HK Army Zero-G 2.0 Harness Review & Comparison

Tony: What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm going to do a quick overview and a short comparison with the new Zero-G 2.0 harness by HK Army. All right, as you guys can see you're right here, this is the new packaging for the Zero-G 2.0. At the end of this video, I'm just going to do a short comparison between the 2.0 and the original Zero-G strapless harness. So without further ado, let's dive into it. Don't forget,visit our website Lone Wolf Paintball to purchase all of your paintball needs plus many, many more, and The Jerky Den for some of the best lean protein in the game.

HK Army Zero G Harness Review

Tony: So Zero-G 2.0 strapless harness by HK Army. They did a pretty good job, I must say. I like it. Let's dive into the specs. So first off, they did have a complete redesign of your outer straps. And then we'll go into the inners, which is the most important here, soon. So a redesign of the outer straps. On the old version, it didn't have a... What would you like to call that material, Mark? What do you think? It's grippy, so you're not slipping. It's just not standard like neoprene. It's got a texture to it, so you can actually get ahold of it. If your hands are full of paint, mud, water, et cetera. so you can actually get that pod out of there without slipping.

Mark: And it looks cool because the original ones are just solid black-

Tony: That's what I'm saying. They add a texture to just their standard neoprene straps or whatever they're made out of. Secondly, I noticed these, your actual pod compartments, main pod compartments have been reinforced. Wait until the end of the video so I can show you the difference between the original one if you guys don't already know. So these have been reinforced. They're much more, I don't know, elastic per se. I don't know. What's the right term?

Mark: They're stretchier.

Tony: They're stretchy.

Mark: They should hold tighter plus you've got the adjustment on the inside to make them tighter, but they should hold better for those of you that were worried that the original wouldn't hold as well, even though we proved that wrong in a previous video.

Tony: For sure. Also, they redesigned also with new designs and a little bit thinner neoprene up top for the pods. If you're using bigger pods, you're going to get a little bit more stretch out of this, up in the top area here. So most importantly, it looks very similar to the other style, but let's crack it open on the inside. This is where they made some huge improvements compared to the original Zero-G. First off, I can tell right now that the actual belt strip is skinnier and it's been redesigned. Like I said, you guys will see soon. So diving into what changes were made to make this the 2.0 harness.

HK Army Zero G 2.0 Upgrades

Tony: First off, you guys can see here, they definitely redesigned the padded area. You've got a lot more... It's more plush here. It is more textured. Also, let me just kind of wedge it up against these other ones, it has three holding points. The old pack only had one holding point, which was down below with Velcro. Now, it has three. One over here, one in the middle, and then one on this side. So this is how you actually get to the back of the pack to realize, "Okay, if I'm carrying either bigger or smaller pods, I can use the..." Mark, if you want to get... If this thing would cooperate. Can you see the tension control here?

Mark: Yes, sir.

Tony: Tension control system. So each individual pod insert you guys can, like I said, if you're using the Virtue or DYE Lock Lid pods that are bigger, you can kind of make those a little bit wider to fit those pods better. Or, if you're using a smaller standard pod, you can tighten those up so the pod doesn't fall out during play. Once again, this is a strapless harness so the tension control here is an awesome feature to have. I don't think any other pack on the market provides tension control. Bigger pods, smaller pods, you can fit your pack to whatever pods you guys are going to be using.

Mark: I would do that first. When you get this pack at home, put the pods you use in the harness and adjust the tension.

Tony: That's exactly right.

Mark: Don't trust that somebody at the store didn't screw with it and that's why they fall out.

Tony: Very true. So yeah, a lot of guys' biggest complaint is, "I don't use a strapless system because my pods may fall out." Well, obviously, HK Army thought that through and provided that system on each individual pod insert. Second, biggest thing in my opinion other than redesigning the back pillow pack with three so it keeps you tighter and they've got pads on each side here now compared to the old one, it was just one center pad, and it didn't kind of angle out or spread out and provide back support all the way around. Let's talk about the woven strap here on the inside. So before, Mark, wasn't it the outer one that was stitched?

Mark: Yes. The outer strap on the previous Zero-G, which we'll show you later, was stitched in the inner strap was the one that you pulled and kind of elasticized through the entire pack.

Tony: So now, let me kind of walk you through that if you're like, "What does that even mean?" So before, obviously, your outer strap was the one that was kind of stitched to the outside and that was your last hope of getting your pack nice and tight. Now, the inner strap is woven so when you do your final pull, you got here, you're going to pull it and then your final, last pull, this strap, well, coming through the inside but it's the outside, it's your last poll is going to really secure that over on your stomach. So obviously, sometimes your pod pack gets worn out or pod packs like that, your last ones are stitched and you can't really get that good, tight fit. They actually reversed it from the original pack and now having, it's so weird to say the-

Mark: Outer strap.

Tony: ... your outer strap that's going to finalize how tight your pack fits is woven, so your pack and your pods go around your body type, your waist. That strap over and your last strap locks in, and you guys are nice and tight so you're not going to lose any pods and it's not going to be bouncing up and down on you. So I really like how they redesigned that, which is nice. All right, before I show you the other pack, they come in... So this one, I think, is the 4+3.

