Empire Omega 4 Pod Harness Review | Best Beginner Paintball Pod Pack

Hey everybody, it is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm gonna be talking about the brand new Empire Omega Harnesses.

[Mark] Why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball? Lonewolfpaintball.com

Before I jump on into this video, don't forget, head on over to PbSwagBag.com, use our code LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. Follow us on Tiktoks, Instagram, Facebooks, all the other good stuff, and don't forget to subscribe to this channel. So, today, yes, I am talking about the Empire Omega Harnesses, they retail 24.95. Great pod packs for any beginners getting into the sport. Whether if you're just diving into woodsball or trying to dabble onto the speedball field, these are great harnesses. This is one of the original base models come in tons of different colors. Obviously this one is the orange one, but we do have our CoLab Exclusive pod packs, which I'm gonna be showcasing today. We've got the Samurai, we've got Samurai Black, and then we have, we got the Skull Camo Blue, Skull Camo Green, Skull Camo Red, and then we have these Skull Camo Grey. So once again, these colors, I just went over here, one, two, three, four, five, six colors. These are CoLab Exclusive colors only. You will find them on our website and a couple other dealers that are in the group as well. Like I said, this harness here, just the basic color without any sublimation on it. There's tons of other colors, you can find them on the website and you already know that's lonewolfpaintball.com. All right, let's talk about, we're gonna bring up the Samurai here. So we've got nice little EMPIRE print on the belt, and then this is actually a four-inch adjustable velcro strap here. So whether you're bigger, whether you're smaller, it fits. I think we did a little test Mark, what waist size did we get up to?

[Mark] We did 44 for sure. It was tight, you had to suck it in a little bit, but you can do it.

So the bigger guys can get into these 44, 46, gonna be stretching it but these with the four-inch elastic straps on here, you guys can definitely, definitely get into it, even if you're a smaller guy. And obviously you can take this all the way over as far as you want to, or if you're bigger, you might just stretch it out to the very very edge just enough so it does not fall off on you.

[Mark] And you can get belt extenders for what like 15 bucks?

For sure. So if you are a bigger dude and you're looking to get into, you know, a very beginner level pod pack like this, yeah there's belt extenders as well for 25 bucks. I mean you really can't beat a tournament style harness like this, flipping it back over. We've got that web meshing here in the back, it is padded and it has the, I'm not gonna say moisture-wicking per se, but there's definitely some ventilation in the back. 'Cause you've been wearing this thing all day. You're gonna get hot, you're gonna get sweaty. So it does have nice padded ventilation here in the back of the pack.

[Mark] Is it smooth or does it have any kind of like sticky resistance?

No, it doesn't, it's smooth. You can feel the padding, you'd obviously see the mesh on there, but it doesn't have any of that sticky tacking. So it's not sliding around. But once again, for 25 bucks, I mean, you're not gonna have the features of an 80, 90, 100 dollar pack. I mean, that's just simple as it is. Flipping it around this way, I do like the extra sturdy and kind of the, the fat straps on the pack here. What I'm talking about is this, you've got the nice, you got the nice pull tabs here and these are heavy duty straps. So these things aren't gonna rip off on you, and it does have that nice little tab. So when you're ready to pull your pod out, you've got that action there. I'm gonna open all of these bad boys up, in a minute, I'm gonna throw some pods in there, but I do wanna show you one more feature on this. It's gonna be the, it's called the ejection system. So as you get your pod loaded in there, you've got this and as your pod comes out, these straps are gonna push down for easier time, quicker time to reload out there. And it does have that little knot. You see that Mark?

[Mark] I do.

Ooh, what do you think that does?

[Mark] That's where I keep my quarters?

Close, but so when the pod is actually in there, this little, it's kinda like a little tacky tab. It's gonna stop the pod from sliding around and having this strap flip off or over to the one side of the other. So we're gonna load those bad boys in there. I'm gonna load all of them up Mark, all four of them.

[Mark] You can do it.

And speaking of the four, yes, it only holds four. It doesn't have any of the extra loops on the outside or in between. It doesn't have any of those. that only holds for 140 round pods.

[Mark] I mean, on a normal game, do you go through more than four typically?

I mean, I don't think any, to be honest, I don't think an ex-ball player is gonna be buying this pod pack, but I mean, you're getting into paintball, whether it be woods or speedball, you're just starting out, for the price, it's great. And yeah, obviously those, those packs out there, those ex-ball guys can hold 12 pods. It's got all these extra straps on the outsides and in between. So there it is fully loaded. And what I mean by the ejection system is obviously this bad boy is on your back. As you pull this tab, it's gonna push the pod out a lot easier than if you didn't have that nice little elasticity up top. So open it up and it just kinda self-propels itself down and then easier into your hands so you can pull it on out.

[Mark] I like the little rubber grips on the end of the strap to make it easier to hold on.

That's what I was saying earlier. Yeah, it's got that nice little rubber tab so you can get a hold of it real easily. You're not fumbling around on your back tryna figure out where it's at. So for 24.95, I would definitely recommend once again, this one is the Samurai CoLab Exclusive. Mark, would you like to know anything else before we bring Fitz in here to try this bad?

[Mark] I just wish these would have came out sooner, 'cause I've got a, I'll call it brand X pod pack for when I first started playing that these just for lack of a better term shit on it. These are awesome, they look cool. And yeah, I'm glad Empire came out with these.

Yeah, for sure. So let's bring Fitz on in here, Fitz, I'm gonna say, what is he Mark? Around a 40, 42 inch waist?

[Mark] Yeah, I believe so.

So I mean, he's a big, not huge, but he's a bigger guy and we're gonna throw one of these on him and see how it fits. See how it fits, see what I did there? I got, I like that. All right, we got Fitz in the building and we're gonna get him all fitted up. there we go.

Fitz you're what? 5'6?

5'6? He's on one today

He's on one yeah? strap her up. We said you were about a 40 inch waist or so, right?

Yeah about 40.



Here we go, there it is, there it is. Turn it around, let's see it. Oh, give us a little, give us a little jump.

A lil shake, a little shimmy pull on it Tony, make sure it's on there secure

Okay turn around.

Pull on it.

[Mark] since we don't have any weight in those pods.

It looks pretty good to me.

There's no ass to hold it up.

Nope He's gonna bleep that on out. So once again, this is the Empire Omega pack. You have all your standard colors listed on the site and you have all of the CoLab exclusive colors also listed on the site. Fitz, where do they shop?


Oh, nailed it. And he's out of here. Don't forget like I said in the beginning of the video, follow us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, all that other good stuff. Head on over to PBSwagBag.com as you all use our code. And until next video, we're gonna have Fitz go to the dressing room and hopefully his shirt didn't get snagged.

Yeah, going to the gym too.

Oh, okay.

[Tony] Take it easy guys.