Bunkerkings Fly Pack vs HK Army Zero-G 2.0

What is going on guys? Today I am bringing you a favorite. We're gonna be doing a comparison between the HK ARMY Zero-G Harness 2.0 versus the Bunkerking's Fly Pack. All right, let's jump into it. Mark, tell me the price points on the Fly Pack versus the Zero-G 2.0.

[Mark] They are $89.95 and $109.95 respectively, currently at Lone Wolf Paintball. Get yours today. Multiple colors are available.

Durability and Features | Fly Pack vs Zero-G 2.0

Sounds good, it's longer than I expected, but fair enough. So, let's just go one for one, tit for tat here. First off, I got an HK Army Pod and I have a Virtue 165 Round Pod. We're gonna see what goes in better without touching anything. These are obviously both brand new packs.

[Mark] Well, how many paintballs go in the HK Pod?

I think, like, 150, and they made these a little bit bigger for 165. So anyhow, let's get into the Pod Packs. Outside, the first thing that I notice... HK has nice, grippy, type extra loop straps here. Seems pretty durable. I like that, looking good. 

Over here, the Fly Pack also has very, very, durable straps. Nice little design on the outside. They didn't go as much in depth as HK to me, but like I said, we're kinda going tit for tat. They still do have their Fly design on the outside of the pack. 

Like I said, HK's got... Both of them durability wise, throwing the graphics aside, durability, they're both not that cheap like neoprene stuff. So they're gonna hold strong for quite a while I would assume. Next thing I'm gonna notice... So, this is a hard one... HK does have padding. You can see in here, Mark, there's padding, and there's flexible rubber decals, whatever you wanna call them on the outside of the pack. Bunkerking is over here, not as flexible, still they got some rubber on their pack. I know they've got this Triflex technology going on with each, what do you wanna call it? Outside holder, whatever, for the pod. But it's not as flexible as the HK Army one, I can tell you that right now. 

Up near the top, which is a big thing, HK Army does have their pod pack enclosed with elastic, ejectable straps up top. And the Bunkerking's Fly Pack does not. It's wide open. It still does have a nice stretchy elasticity to it, but it's completely open up on top and does not have the enclosure like the HK Army Park does.

[Mark] I don't know what that means. I need to see it with pods in it.

Pod Compatibility and Pack Padding

You wanna see it with pods in there? First, I'm gonna put one of each pod into the HK Army Pack. I'll get into the inside here in just a couple minutes, then we'll talk about the tension control system on that versus this pack. So HK Army Pod is going in. Once again, these are brand new from the factory. I'm turning, get there, boy. Well, we're gonna need to do tension control on this one 'cause we're not really getting a smooth put in there, that's why it does have control. And this one is not gonna go any better, Mark. Yeah, that one's just not gonna go in there at all. So, we're gonna have to use the tension control system to fit the exact pod you guys use. So now, should I put them in here?

[Mark] Well, let's do the insides then, and then we'll show 'em with pods in 'em at the end. So, you can adjust--

So with pods in this one next?

[Mark] We'll do pods in them last.

Okay, so HK Army... The inside of the HK Army pack.

[Mark] Whose belt is thicker before you open it all the way up.

Well now, I'm gonna go here. Whose belt's thicker? It's gonna be the Fly Pack. It has a thicker belt system. You can see how skinny it is compared to over here. Let's get on in here. I like that they do have the tension control system. First off, they have padding in the center and they have padding all along the sides as well. Nice skinny strap on each side to kind of cover the entire part of your back. So that we'll pull off. 

What I've been saying about the tension control system is, you guys can go through the back of the pack. You guys can adjust the straps here, where it says tension control and you can actually adjust to the size of the pods you guys are using by doing the Velcro, making it bigger or smaller or whatever you like. I'm gonna use this one and make it a little bigger I think. That should maybe work. 

