Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Strapless Harness Review

What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am introducing to you the brand new "Infamous Pro DNA Reflex Harness."

[Mark] Why? 'Cause who's the best source for paintball?

You already know, Mark. All right, so this bad boy is brand new. We've got a Reflex Harness here by Infamous Paintball. It's the Pro DNA, we're gonna do... It's gonna be a four plus seven. So you got your four main here, completely strapless. And then you've got seven additional pods to be held, two on the outside, one in the middle, middle, middle, and then two more on the other outside as well. So you've got 11 pods total here. Let me just cut this off 'cause we're gonna have to dive right on into this bad boy. So let's cut this off and see what we can do. Mark, while I'm doing this and struggling with extremely dull scissors, what's your favorite part about this pack you think?

[Mark] That it's strapless.

Yeah, it is a nice strapless pack. I like that they introduced, I think he's calling this a six-part. What I mean by that is you got one, two, that's not it, three on one side. And then you've also got one, two and three on the other. So that is probably why they're calling this the reflex anti-bounce, even fully loaded with 11 pods, we're gonna take this thing outside to here soon. We've got some full pods here and they're all different sizes, and styles just to make sure they fit. We're gonna do a bounce test with it. So we're gonna make sure this thing is not moving around on me. Since I've got it open, it does have nice moisture wicking mesh material in the back. As any tournament player out there knows if you're wearing your pod pack a long day at any event or tournament, it's gonna get hot. You're gonna get sweaty around your back, so this stuff is there to help prevent. And it's fully padded here too. So it's got a very nice center cushion here. So it's gonna stay comfortable for you. And once again, this harness, these are developed by professional paintball players. They know exactly what they need, exactly what they want. So this is what we've got here, Mark. We're gonna flip it back around. So you do have Velcro patches here and here, if you wanna do a little customization and then you do have like molle webbing in here and in here. So if you wanted to attach anything to the harness, say, obviously you're playing a scenario game and not a tournament. Do you wanted to hang a microfiber from here or something similar to that? It does have the webbing in between here. And if you wanna direct your team or your number, or whatever you guys like it does have the external Velcro patches that you can attach to. So I really do like that feature. Other than that, yeah, like Mark mentioned, these are padded. I think I wanna say he got, correct me if I'm wrong, this design from the Bunker Kings technology, Mark?

[Mark] Yup, it's the Bunker Kings patented strapless pod systems.

So I was gonna say, as I can feel on the inside, it's almost like a little cushion on each of the holders here. So like I said, I've got four different style of pods, a Valken, a Virtue, an HK, and another smaller HK.

[Mark] And I noticed on the inside of those holes for the pods, it's textured too, to help keep a grip.


That's smoothen there, it's not just the normal webbing. It's got a unique pattern, a texture.

Yeah, it's definitely textured in there. So kinda sticks to the pod so it doesn't fall out, obviously since it's strapless. So this is one of the bigger Virtue pods, we're gonna make sure this bad boy fits. That fits. This is just a standard, one of your standard 140s by Valken, bad boy fits. We've got one of the Skull Pods, very curious as to see how this goes. We'll try it. That does fit. And then just another standard pod. So these are already packed full of paint. Like I said earlier, we're gonna take this bad boy outside and see how well all of these straps actually hold up. So the question is Mark, what would you do? Would you have the lids facing down to test the integrity of the pack or the integrity of each individual pod?

[Mark] Well, we're gonna do it the way you would do it in the field 'cause they'd also wants to... We're gonna have you take one out and put one back to prove that it's a one-handed loading system.

Okay, that's fair enough. I think that this is gonna be a very popular pod pack, especially being a four plus seven, holding 11 pods total and with the three Velcro straps on each side, that's definitely interesting. I hope it's gonna be super secure and nothing's gonna go anywhere. So you wanna take this bad boy outside and see what it can do?

[Mark] Yeah, let's do it.

All right, let's do it. All right, guys, now we brought this bad boy outside. I've got four fully loaded pods. Mark, just come on in and take a little peak. These pods are loaded and we're gonna see how well the Reflex system works here. So let's throw this bad boy on. Like I said, it's got three different straps on each side. So we'll see how this goes.

[Mark] It's gotta be a little harder to put on while you're a...


[Mark] Got a full of paint.

It is, so first strap, we'll pull in. Ooh, that is nice and tight. I'm gonna pull it in nice and tight.

[Mark] Like your mum at night?

That's right. Second strap, we're gonna go left to right. Pull that one in nice and tight. We're gonna come back over top. Ooh, that is nice. And then finally, the third strip, one and two.


All right, Mark. Don't be staring at my cheeks, okay?

[Mark] I'm just backing up 'cause you're gonna start jumping.

Are you ready?


Whoa! Did you see any movement, huh?

[Mark] Oh, I see movement, but it's not from the pod pack.

Oh, you're talking about my butt, aren't you? But I didn't see the pods move, it's actually very, very nice and tight. I do like it.



[Mark] Okay, one of the features, it's one handed pod removal and insertion, pull a pod out.


All right, put it back.

Oh, I grabbed the biggest one, huh?

[Mark] That's fair, now other side. Just gotta prove it wasn't a fluke. Nice.

And hold on. Let's see them.

[Mark] Still haven't fallen out.

No. I think we should be good.

[Mark] So how much are these beautiful pack?

These pod packs retail, 99.95. I really do like this three strap system on each side. It's looking good, it's feeling good. It's nice and tight, it doesn't feel like it's gonna go anywhere at all. So that's for sure. Check them out on the website, you already know that is and until next time, follow us on TikTok, Instagram, and all that other good stuff. And we will see you guys later.

[Mark] I'm not picking that up.

[Tony] No, not me either.