HK Army ELX Strapless Harness


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HK Army ELX Strapless Harness with patented X-Frame technology almost fully eliminates any harness bounce while running or diving and ensures the harness stays secured to your back while crawling. Featuring Three Tension Belts that can be perfectly adjusted to your liking and allows for a 4th-core belt to be added which compresses and holds pods in place when loaded.

Revolutionize your game with the ELX Strapless Harness, featuring groundbreaking ELX tension control technology that sets a new standard in pod retention. Designed for the modern paintball player, this harness combines advanced features and unmatched convenience for ultimate gameplay.

The strapless system allows you to insert and release pods with ease. The harness is durable, lightweight and incorporates texturized elastic holsters, built-in hip pad protection, three adjustable elastic waistbands (fits most waist sizes), and three anti-slip lumbar support back-padding panels which are fully removable and adjustable.


ELX Tension Control: Say goodbye to cumbersome straps and hello to seamless pod retrieval. Our exclusive ELX tension control system ensures pods stay securely in place without the need for straps, allowing for quick and effortless pod access during intense gameplay.

Patented X-Frame Technology: Dominate the battlefield with confidence, thanks to our patented X-Frame technology. Almost fully eliminating harness bounce while running or diving, the ELX harness ensures that the harness securely fits to your back, even during the most intense moves.

Rubber Pull Tabs: Reload with lightning speed using the convenient rubber pull tabs on all main holsters. Effortlessly slide pods into place for quick reloads between games, keeping you in the action without missing a beat.

Durable and Lightweight Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of paintball, the ELX harness features texturized elastic holsters which adds a layer of defense against debris and direct impacts from paintballs.

Removable and Adjustable Back Padding: Customize your comfort with three anti-slip lumbar support back-padding panels that are fully removable and adjustable, providing personalized support and stability throughout the game.

Pods are NOT included