So tension control, you can adjust each exact pod, slot, to what you're using. Obviously, you're gonna adjust them all the same 'cause I hope you're not using two of these, one of those or one other random one or something. So, most of your pods are going to be the same. But Mark, this tablecloth is not having it, man. Just not having it.

[Mark] I told you I want a custom epoxy Lone Wolf table.

I'm gonna, I'm gonna. So, let's see if this pod will go in here a bit better now. So now that I actually made it bigger, it goes in there a lot smoother than the other one. So that goes to show you that their tension control system obviously does work. Flip the part over on the back or the pack over on the back, and then you can use the tension control Velcro to adjust to the size of the pod that you guys want.

[Mark] That's not all the way in.

You want me to mess this whole tablecloth up?

[Mark] Well no, I wanted to see it against the top part. That's what I wanted to see the difference of, like that it holds the top of the pod, very nice. Whereas when you do the Bunkerking's, it's not gonna have anything holding the top of the pod.

No, it's not. Why? Do you want it to be cradled? Do you like it?

[Mark] I don't know, I'm on the fence for both.

Okay, so we'll show you. Let me just talk a little more about this. Tension control, I already showed you. The pillow has a nice pillow in the back. Fairly comfortable. I do like that the HK did include kind of like the side pillow padding as well for going around your waist. I like that, the belt is skinnier on this. All right, let's set that off to this side. That was the Zero-G 2.0. 

Bunkerking's Fly Pack. Let's crack this bad boy open. Thicker straps. Velcro on both of them are extremely durable, especially being brand new. So, inside of the Bunkerking's Fly Pack, they have a very very nice three quarter inch thick pillow on the back. Super, super, comfortable. I would say this is definitely softer than the inside of the Zero-G 2.0. But unlike the 2.0, it does not have the extra padding on the outside like the 2.0 did.

[Mark] So is that kind of ribbing an illusion? I mean, is there any padding at all?

In the back here? There's a little bit, not much. But it doesn't have equal padding like the 2.0. Let me pull this. Hey, put them side by side. You wanted a comparison. So let's compare 'em. So, obviously, as you guys can see here on the 2.0, you've got your pillow pad, and then extensions. Over here on the Fly pack, it's gonna be thicker and it's gonna be softer than the 2.0, but like I said, it doesn't have the matching support.

[Nark] It's just those ribbed out shapes that's hard to tell on camera if those are actually puffy or not.

Got you, got you. Here, throughout this way, there's a little bit, it's not much. Something's always better than nothing. Next thing I'm gonna talk about inside. Well, two more things. This does have a 300 degree sticky print on here, so it's gonna go all the way around your jersey, so it's not gonna be sliding up or down. If you guys notice on the Zero-G Pack, it does not have that. So, pros and cons, Mark, right now, just talking about the inside functionality of the pack, Which one would you go with? What do you think? They have pros and cons.

Which Pod Pack is Superior? | Bunkerkings Fly vs HK Army Zero-G

bunkerkings fly packhk army paintball pack


[Mark] Yeah, I mean, I'm leaning towards the Bunkerking's just a little bit, but that's because I'm traditionally used to having some kind of a grip across my front waist.

Because this grip, the "We Kill Suckers" grip, is definitely gonna help. You're dirty, you're sweaty, you're sticky. You wanna have something that's not gonna be sliding up and down on ya.

[Mark] The extra padding on the Zero-G in the back might... I'd have to actually wear 'em and play in both for a while.

Well, that's why I try to do comparisons for you guys out there that are watching. You wanna know, like, "What is the best?", "What are the features?" So I try to go in depth as much as I can. Speaking of the inside of the pack, I told you I'd two things. I like the grip piece. What I do like about this one is now Mark, We're getting into the pods. 

So Zero-G, you have all your tension control systems throughout the back of the pack. On the Bunkerking's Fly, you have none of that. You don't have any of that. Reason for that is, it's got this Triflex technology on the outside that claims it will hold any and all pods without falling out. In the beginning of the video, you saw me trying to get these two pods into the Zero-G pack without a struggle, and it was definitely a struggle. Let's slide these in here. Obviously, these are both brand new, right off the shelf. Sliding this in.

