Tippmann Pro & Sport Tactical Vests

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today I am bringing you some Tippmann tactical vest options. So yeah, you guys have been thinking why is he doing a video on Tippmann tactical vest, 'cause you guys asked for it. Turns you guys out there are speedballers and a lot of you guys are also scenario ballers, you're looking for some vest options out there that are comfortable, go over the shoulders and fit nice and tight around the waist. I have the Tippmann sport series tactical vest here, these retail about 70 bucks, and then I have the Tippmann Pro Series tactical vest over here, these retail around 100 bucks, so a $30 difference in between the two. Let's cover a couple quick aspects of each. So first off, on the sport series vest, it is a one size fits all, it is fully adjustable. I mean you can use the actual tabs here to tighten or loosen depending on whatever size player you are. It does have your full outro here for the pack, obviously, everything is breathable mesh. So it's gonna be hot, it's gonna be sweaty out there guys, you're gonna want some breathable mesh here. So you're not just feeling claustrophobic and trapped with all that nasty sweat. Does have this nice little tactical pouch here Mark. You can put in a... A lot of scenario guys will keep a map on them of whatever field they're playing at. So if you're a, let's say, Hell survivors or Lone Wolf Metamora, or wherever you are in the country, you've got a protected sleeve here you can print off a sheet of the map to know where you are. And this just folds up nicely in the pocket there. Next, you're looking over here, you can have a little pocket for let's say, a cell phone, I don't recommend doing that on the field obviously, but or whatever you guys want, a nice little Velcro pocket here to store goodies, allen wrenches, whatever you guys think you might need. Let's flip it on over, and look at the back. So you guys have a... It's a four pod pack total with a tank in the center. So you've got, obviously, two on each side. And then you got your tank, you're gonna run the remote line to the marker itself. So once again, this is the sport series tactical vest. You guys have been asking about it, so we've got them in stock. And Mark, do you know what this is?

[Mark] For my patches?

Yes, if you guys don't have any patches, that's fine. If you guys have played a tonne of scenario games or whatever you guys or even custom patches from at home. You can pull this off and stick them right on the back up here. So that's up to you guys. It's got a couple nice options. Like I said, these are about 70 bucks. So if you guys want something that swings over the shoulders, you like it Mark?

[Mark] Yes,

[Mark] I say you're pretty.

Does it look good?

I'm not gonna strap it up all the way but it's a one size fits all, yeah baby.

[Mark] Seeing yours.

Get it down there.

[Mark] Strapping young man in that--

Tactical, gotta stay tactical. So now that's one option.

[Mark] It's 40 tactical.

Well, yeah, it's 40 tactical. Let's jump on over to the Pro Series.

[Mark] Wait, did you say what those, what's the straps gonna cross the mesh?

You're talking these, I mean you can hook on, you can use carabiners to hook whatever. A lot of people I've seen them use a carabiner hook on a thing of water. if they're out there in the field for a long time, hook water, you can kinda rig it up to use, let's say you're using turn round tubes, all sorts of like crazy stuff you can do with like these--

[Mark] Can it stick like my barrel inserts and like reach back and grab my 684.

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that, those are probably gonna fall out. But yeah, more for looks and show but like I said, I've seen people strap water bottles or whatever they like on the back there.

[Mark] Cool.

Alright, Pro Series vest, the one that's 100 bucks. You guys can clearly tell the difference right up front compared to this. This one has a full zipper, it's gonna keep you nice and tight. I mean, just get that bad boy and done. So it's got the zipper up front. That's a lot. So there's a zipper there, it's gonna keep you extra secure. It does have breathable mesh just like the other one, but in all over the place Mark, you saw up in there. This one compared to the sport series has actual extra pockets for magazines. A lot of these guys like to carry extra mags in here. And they do actually have clips that hold these bad boys in place. And then you can carry, I mean pretty much whatever you like your ID card for the event, a license, I mean, it's up to you guys. The possibilities are endless. And then over here, I think it also has more spots for let's say you wanted to carry a field map or more magazines, turn round tubes, whatever you guys want. The Pro Series vest has a tonne of great options for you. And even more pockets up here, good lord. Biggest thing I like about this is this is also a one size fits all vest. It does have adjustable Velcro straps. So compared to the sport series where it's just kinda, you know you got Mark, what do we call these again? The clasp?

[Mark] Yeah, they're just to tight.

Yeah, it's like reminds me like a school backpack.

[Mark] Yeah.

Anyway, these ones have Velcro straps on here that are fully padded. So you can adjust it if you're bigger dude, smaller dude, overlap or make it whatever you guys want.

[Mark] Put it on. Put it on.

Yeah, I'm gonna put this on, let's just, let's hold up. Even in the back though, it does have like a spot for a water reservoir too. I like that, it's a nice little addition.

[Mark] Not a laptop pack.

It looks like it would fit an iPad nicely. Actually, I probably wouldn't recommend that on the paintball field. All right, let's look this bad boy right on over. On the back, you can tell compared to this bad boy. These straps have very, very durable high rubber straps. Like these things, these pull tabs like that's hefty. Compared to obviously you just got your standard plastic class over here. Not knocking this one, but this one if you're a real tactical scenario guy you wanna go with the Pro Series 100%. So you've got the pull over tabs here. The best thing about this compared to the sport series, tank goes in the center here. If you wanna run a remote line tank system on the Pro Series, you can put it up in your back here. So instead of it being down here, messing with your positive paint, you have up top here, you can strap it in, it's got the buckles and clasp here. So make it nice and tight, do whatever you want. And then same with the sport series, It does have an option Mark here for your sweet teen patches. If you guys have played events before like I said, or you have your own custom patches, you can take this Digi camel pattern off and throw on your own patches. Both of these I would highly recommend for any of you guys that are tactical woods ball scenario players. Once again, about 70 bucks over here, about 100 bucks for the Pro Series. And hope you guys liked the video. We do have these in stock at lonewolfpaintball.com, and don't forget head on over to thejerkyden.com to get some of the best lean protein in the game, and hopefully we'll see you guys soon, yeah. So Mark, can I get a question from you.

[Mark] Of course I got a question. Finished account wants to know, does the Stormer Elite have an air tank stock like the TMC,

The Stormer Elite does not.

[Mark] Alright.

'Cause the TMC Elite does, the Stormer Elite does not.

[Mark] All right, there you go. If you got a question, leave it in the comments below, and maybe we'll pick you at random. See you next time, guys.