Dye Ultralite UL-C Pants Review | Dye & Carbon Collab

Hey guys, what is going on? It is Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I am bringing you the Dye UL-C pants.

[Mark] Why? 'Cause who's the best source for Paintball?

Lonewolfpaintball.com Lonewolfpaintball.com baby.

They already said it and you already know. So these aren't just any, any, any normal Dye pants. This is a little collaboration between Dye and Carbon. So Mark, before we dive into all the goodies inside, they already know. Go to PbSwagbag.com, use our code LWP10 at checkout to save 10% off your first monthly subscription. All right, so collaboration, Dye Paintball with Carbon. Lets flip them over take a, take a real good look at these suckers, Mark.

[Mark] Oh, take a gander.

So a lot of people... First things first, a lot of people love these pants, but they don't love the price. A great quality pant. These pants are 180 bucks. They're gonna last you a very long time. I believe they are the only pant on the market that I currently know of that have a three layer waterproof, not waterproof, water resistant, UV and stain resistant membrane on the inside. So as you guys can see, you can see the difference of material. Is that good enough, Mark? Or is it... Nope, you can't even see anything. I'm just, we're just gonna get in here. Stay down. This is all throughout the pant and even through the bottom of the legs, as well.

[Mark] That's the shiniest material, yeah.

That's the shiny, shiny material. It's a three layer membrane, a water resistant, UV resistant and stain resistant as well. Along with moisture wicking, keeps that sweat off your body So you're not super, super uncomfortable. Not to mention these pants, the name UL, ultra light. They are super, super light. I mean, these things can't weigh, I'm not gonna put a number on it, but these things are very, very light. So let's dive on into the more of the goodies. Second thing I like best about these pants. It does have this four way in your crotch area, a four way stretch system. So depending if you're crouching, running, diving, all of this material in here is extremely stretchy and breathable, which that is also very important. You know, you know, the kids can get, kids can get hot down there so you need a little breathe-ability. So pockets. It does come with a nice full front left pocket, along with a waterproof zipper as well. So that is another pocket. So you get in there, you've got your, you got a back pocket here. You've got the front waterproof zippered pocket here for, you know a, I don't know, barrel cover, something that you don't wanna lose out on the field so you're gonna zip that bad boy up. And then you also have another nice pocket here on the other side of the pants. So these, these go actually go pretty deep in there, so I don't think you're gonna have to be worried about losing a barrel cover, or even if you're walking around the field, you do have a wallet or your phone, they're deep pockets. So it's not just gonna come falling out on you.

[Mark] Don't take your wallet and phone out in the field.

No, no, no, no. Like walking around the staging area at a big event or something not actually playing on the field itself. I do notice I flipped him over on the back. You've got two, you got dual swab pockets, one on each side. So I do like that. You know, a lot of pants have that, but some of them only have one. Obviously you lose one, you're gonna want to back up. Flipping them back over to the front. We're gonna talk about another really, really solid feature. Open up this front protected, and you will notice tons of Velcro, to keep that close. And then among, Mark, could you call this like, like a, almost like a cinch strap eclipse in there, and then you can actually tighten this bad boy up around your waist nice and tight. You don't even have to worry about wearing a belt. And then obviously it's got your nice zipper up in front as well. So you've got full access. I really do like this, this like C clip design almost. So this latches in on the other side across, then you can actually pull and cinch these pants down to whatever waist size that you are.

[Mark] It is really cool.

Yeah. It's a nice feature. I mean, I don't see many paintball pants out there on the market offering that. One of the last things I would like to mention is a lot of people that use currently have like the Carbon pants. I know this is a collaboration with Dye, but the knee pads. These knee pads, they are lightweight, but they're very, very durable I would say. They're not gonna, they're not gonna rip easily. That's for a lot of players out there. There's no padding to them. So you're gonna wear knee pads underneath, but you take your first dive, you take your 10th dive, you take your 50th dive. These pants have been proven over and over again to not rip and tear on you unlike some others on the market. So like I said, in the beginning, some people complain about the price point. These pants will last you for seasons and seasons, unless you're doing something very, very, I don't know. Dangerous.

[Mark] I wouldn't in through the barbed wire--

Yeah, exactly. If you're just using them for paintball and taking your normal dives and slides, these pants are gonna last you a long time.

[Mark] You know what you haven't mentioned yet?

What's that?

[Mark] Those cuffs.

You're talking here?

[Mark] Yeah, 'cause these aren't joggers, they got a little taper.

There is a taper. You can see kind of the taper here going inward, but they're not like super tight joggers down to your ankles. And if you wanted to make it that way, don't worry, there is a sinn strap here as well. So if you want it to get nice and tight there like that, you can get in there. It got one on each side so I like the taper and I liked that they give you the option. You want them to kind of looser? Do that. If you wanna tighten them up since you strap up and you should be good to go. What's your favorite thing about these pants Mark?

[Mark] My favorite thing about these pants is that these Dye Ultra Light Pants make you faster. It's as simple as that, these pants were created with the athlete in mind, providing the perfect combination of flexibility, durability, and style. Oh yeah.

They do make you fast, that's what I've heard. If you wanna stay alive off the break, these are the pants for you. On a serious note though, guys, I think the inner membrane system of the pant itself is a very, I think they, they pride themselves on they've built these pants from the inside out. So they started here and then work obviously outwards to what features that the paintball players want. Also that four way stretch upfront is, is very helpful, depending on you a snake player, back player, crouching, diving, doing all that good stuff. These are the Dye UL-C pants. And you know, they got the fancy Dye logos on each side. They got it on the back. You got that sticky tacking. And then they give you even on the inside some directions on how to wash these bad boys, would you look at that. All right, so we've got pockets, we've got pod swab holders. Pod swab holders, barrel swabs. I might've said that earlier, who knows? These are nice pair of pants so let's see if there's any other, I'm trying to see. Yeah, yeah, even down here, other than that knee area, it is stretchy material, Mark. A little bit stretchy, not as stretchy as the, the upper region area, but yeah, you've got that nice knee pad and then our knee area. And then it goes down to some stretchy pants. So I like them, check them out. They are available on the website that is lonewolfpaintball.com and follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, all the platforms out there. And until the next video, put in the comments below, let us know what you guys think of these pants. I know a lot of people like the Carbon stuff, so please let us know. Take it easy.

[Mark] Bye.