazing. It’s gonna get you into a tournaments style pack. It’s nice, light-weight, tight to the body and it’s awesome for the price point. Check ’em out today at Lone Wolf Paintball, stop in store, pick one up. And give this video a like, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already. Thanks for watching.