Tippmann Tactical TDU Jersey & Pants Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony and Cam from Lone Wolf Paintball, and today we're gonna talk to you about the Tippmann TDU uniforms.

TDU, what's that stand for?

TDU. I think it's Tactical Dress Uniform, correct? Nod, yeah yeah.


So first off Tippmann has a jersey, and they have some pants, got some pants. He's got the pants on, you know, you can't, really do it, but they're offering some pants, and the jersey top that you guys can see. And let's talk a little bit about it. First off price point, $39.95 for each. $39.95 for the pants. $39.95 for the actual jersey. Cameron! Here we go. As you guys can see, it does have the protective mandarin collar there. Get 'em, show 'em Cam.

Check it out.

Come on, come on, show 'em, come on, show 'em. Okay, you got that quarter zip, Raglan comfort fit. So you go down a quarter zip the way, this material here, stretch it for them, stretch the material. Very, very comfortable material. So this top of the jersey, you're gonna feel, how are you feeling?

Very loose.

You're gonna feel very loose and light. It's very lightweight. But when you get into the shoulder area of this thing guys, reinforced shoulder area on both sides. It does have pockets for, your knickknacks and your patches, so I don't know what you guys wanna carry in there. Maybe some 12 gram CO2's, maybe some badges, maybe some, if you want to throw a patch on the outside. It also does have extra, kind of bend your arm, like you're flexing Cam. It's got extra storage, in this area here. So this pocket goes all the way down, and there's one on each side. So if you guys wanna rep your team patches here, or there, you can do it both. And like I said, the extra storage pouch is on both sides.

[Mark] Sir, are those extra storage pouches or are those elbow pad pouches?

I don't know. That's a good question. Mark? Elbow pad pouches?

[Mark] I don't know, maybe.

Makes sense, you probably could...

What elbow pads gonna fit in there?

A small...

[Mark] A piece of cardboard.

A piece of cardboard yup, we're gonna throw a piece of cardboard in there and keep those elbows protected, when you're bringing it down. Yes or no?


A hundred percent. Your favorite part about this? Can you see that Mark? That's a three pouch for your pencils.

[Cam] Do we have a pencil to show how it works?

Yup. For sure. Let me just pull one out. Here we go. Okay. Whoop! there we go. It's in there. What's your favorite part about this? I know it's this, the adjustable sleeves.

[Tony] One on that side. Yeah, if they're too big you can get it to fit your arm size. So we're gonna, tighten that bad boy down there.

[Cam] Whoa.

Okay, so looking good. But if you don't wanna wear it like that, you wanna roll them up. You can roll them up. Wanna roll them up. We just roll 'em right on up. If this is your style, this is what you guys like, we can do that as well.


Looking good. If you want to be tacticool, be like Cam, this is what we're doing. So once again, you got the quarter zip Raglan, the reinforced shoulders. You got the pencil pouch. You got the extra storage down below. If Mark wants to call it an elbow pad holder, we can call it that as well. You've got your, room for your patches, and more storage up top for some 12 grams or you know, player ID, something like that. You got the mandarin protective collar, if you want to zip it all the way up on a cold day, or if you want to hide your face like him.

[Mark] Is there any breathability? This thing looked really...

Yeah. Yes there is. Right here you got the mesh. So if you're getting little sweaty pits, you can get some fresh flow all the way through.

[Mark] Tickle him, tickle him while he's got his arm up.

Okay, okay, tickle, tickle.

Oh, he's not even ticklish. Okay. Well, let's talk about the pants. So are we gonna have to spin this table? Are you ready, Mark?

[Mark] Do it. He can't do a handstand?

Nope. All that time at the gym, and he can't even do a handstand.

[Mark] Ooh.

[Cam] I say let's do it.

[Mark] Showing gains, don't got none.

But before we go to the pants, that YKK zipper, as Mark mentioned earlier. Bing! Bing! Bing!

Ding dong!

One of the best zippers in the game, guaranteed not to break on you.

[Mark] Is there a YKK zipper on the pants?

Dude, you bet your butt there is.

[Mark] You gonna do the ding-dong thing?

Nope, not going there. So we got the Tippmann TDU tactical pants. There we go.

[Mark] Go, that way more. You guys are like out of the light and everything. There we go.

There we go. Tippmann tactical TDU pants. Got cargo poc... but inside, pull it down a little bit more. You've got more pockets inside of a cargo pocket. Mark are you seeing that, is that looking good?

[Mark] I see pockets on pockets.

Pockets on pockets, 65% polyester, 35% non-rip cotton. Do you know non-rip cotton means Cam? If you get a rip, it's not going to continue to grow on you.

[Mark] So is it a ripstop cotton?

It's ripstop. It's ripstop. So you get a rip, it's not going to continue to grow. It's going to be, it's going to be stopped right there. It doesn't stand a chance, obviously. So then I know the favorite part about this. There is a badge, show 'em the loop, for the badge, this is where you hang your badge from. So if you're a security guard, you're like, here I am, this is my badge, and this is what we do. You don't mess around, you don't mess around. Down at the bottom there is adjustable, show 'em the shoe, turn around, show him the shoe. You've got the adjustable cuffs down here. So if you want it tight, or if you want it loose, that is completely up to you, and also in the waist as well. So you obviously can tighten or loosen is as much as you'd like. Yeah, okay, looking good. All right. What about the back? The reinforced back, in case you bend down too far. It's got... It's got real... Can always count on a good joke for this guy, but seriously, that is what it is. It's called the reinforced

Posterior panel.

Yes, you knew it. And, I'm not, we're not gonna show 'em, but on the inside guys, there is, it's got knee pad pockets. So if you flip the pants inside out, you can actually shove some knee pads on the inside if that's, you know, kind of what you're into or looking for. So other than that, yeah, Tippmann TDU's. These are $39.95 for the top $39.95 for the bottom. If you guys play woods boss, scenario ball. They're cool. If you guys go out to the bar, you can act like you're a security guard. Or you can cover your face completely up, so no one will find you. Coming back.

[Mark] Safety table.

Safety Table yes. Safety table. So other than that, Mark do you have any questions about the pants or the top?

[Mark] Hmm. So just the two colors?

We've got olive and black, yup. And obviously both pants, black and olive, and then vice versa. So Cam's wearing the black pants with the olive top. He's looking good. He's about to go out there and take care of business.

[Mark] So I don't have any questions, but if you guys watching at home do you can go to our Facebook group, and ask us anything, and put it there or leave it in the comments below. And maybe we'll just respond to you.

Hope you guys liked the video. It's lonewolfpaintball.com as always.

[Mark] Hey cam, grab one of the markers off the wall so we can see how cool you look...

Oh my Gosh.

[Mark] With the gun.

Dude. That's it.

[Mark] Oh, oh.

That's it. That's the perfect look.

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