HK Army Freeline Dry Fit Jersey Review

What is going on, guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today, I'm bringing you the all new styles, colors, and designs of the HK Army Freeline Jersey. Freeline.

[Mark] Freeline.

Why? Why are you looking at me like that?

[Mark] 'Cause I didn't know what to say.


I should say something. I didn't know what to say.

Caught the cameraman with his camera down, you know what I'm saying? Five new colors, guys, on the table here. We have the Scorch jersey and then I'm going to bring them a little closer for you. Then next up, we've got the new HK Army, this is going to be the Poison and below it we're going to have the... This one is the Sandstorm. Sandstorm. And then on the other side, we are going to go with the Electric over here.

[Mark] Ooh. I like that.

Oh, yeah, a lot of people like that lime green and then you have your Slate if you don't want to be so flashy and fancy out there. So a five new colors, obviously, with the Scorch red that's on the table. And Freeline, let's talk about them. First off price point, they are 89.95. They come with a, you know, a lot of jerseys out there are similar per se but this one has a couple of different features that you guys are gonna like. First off, my favorite part about this jersey is going to be the reinforced elbows. This fabric or material on the elbows is definitely it's like a... I'm going to get close to the mic. Probably hear that on the camera. It's like... it's hard. It's definitely way different from the Dri-Fit material that is on the other portion of the jersey. So the elbows on both sides obviously are reinforced for when you're diving or sliding or crawling through the mud, dirt, water. So it's going to help protect and not destroy the jersey as easy. Next thing you're probably going to notice, I don't know, you can probably see it on camera. All of these holes on the side of like the rib cage mark, all ventilation to keep you cool, dry and hopefully not as sweaty out there on the field, as most paintball players are normally. As you're going to notice here, next feature, it's kind of back in the elbow area is going to be the ribbed cuffs in this area here. So it's going to be for comfortability, and so you're just not having a, I don't know, a floppy sleeve hanging around. It's going to be nice and tight to your wrist and the actually very, very comfortable material that they've used down here for the ribbed cuffs. And then the overall design, Mark, I know you got something to say about the design 'cause you're design guy. Come on.

[Mark] No, that's cool. The HK Ar-

No. What did they say about the design?

[Mark] Oh.

What did they say? You said you were going to say it.

[Mark] Well, it's all about styling. You're no longer just a billboard for a company.

That's what I'm saying.

[Mark] You gotta look good. And it's gotta be functional though because the connection between your gear and the paintball jersey is more important than ever.

That's what I was waiting for you to say.

[Mark] Can we see the back?

That's a quote unquote. Yeah.

You keep hiding it.

Well, once again, it's the... You're not looking as big as billboard-ish per se, I mean, obviously you see HK army on the jersey, but some of them are just overly... You're saturated with logos, completely everywhere, and on the front, they're kind of there... It's there but it's not... I don't know what the best way to put it, like huge, big and blocky. Obviously, they want you to know you're repping their product but it's a pretty cool design overall. I like the colors. A lot of people like black and red, a lot of people really love the like lime and green as well. So they've come out with kind of colors that hit every player's type of personality, your style per se. So-

[Mark] If the jersey... A good jersey makes a difference right?


[Mark] If I'm uncomfortable because it's too big or not cut right or feels weird, it does impact you, how does your moveability in your arms.

[Tony] Right. And even... If you can, Mark, I'll try to hold it up. Zoom, Mark.

[Mark] I could see that. Yeah.

Zoom in on this area here. Once again, going back to kind of how they design these jerseys. They want it for ventilation. This is all Dri-Fit material. So as you... Obviously, you're looking like, "Oh, okay." Well, it's very, very light yet durable, and then you're going to be able to breathe and not be super, super sweaty while you're wearing this bad boy.

[Mark] Oh, this is the reinforced elbows. There's no padding, correct? No, no. There was no padding whatsoever, reinforced elbows, the ribbed cuffs, plenty of ventilation and it's all Dri-Fit, moisture-wicking material. So it's going to keep you, guys, nice and cool out there on the field while you're playing and getting all hot and sweaty. Lastly, before we close this out I do like the comfortability of the neck area. So this material is the same material that is used on those ribbed cuffs down there. And it's very comfortable and it's not going to irritate that and, look, it looks pretty good, nice little V-neck style there. So other than that, I think I've hit all the points in the Freeline jersey, unless Uncle Mark behind the camera has something else to say.

[Mark] I just want to make sure people know that they come from small all the way to triple XL.

I like that, and there is a sizing chart on our website, If you're kind of unsure of what size you're going to be in you can click on the item, click on the sizing chart and you will be able to see that. So other than that, I'm outta here. Don't forget, hit up the website, guys, notification bell, subscribe, all that good stuff, and thanks for watching.

[Mark] And don't forget about our Facebook group where you can ask us anything. I will be starting to post a question in a week, if not more, to start getting some feedback from you guys. You could help shape the channel. We're going forward in the future.

Let's do it, take it easy, guys.