Bunkerkings Fly Pack 4+7 Review | Strapless Pod Pack

Hey guys, what's going on? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I'm going to be doing an overview of the Bunkerkings Fly Pack.

♪ Fly with me. ♪

You got to fly with your uncle Mark behind the camera. Bunkerkings Fly Pack. Don't forget guys, lonewolfpaintball.com. We have all this stuff for sale. Ready to rock. Ready to go. We do ship the same day. So check it out. Alright. BunkerKings Fly Pack. Let's dive right on into it. I'm gonna talk about the outside first, then we're gonna go into the inside, which both have very, very important features. First off retail price, they're about 90 bucks, 89, 95 BunkerKings Fly Pack. Outside, we should go over graphics first, I feel like.

Yes some style.

And then I'll get into other things. So I think there's currently like at least six different color options available for this pack. As you guys can see, I have three on the table. I have, I think they call this like the Royal Cake or something like that. You guys can look over here. I'm sure Mark showing it on the screen. All of these pad packs have different designs. It's just not like a standard blue, red, green, yellow, orange, whatever. They have different designs. So like I said, I think this one is called the Royal Cake. Yes. Royal Cake is over here. Then you had your red one. If you guys notice any actual strapless holders themselves, all the designs are different. You got the red, it looks like it's got some bicycle wheels on the inside here.

And wait, spoilers? You said this is strapless.


Jump and a half.

As you guys can know there's no straps.

And then the green one over here, it's a completely different design. It doesn't have like the Royal Cake. It doesn't have any bicycle wheels or any hidden designs. It's completely different. So each pack is going to be a separate graphics from, from the others. So let's talk about strapless. So BunkerKings decided to design this pack to make it lighter, smaller, and more compact, including being strapless. So they say this pack can hold all pods. If you notice no straps, no Velcro straps on the bottom. And there was actually no top to these either. There's no cover top. So it's completely open designed to fit all pods on the market. We'll get into that in just another minute or two. Second thing that I noticed on the outside that I really, really like. These are your extra loops that hold the extra paint, obviously. These things are very durable. They call these the extra stable double loop. If you guys grab a hold of these things, they're extremely tight. They're in, and they're very well knit, I would say. It's not like some flimsy piece of neoprene. That's gonna fall apart on you. after a month of use.

These are very, very durable. And these are obviously what's gonna hold your extra pods above and beyond the initial four that go into this pack. So I really like the extra stable. They call these on the outside, like the double loop strap, and then they also have the what do we call this? The try... Let me think. Tri-Flex technology here. So Tri-Flex technology on the actual holders themselves. What that means is reverting back to holding all different types of pods. Let's try that out. So Tri-Flex depending on the size of your pod guaranteed to never fall out. Obviously, I mean after 10 or 15 years, I don't know how well the guarantee is, but it's a great pod pack. I can tell you that right now, I got four different pods on the table here. So we've got your HK Army Skull Pod here. We're gonna slide that in. That is a very nice snug fit. I mean, I'm pulling on it and it... If I was running around, I don't think this thing is gonna be going anywhere. Next, I just have a standard of what you, a lot of you guys know standard clear 140 round pods.

The ones you steal at the fields.

Correct. The ones you had exactly. Just the very standard clear pod. Next I have a virtue pod. That's actually a 165 count. So this holds 165 paintballs. It's a little bit bigger of what it seems like, but I guarantee you this pod pack obviously is gonna hold that without any problem. And then lastly, a standard HK Army I think they call this their HSTL pod, which is gonna slide in and none of these giving them a solid tug are just gonna fall out on you. So I really, really like this to be completely honest, guaranteed, obviously to hold all different pods and they're not gonna fall out on you. So I do like that. I'm actually leave these pods in or take them out. Leave them out if it's not you.

Okay, That works. No issue. So I talked about the outer graphics, how all the different colors are different with different graphics. I talked about the very durable outer loops for your extra pods. I talked about the Tri-Flex technology in here. So you're able to weasel in and out very easily. Any pod that you guys are currently using. So obviously four different style pods. They all fit in very snug. They're not gonna go anywhere, which that is a big worry for a lot of guys. If I bought a strapless harness, aren't my pod Just gonna fall out? No, there's no adjustment needed on this pack. No, they're not gonna fall out on you.

One question before I forget, can you pop one of those pods out? What's the inside of the, or grab one of the other packs. What is it like a rubber on the inside? That's grabbing the pod. Is it belt, is it-

No, it's this Tri-Flex technology that's built into the inner loop. It's all just there's no grippiness, or anything on the inside of the actual pack.


It's just all a fabric. So yeah, there's no stickiness or anything on the inside. It's actually what the outers...

That's The tension.