Mark: That's how it goes. You didn't put the back padding in right.

Tony: I know.

Mark: For shame. Somebody's going to put it in the comments. I'm just getting to it first.

Tony: Whatever. 4+3, they do make a 5+4, and they also make a 3+2. You guys, these are in multiple color waves. You've got, I think, gray, black, red, and blue. And there might be one more I'm missing. Since these are new, I think they're going to come out with other colors. But right now, that's what we have. Once again, check out the website, and see what is available. So I'm going to set these off to the side. Once again, 3+2, and then we have a 5+4 over here.

Mark: But that's kind of misleading because they have double straps in the far outside, so it's actually more like a 5-

Tony: Well, yeah.

Mark: ... +6, right?

Tony: Correct. Well, 5+4, you got your one, two, three, four, five originals, and then you can carry one, two, three, four. Then, you could also carry five, six, seven, eight. So you can carry a lot of pods on the bigger pack. But I get it.

Mark: Just the naming thing gets me.

Tony: It is. It's misleading.

Mark: It's a 5+4, but it's actually 5+8.

Tony: You've got five main compartments, and you got four-

Mark: In between.

Tony: ... in between. So cool. Let's jump into Zero-G 2.0 and now the original Zero-G.

Original Zero G vs Zero-G 2.0: What's the Difference?

Mark: Which, we still have some of the original. Right?

Tony: Correct. Speaking of that, before I jump in price point-wise, 89.95 for the new 2.0, 79.95 for the original Zero-G's. So let me just kind of hold them up, Mark, so you can kind of see what the original over here looks like versus the 2.0.

Mark: Some cosmetic differences, but-

Tony: So we're going right to... I mean, yeah, cosmetic, like I said, they changed this up to make it... It's more elastic. It's stretchy. It's more pliable, flexible, whatever you guys want to call it there with the newer style. The older style, it's harder, it's bigger. So a pack kit, if you're ever going to get a bounce off of, the new Zero-G, would recommend. This one, obviously, still a great pod harness. But if you're ever trying to get a bounce off a packshot, I don't think this is going to be the pack you're going to get that with. But anywho.

Tony: And the loops, but in the beginning of the video, like I said, I wanted to show you the loops. You can see now they're just not plain old, like you were saying, Mark, not all plain Jane like this. They actually have a little texture so you can get a hold of it if your hands are oily and full of water, mud, dirt, whatever. So on the back, this is the biggest thing here, for me anyways. This is the original that I'm opening up. You guys can take a look there. Then, if I can fix this real quick, Mark, without you yelling at me again.

Mark: Well, if you would've done it right the first time, you wouldn't have to fix anything, would you?

Tony: It's as simple as that. Bam, it's fixed.

Tony: So 2.0 harness. Original. 2.0. You guys can see, it had one pillow pack padding in the back. It did not extend out like the new version does with also extra secure straps here and there, and you can see the texture difference between the original here and then the new 2.0 over here. So let's go back to the actual pod and finalize your situation once you've got it on your back.

Tony: So if you open that up, you guys can see... See, it just wants to be mean. You guys can see on the original one... I got so many Velcro things going on here, I can't even keep track, Mark. So on the original one, like we were saying, the outer one was stitched. So when you want to finally tuck it in and get out there on the field, this one's stitched to the pack, and this one is the one that you finally pull over at the end to get it to lock in. This one, on the newer style, like we were saying, if you didn't... It's all a mess, Mark. There's so many Velcro pieces. Your last finalized one is actually woven into the back here. So woven through and then that one is what's going to actually do the tension control and keep it nice and tight.

Tony: So they reversed it like I said. They redid the pillow pack situation back there. And other than that, I mean, you see this one does have on the original, a little stickiness on the inside to keep it contained. Apparently, they didn't think that was super crucial on this and they said, "Whatever, we'll redesign how the actual straps are woven to give you guys the best and most comfortable fit for it." So I think that's about it. We went over the price point. We went over colors and sizes. Well, 5+4, 4+3, 3+2.

Mark: All the different sizes are the same prices, or is there a slight variance in the smaller one?

Tony: I think they’re slightly different based on size, I want to say.

Mark: Check the website to be sure.

Tony: Exactly. Visit the site to be sure, Lone Wolf Paintball. Just wanted to give you guys a quick overview of what the difference is between the new Zero-G 2.0s and original version. That's it for now. But Mark probably has a question.

Mark: Of course, we have a question.

Question from our Audience

Mark: That's what happens when they're brand new. From the old How An Autococker Works video, Armin Drummer says, "Is there an advantage from an Autococker over a spool valve marker?"

Tony: Yeah. Autocockers have always been known to have the flattest trajectory shot on the market. So a spool valve marker, they're going to shoot a lot quicker for you. They're probably going to be way more efficient. But an Autococker, nothing shoots like a closed-bolt design in my opinion. So that's why people love them. Old school, they're heavier, but they have one of the flattest and straightest shots on the market.

Mark: There you go.

Tony: That's it.

Mark: If you've got a question, leave it in the comments below. Maybe we'll pick you randomly. Otherwise, we'll see you next time.

Tony: See you. Now I've got to fix my table.

Mark: Fix your table, fix your straps.