Best Pod Packs of 2024

Most paintball games involve tons of paint and that means carrying extra ammunition. After all, it’s better to have extra paintballs than be left stranded without any rounds. Players may use hundreds of rounds of paintball during the course of a game, especially if it’s a game of speedball. Beside providing additional ammunition, paintball pod packs can also double as protection. It’s much less painful to have a paintball pod carrier take the blow than an arm or a rib. Plus, there are paintball pod carriers that allow players to carry extra air tanks as well. In short, paintball pod packs are much more than just an extra store of paintballs.

Entry Level Pod Packs

The Valken Alpha Harness is a great entry level and budget-friendly option with a speedball-style design. This harness features a 4" adjustable belt system and airmesh back padding for comfort during gameplay. With its elastic ejector system and heavy-duty webbing pod straps, it can securely carry four 100rd or 140rd .68 cal pods, ensuring quick access to ammunition on the field.

Designed with player comfort and functionality in mind, each pod in the Valken Alpha pod pack is equipped with an ejector strap for smooth and efficient pod retrieval during the game. Priced at an affordable $30, this ventilated pod pack offers great value for entry-level players. With its silicone tabs and reliable construction, the Valken Alpha harness is endorsed by players and customers alike as the top choice for newcomers looking to enhance their game without breaking the bank.

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Strapless Pod Packs

The Infamous Pro DNA Reflex pack is a versatile harness designed for optimal performance on the paintball field. Developed by Infamous Paintball, this harness combines the reflex anti-bounce belt system with Bunkerkings' strapless pod design for enhanced stability during gameplay.

Featuring a capacity to hold up to 11 pods in a 4+7 configuration, this harness offers ample storage. Additionally, it includes female "loop" Velcro spots and laser-cut MOLLE for personalized customization and attachment of accessories. Designed for convenience, the strapless and one-handed loading feature facilitates quick access to ammunition. The padded, breathable back plate with an anti-slip grip ensures comfort during extended wear. Available in five colors, the Infamous Pro DNA REFLEX pack provides reliability and customization options for players seeking a high-quality harness.

The HK Army ELX Strapless Harness is another excellent strapless pod pack that we highly recommend. The pack’s ELX Tension Control technology secures pod retention without cumbersome straps and allows for quick pod access during the game.

With X-Frame technology, the ELX harness minimizes harness bounce while running or diving, providing a secure fit to your back even during intense maneuvers. Rubber pull tabs on all main holsters enable lightning-fast reloads, keeping you in the action without delay.

Constructed with durable yet lightweight materials, including texturized elastic holsters, the ELX harness offers added protection against debris and paintball impacts. Additionally, three adjustable elastic waistbands and removable anti-slip lumbar support back-padding panels provide customizable comfort and stability throughout the game.

Pod Packs With Straps

The HK Army Magtek paintball harness is an excellent choice for players who want a robust paintball pod pack with straps. This harness features innovative Magnetic Straps that offer a secure alternative to traditional Velcro, ensuring longevity and ease of use. Key features of the Magtek Harness include magnetic holsters with four magnets per holster, providing reliable pod retention. Its anatomic back padding flexes with body movements, offering comfort during extended gameplay. The stealth ejector system discreetly conceals itself within padded holsters once the pod is removed, maintaining a neat appearance.

The harness boasts a unique belt system designed for a secure fit around the waist, minimizing bounce. Reinforced elastic loops and waistband, along with anti-slip lumbar support, further enhance stability and comfort during gameplay. Additionally, the harness is equipped with 4-way elastic "Eject" Pod Caps for efficient pod retrieval. Recognized for its durability and practicality, the HK Army Magtek Harness features strong magnets that withstand repeated use and washing. This reliability makes it a preferred choice among players seeking a dependable pod pack without compromising quality.

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Pod Packs For Big Guys

The Dye Assault Harness is designed for seamless paintball gameplay with extra room for plus-sized players. Utilizing 55MPH Velcro, Memory Elastic, and Rubber Traction, this harness ensures a secure fit during competition. The Quick Release Handles and Cupped Neoprene Ejector Loops enable swift removal of pods, enhancing efficiency on the field.

For added versatility, the Assault Harness features secondary pod loops accommodating either a 3+4 or 4+5 capacity, catering to various competition formats. Additionally, the Dye Attack Pack offers a wide fit range, accommodating waist sizes up to 44 to 46 inches, making it the preferred choice for larger players seeking comfort and functionality.

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Best Overall Pod Packs

The Carbon CC paintball harness is, in our opinion, the best overall pod pack currently available. This pod pack boasts a 360-degree waist adjustment system for a personalized fit, complemented by plush back padding resembling a soft sofa cushion, providing top-line comfort during gameplay.

Designed with a subcompact and streamlined rear profile, the Carbon CC harness sets itself apart as 50% thinner than traditional harnesses, offering a minimalist yet comfortable design. The harness features top-quality materials, including durable nylon and flexible elastic, prioritizing lightweight construction without sacrificing durability.

The Carbon CC harness prioritizes comfort with its unique lumbar support, ensuring extended wear without discomfort. The pod sleeves were also designed with tapered openings to securely hold pods in place without the need for additional velcro or strings, yet easily releasing when needed. With its blend of comfort, durability, and thoughtful design, the Carbon CC pod pack stands out as a top contender in the market, offering players a reliable and comfortable option for carrying paint on the field.

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Final Thoughts

Depending on your experience level and playing style, you'll likely need a different style of pod pack. We’ve listed some excellent options here, however, there are dozens of more options on our website. Head over to our online paintball store for the best selection of paintball pod packs anywhere and happy paintballing!