Correct, the tension on the inside. So let's go onto the inside of the pod pack, which outside has a ton of great features. The inside, I don't know, maybe right on the same page. First things first, I'm gonna turn it this way for you guys. It's got a very nice, it looks good, clean small, skinny. First off, they use the best Velcro currently available on the market, according to them. So it's pretty sticky, I would say. This is their four, what do they call this? The four way locked down belt system. A lot of other pod packs on the market have it. One, two, three. Yeah. Well maybe if there is four, 'cause normally over one over two. Yeah, maybe four. what are they claim a four way belt lockdown system. So you've got the one here, you got the second, you got the third and the fourth. At the very end of this video, I'm gonna throw this bad boy on so you guys can see. So now on the inside of the pod pack itself, let's first talk about the pillow. Mark if you can really get in here on this pillow situation. This is called a Royal pillow padding. It's probably a good half inch to three quarter inch tall from the back of the pack. This pillow is super, super comfortable. Yeah, I mean, I wish obviously you guys got to go to your local fields to try them on. But trust me, this pillow pack in the back is very, very soft. It's gonna help brace your back. So if you're out there for a long day of scenario or tournament play, you're gonna feel comfortable with wearing this. I don't know. I really like it 'cause it is super, super soft. So this is the pillow. Royal pillow design on the back of the pack. And then they call, what did they call this? The 300 degree grip print here. So what that means is all of this stuff on the inside, we kill suckers right here is super grippy. So when this actually goes across your Jersey or whatever you're wearing, it's not gonna be slipping and sliding up or down on you when you're running around. So 300 degree grip, print technology. I do like that. It's definitely a nice add to the pack itself. Next, Mark, what do you think I'm missing here?

Are the belts adjustable? The straps? I mean, so, okay. There's some flex-

Well, there's definitely flex here. I don't think they're adjustable, but there's definitely, I mean, obviously here, when you see me pulling on, it's definitely flexible, and unlike some other packs in the market, there's no need to do any of the tension tightening stuff in the back. It's all taken care of with their patented technology. So other than that, let me think here. I went over the grip print. I went over the Royal pillow Padding, went over working with all the pods, extra stable loop strap.

And maybe they're four plus seven, right there is the seven

Yes. You've got your initial four and then you've got, well, you could technically go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven out here. So, yes.

They Actually Counted the correct way.


Everybody else would call this four plus three.

Right. 'Cause the three in the middle, they always forget about the double loop strap system out on the outside. Overall design, I like that they have, the red and black all the way around through the actual straps.

Can you flip over one of the other packs. So are the belts identical on the rest of them? We know the backs are different.

Yeah, the belts are identical on them.

Okay. So just obviously color coordinated. But yeah, the belts, but the actual back print is not. So let's throw this bad boy on. I went, I covered all the features of the new five-pack, and I've heard these are very popular sellers. Don't forget guys, lonewolfpaintball.com. I'm gonna throw it on for you real quick. Just so you guys have reference, I'm a size 36 waist. So let's get this done here.

I wanna see how easy it is for you to put a pod in and pull it back out, once it's on.

So 36 waist, I still have a couple inches of leeway to go.

And side note guys, if you guys are bigger than a 36 inch waist, they do have belt extenders for you. So like I said, bigger than at 36 fits me comfortably. If I was, I don't know, size up or two Mark, I don't think I'd be able to wear it. So I hope this helps you guys out. A lot of people always wanna know this pod pack is for these smaller, faster guys, but it doesn't stop a big guy from wearing it.

Well, then it's nice for those smaller, faster guys. They don't got a belt that goes all the way around their body twice 'cause it's 900.

So you wanted to see the pod pole. Yeah.

Yeah. Yep.

So I mean it's in there. He'd pull it out. Let's load up the hopper. Try to put it back.


Just like that. I mean out and if you know your placement, you're right back in there.

'Cause I was curious on how does it feel with that cause so many pod packs have that top object harness they call them sometimes. The downward elastic that helps-

Yeah, you're talking where the top would be. Right?

This is different to me. How did that feel when you were pulling way?

I liked it. I felt like I didn't need to have the top covered or have something that ejected the pot into my hand. I mean, if you can grab the pod, you can pull it out and easily get it back in there without having to worry about, trying to fight it, to get back in the pod pack. So guys hope you enjoyed the review. I hope obviously me trying it on, 36 inch waist for the bigger guys out there. I know, I figured I'd do it for you. And hey, that's where we're at. Fly pack by BunkerKings. They retail about 90 bucks. It's a great pack. And even putting on, like I said, it's super, super comfortable. lonewolfpaintball.com guys. Thank you very much for watching.

And I think the belt extenders only like 15 bucks. So if you need it, it's not a bad extra accessory to have anyway.

For sure. For sure.

We got a question from the You Tube's.

Oh, oh.

Austin Leffman, so we did that video where you replaced the grips and the colored section on the the CST barrel.

Okay. Oh yeah. The rubber. Yeah, Yeah.

Customize it. He said can I buy the gun Tony just work done?

I think that one's already sold, but in future reference, if you watch to the end of the video guns that I work on in the videos, yes. You buy them. If you do buy them off the website, just put in the comments or the notes, "Hey, I want Tony to install my grip kit." Or whatever the case may be and I'll make sure I install. I'll throw a little sticker in there for you and we'll call it good. That's it.

So there you go guys. We're all about hands-on if you need help-

For sure.

Doing the add ons or whatnot, or if you want the one that's in the video, you got to buy it almost as soon as the video comes out.

By that time, it could already be gone. So.

Thanks for watching. And check it out. Leave a question if you got one. We'll see you next time.

That's it. See you later.