Valken Alpha Paintball Pod Harness

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. And today I am bringing you the Valken Alpha Pod Harnesses.

[Mark] Oh, Alpha?

Alpha, yeah, they're Alpha. Coming in blue, red, gray, and green. These things are retailing for $24.95. 

Overview of the Valken Alpha Paintball Pod Harness

Let's kinda talk a little bit about this paintball pod harness. Very nice exterior webbing here. Strong, durable, not going to rip on ya. They even have, look in there, Mark. Nice little rubber pods. Like these little, where you're pulling the pod from. The rubber strap.

[Mark] Good grip.

Yeah, good grip. You're not gonna slip off. Like I said, the actual webbing on the straps itself, these are durable, they're super, it almost reminds me like you get a close up like a seatbelt. So these things aren't going anywhere. Give a good tug. Not going to go anywhere. This thing doesn't hold any extra, other than four. 

There's no loops or anything in between, but for 25 bucks, you guys can't beat it. 

Fit and Features | Valken Paintball Pod Harness

Four inch belt extended here. So this thing can fit, you know, skinny guys, or pretty big guys. So this thing goes far ways around. I mean, I'm gonna go ahead and throw a number on it. Probably going to be able to at least fit a 40 inch waist. Don't mark my words, but I can definitely see this thing...

[Mark] Oh, that's bigger than 40, cause...

Oh no, I mean this thing can go, go large and in charge.

[Mark] Because I'd wrapped it loose. I had about three extra inches and I hadn't even pulled the elastic tight. I was just...

So you're, Mark's saying it can go 40 plus inches, all day long.

[Mark] Easy, easy. This is a big boy harness, if you need to.

That's fair. And like I said, for 25 bucks, you're in the game.

[Mark] 25 bucks you buy two of 'em, strap 'em together. And now you've got an eight pod pack of 50 bucks.

You got an eight pod pack for 50 bucks. You got mesh padded webbing in the back. So it's going to help breathability, sweat, stuff like that. And it's actually padded too. So, I mean, you can't, you can't really beat it. Flipping it over to the front side again. Let's talk about the ejector option here. So, Mark, when you shove your 140 round pod up in there, it even has a pad too, I just noticed it.

[Mark] What?

Look at it, you see a little pad. It's nice. You shove your pod up in there. The elastic straps are gonna go up. And when you're going to pull the pod out it's gonna help eject and push it out of your pack faster. So these are obviously gonna stretch. And when you're ready to let it rock and roll they're gonna let loose and help you eject it easier.

[Mark] How can they do all this for this price point?

I really don't know. Hey, because it's Valken, whatever it takes.

[Mark] Wow.


So like I said, 25 bucks, available on the website now for the Valken Alpha paintball pod harness. The big, you know, fits big guys. It's got the mesh padded back. It's got very durable webbing straps. Got the nice, I don't, what would you call that? Just...

[Mark] Yeah, just rubber tactile grippy

Yeah, it's nice. It's not gonna rip off easily. Like I said, these things remind me of almost like a seatbelt and super, super comfortable. Let's throw it on, Mark. Are you ready?

[Mark] Put it on! Put it on!

Normally I'm used to having pods in there. But as you guys can see..

[Mark] You're what, a 30 waist?

No, 30 waist! 36 inch waist! So you guys maybe, maybe can see there's it's got, it's got a good, good attachment here. And there's plenty of room for you bigger guys out there. So Valken Alpha Pod Harnesses. They hold four. 25 bucks on the website. Hit 'em up now. You guys might not know about 'em, but now you do.

[Mark] Ooh

YouTube Question

You got a question, Mark?

[Mark] I do.

Let's do it.

[Mark] Let's see. Tamezz...


[Mark] Says, "Hey, what barrel are you using? "Because I have an EMEK in the stock barrel's trash." What, what barrel did you use on that EMEK that shot the...

I currently shoot the Freak XL, the Autococker thread.

[Mark] Yep. And I use the Freak Board Dye UL barrel that takes old Freak inserts.

For sure. So Freak XL, check 'em out. Those are also on the website, guys.

[Mark] There you go, you got a question? Leave it in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise I'm gonna see how many of these Valken packs I can strap together and still fit around my fat waist.

Stay tuned for that next video. We will have Mark doing that as well.

[Mark] See ya.

See ya.