Best Paintball Pod Pack in 2022

Tony: What is going on, guys? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball and today, we are talking the best of the best paintball pod packs.

Mark: And why? Who's the best source for paintball?

Tony: You guys already know that, you've been around for a minute. So Mark, where would you like to start off with the best of the best paintball pod packs?

Mark: Well, first off, how did these get chosen? Period.

Tony: So, between customers, players out at the field and fans, we have different categories. We asked you guys and you have responded with what is currently on the table, so we'll hit it from the top. But before we do, go on over to, use our code LWP10 at check out to save 10% off your first monthly subscription.

Mark: And if you're curious on what the best of the best paintball masks are, we already shot that video, and that's what led us to doing it again with pod pack.

Tony: For sure. So obviously, there's a ton of great paintball equipment out there between loaders and guns and mask and pants and soft goods, all the good stuff. So we're probably gonna... We're going around, we're gonna hit each and every single category, but today we are talking pod packs.

Mark: Alright, let's start off with what did the people vote for the best entry-level pod pack? I'm getting into the game, I gotta find something that works.

Tony: Correct. Best entry-level, other than one of those real chintzy, little two-sided strap ones that aren't bad, those will get you in the game. But if you really want something that looks tournament-ish and you're looking like you know what you're doing out there, we have the Valken Alpha pod pack. These bad boys holds four pods, they do have on each one, too, the ejector strap, so when you put your pod in, this elastic is gonna go up and then when you go to pull it out with your strap, it's actually gonna help push it into your hand to make it feel better, quicker ejection. But Mark, what would you guess this pod pack, obviously it's ventilated, got the nice belt in the front as well, what would you think this pod pack would run?

Mark: $50.

Tony: No, take a guess. Another guess, lower.

Mark: Lower, $40.

Tony: Nope, it is... This Valken Alpha pod pack is only $30, that is why a lot of the players and customers out there recommended this as the best entry-level pod pack on the market; $30, you're looking like you know what you're doing out there. It's got the nice silicone tabs here, got the ejector straps like I talked about, holds four pods, definitely gets you in the game. So, for $30, hey, there you are, the Valken Alpha harness. Next up, what was next on the category list?

Mark: Alright, well, a lot of the longer playing guys have started getting into the strapless belts and harnesses. So what is the best strapless paintball pod pack?

Tony: Strapless. Voted best strapless, there's a ton of good options out there in the market, but today it was gonna be the infamous Reflex Harness strapless here. So, I actually... It was funny, a lot of players are finding out about these, they're pretty cool and nifty. There's obviously no straps that's why we're talking strapless. It's got room for your patches, numbers, team, whatever you guys wanna put on there. It's got little MOLLE loops here if you wanna loop a microfiber or something on there as well. But, point being, I did a video on this, shoot, six months or so ago. I filled this harness, this exact harness up with tons of full pods of paint. I jumped up and down, looked like an idiot, and not one single pod fell out of this, and apparently the customers and players agree as well. So, the infamous Reflex Harness is definitely gonna take this one, also super comfortable and good stuff. But as for strapless, I think this harness is gonna be it. So, looking pretty good. Price points and stuff, guys, we're not going over that in this video, you can find them on the website, which is, and we've done tons of other videos on probably all these pod packs before. So next category, Mark, what do we got?

Mark: Alright, so since we did strapless, we have to do with straps.

Tony: That is true. So this one was interesting to me 'cause there are, once again, a lot of other good harnesses out there. The players have spoken. They chose the HK Army Magtek Harness as the best strap pod pack out there. So I was kinda at first I'm like, "The Magtek." Then it made sense to me why they chose that because anybody knows, you're gonna wash your pod pack, you're gonna use it hundreds of times, it doesn't have Velcro. It's got two very, very strong magnets so when you go to click the pod, these are magnets, they're not gonna wear out over time like Velcro will. Velcro gets kinda sticky and it falls apart over time and full of paint shells and mud and dirt. The magnets, they're not gonna do that. So the HK Army Magtek pack was chosen the best pod pack with a strap on it, so obviously, this is players that we've talked to, fans and customers as well. So, it is the HK Army Magtek, which at first I was kinda like, "Interesting." And then I was like, "That does make sense." Got magnets that aren't gonna deteriorate when you wash it or clean it.

Mark: And if you're nervous, 'cause you've seen how easily Tony can just pull them flaps off, we did a pressure test where he pulled a pod with a scale to see how many pounds of pressure it took before the magnet slid, and it was a lot.

Tony: It was, yeah. It's not just gonna come and fall apart on you, man. So, very, very good choice by the people out there. Next up, what do we have, Mark?

Mark: Well, this is the one that we get a lot, a lot, a lot; we've covered it a lot of times. Which harness is the best for the bigger guys?

Tony: Oh, this one, it was gonna be close, but we'll talk about it. So as of right now, a lot of the bigger guys do choose the Dye, they have the Attack Pack here, and also the Assault does a good job as well, but the Dye Attack Pack fits upto a 44 to a 46-inch waist, if you're a bigger dude. So this was voted... Let me just... I'm gonna take it off you, Mark. This was voted the best pod pack to fit the bigger dudes out there. Just drag this on a little bit longer. Just for reference guys, I am, depending on what jeans and on a good day, I'm a 36-inch waist so...

Mark: Yeah, I was gonna say, you don't really qualify as the bigger dude.

Tony: No, but as you guys can see, I got room to fit Mark in here with me.

Mark: Oh, hey now.

Tony: So this will fit, they say 44-46, I would definitely believe that 'cause this bad boy can go way, way, way out there so good choice. Good choice, the Attack Pack/Assault Pack will definitely win that battle. Well, Mark, now, we are on to, is it gonna be a best overall or most comfortable? What is it?

Mark: Nope, well, we just skipped right ahead to the best overall because this one hit a couple all the key features, so we just narrowed it down the best overall.

Tony: It would be the Carbon CC pod pack, best overall. I would say first things first, I know the CC, other than its looks and it's nice and stylish, super, super comfortable. I know the Carbon CC pod pack is known for their 360-degree waist adjustment, which is nice. And, as you would notice, it's literally got a pillow on the back. So this is a Carbon pod pack, it's called the CC, super, super... That bad boy's probably 2 inches thick. It's literally like a soft sofa cushion, so I like that and then that waist adjustment, like I was talking about, Mark, this is not sewn in. This thing will stretch and stretch. Also a good contender probably for fitting the bigger dudes as well. Fairly new on the market, they've started to release more and more into the wild, so stay tuned. This thing is super, super stretchy, very, very comfortable, and obviously holds tons and tons of pods and carries all of the other attributes that these other pod packs do. So Carbon CC, I think is gonna take the overall best pod pack. Is that correct?

Mark: That is. The only thing, the only downside with the CC that I can think of is that it only comes in two colors, black and caramel.

Tony: Hey, nothing wrong with the black that matches everything, so what do we do? One, two, three, four, five-ish?

Mark: Yeah.

Tony: Cool. Yeah. So pod packs. We asked you guys, you guys responded. If you guys don't think any of this is accurate, put it down in the comments below. What is your favorite pod pack, what's most comfortable to you? If you're a bigger dude, what are you guys currently wear? Let us know and as always, we thank you and don't forget to shop,

Mark: Bye bye.