Empire Pro NXe Harness 4+7 - Poly Skull Pod Pack Review

What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you the NXe Pro 4+7 Poly Skull CoLab Pack.

[Mark] What?

Did you get all that?

[Mark] It's a long list.

NXe Pro holds four plus seven more. It is a CoLab exclusive special, and it's the Poly Skull edition.

[Mark] Yeah, you know what I wanna know about first, though?

Tell me.

[Mark] What's that blue bag behind you on the--



Oh, this video is brought to you by PBSWAGBAG.com. Go to the website. 37.95 a month. Use our code LWP10. Each month you get a mystery Paintball subscription worth at least that amount. Sometimes it's a lot more. Any who, onto these packs here, Mark. Six different colors. We've got red, we've got orange, green, the gray, purple, and blue. So there's six different options. Once again, this is a CoLab special, not every website are gonna have these, but of course, ours, LoneWolfPaintball.com will. So let's crack into one of these things.

[Mark] So you said it's an NXe. I thought Nxe disappeared years ago.

It is an NXe. That's why it's custom. It's a custom pack that you're not gonna find many other places. So we'll set that there. So, first off, we're gonna notice, obviously, you're gonna have your standard four straps, the super, super strong Velcro. I know it's probably super loud with the mic being right there. But your standard pack here. You're looking. Let me get that one.

[Mark] I don't think that's standard at all. I've got a pod pack that only has two straps.

Well That's true. But a lot of the more of the higher end pod packs do have the tuck it once, tuck it twice, and then you can tighten it over. So it does have your outers and your innards on both sides. So you're not gonna be feeling like when you're running around, this thing is gonna be jumping and gonna fall off you. This Velcro is extremely strong and you've got multiple places to kind of go over and tighten it real nice. First thing, well, second thing I'm gonna notice here is the foam padding on the back. So I really, really think this is important for packs. Some of the lower end packs I will say don't have the super cushion foam on there, especially in the middle. A long day of play, man, you definitely want this on your back to be there to help support you. If you're especially carrying around what this pod pack can hold, say 11 pods, you're gonna be busy. So next up, we're gonna notice, it does have the TPR straps on here. So these things are super durable, easy to get ahold of, and it seems like this Velcro is not gonna wear out. So you could be looking at it now, Mark, on well. You said it was a 4+7 pack, correct. You've got your initial one, two, three, and four in the main compartments. You've got your five, six, seven there, and then each outside. This can hold another one. That one above can hold another one. Same on this side over here. So this will hold up, like I said, a total of 11 pods. Very, very nice. I like that they came out with the different colors. So if this lime green or this bright green isn't you, I'm sure one of these other colors will definitely go with the outfit and the gear you're wearing.

[Mark] How much was it again?

These are 59.95.

[Mark] That's not bad.

No, not bad. I mean, some packs out there are 80, 90 bucks, something like that. Ejection, very, very important. Should have grabbed a pod for the video, Mark. Well--

So it's Your first time.

It is, it's my first time. Never been on here before. Each main compartment does have the ejection. So when you push a pod in here, guys, this strap, the elastic, is gonna pull up. And when you go to release it, it pushes into your hand easier for a quicker and faster fill out there on the field. Other than that, I think that's just a real basic overview of the pack. Mark, you haven't hit me with any questions yet. So I'm surprised.

[Mark] Yeah, I don't know what to ask.

I mean, yeah, it's super durable. Like I said, I'm going over the TPR. The straps here, they're strong. They have rubber on there. So you can get ahold of them if your paints or your hands are greasy and full of paint. So those are easy pull. The ejection, once again, super, super important. The patting on the back, very, very important. Like I said, if you're wearing this thing for hours on end, guys, you want it to be comfortable out there on the field. And when you take it off at the end of the day, you're not, I mean, you might be doing that anyways, going, oh my back. But at least the padding there is to help you. And the price point, very important as well, 59.95. Like I said, some other packs on the market, these things are running 70, 80, 90 bucks. And depending on what it is, maybe even more than that. But these are exclusive. They're not gonna be lasting or be around well off like long or even made again. So Poly Skulls, six different colors, available @LoneWolfPaintball.com. Follow us on TikTok, Instagram, all that other good stuff. And until next time, we'll see you guys later.

[Mark] Nope, I'm gonna put you on the spot real quick.


What does NXe stand for?

Got nothing.

[Mark] All right, and we're out.

See ya.