[Mark] And we did this previous overview of this Bunkerking's Fly Pack, where we did four different types of pods just so that you can see.

So what Mark wanted to see in the Zero-G, he wanted to see the top part. I slide this one in with ease, I didn't have to go flip my pod pack over and do the tension control, which is a nice feature, but if you don't wanna have to waste extra time. They say it holds all the pods. Slide it in. I didn't have to do any extra work. I didn't have to fight or struggle. I didn't have to flip it over and mess with the tension control. And Mark, I think we're gonna have to give a nickel away for every time I say tension control in this video. So, the Fly Pack they're both great.

[Mark] I think they're both gonna work awesome for sure. I think that time is gonna tell on, "Will those pod holders on the Bunkerking's actually hold for five, 10 years?'' But if you were using the same pack for 10 years, it might be time to upgrade anyway.

And that's a good point you just brought up, because let's say after a certain amount of time these strapless holders on both of these packs, since they're both strapless, they do start to wear out. I can always flip over my Zero-G 2.0 and make that Velcro a little bit tighter, almost like a new pod pack again. You can always get in here and Velcro it further over to make it tighter. With this, once their Triflex wears out, it's worn out. You're probably gonna get a new pack. I'm sure both of these are gonna last you for a long time. 

The current pack that I have, not saying which one, I've used it for many, many seasons, and I still have it and everything still works on it. Starting to fall apart, but it's got a lot of use. So I hope you guys liked the video. I hope this little comparison... If you guys were thinking about getting a new harness, HK Army Zero-G 2.0 or the Bunkerkings Fly Pack, they're both excellent. They both have pros and not many cons, but they both have some pros. Compare 'em, put them in the comments below. Which one you guys would rather have? Do you guys own one, or the other, or both right now? Which one do you like better?

[Mark] All right, I hold a gun to your head right now, you can only buy one of these two, which one are you buying?


[Mark] Yes, you.


[Mark] Right now. I need to know. Right now, you gotta pick, you gotta pick. The tournament's starting.

Shit! Fly. I think so. I just like it 'cause I don't have to mess with the tension control, that's it. Oh gosh! It's a hard decision. I hate when you do that to me. All right, well, Lone Wolf Paintball. We've both of these great pod packs available. That was a hard decision. All right, Mark, do you gotta question or no?

[Mark] Yes, I have a question.

I figured you would.

YouTube Question

[Mark] And just 'cause no one actually cares, but I'd buy the HK one 'cause I wanna trust that I can keep adjusting my pod pack 'cause I'm cheap and I'm not gonna replace my pod pack every five years. I'm gonna run it until it falls apart and I'm 90. From YouTube, Madi wants to know, "Should I get a CS2 or Luxe X?" Oh, under pressure again! Somebody is holding a gun--

What's it? A Planet Eclipse CS2 or a DLX Luxe X.

[Mark] He didn't say pro or not. I mean if it was an old CS2 versus a Luxe X, I'd probably go with the Luxe X for sure. CS2 Pro, though? Now you've got a whole different question.

If it's a CS2 Pro, I'm probably gonna go with the CS2. I do like how the Luxe X frame comes off completely with no tools. That's a hard question, man. They're both fantastic guns. Why do you do this, man?

[Mark] 'Cause that's the question that people wanted help with.

There's a gun to your head, which one did you choose?

[Mark] Probably the Luxe X 'cause I like the fact that it comes with the Freak XL option, but the CS2 Bores are good too, they're thinner.

All right guys, Lone Wolf Paintball. Thanks for watching. Thanks for watching us bicker. And I hoped you liked the kind of review in comparison to both of these packs side by side. Take it easy, guys, we're out of here.

[Mark] See ya