HK Army HSLT Paintball Jersey Review

What is going on guys? It's Tony from Lone Wolf Paintball. Today I am bringing you the brand new colors of the HSTL paintball  jerseys, by HK Army.

[Mark] What, new colors!

They've actually come up with some really really nice colors. Mark, first off here on the table, I've got Slime, over here we're looking at the Lava. Behind me this way is gonna be the Charcoal.

[Mark] Ooh, you have to bring it closer or outta, outta the funky light.

Okay, no worries.

[Mark] Just for a second.

We'll bring it closer. This is the Charcoal, little gray and black keeping it kinda easy. And then over here we have the Arctic. So I'll bring that one closer too. Four new colorways. Obviously, HK Army is known to have some of the best designs in the game. They've got a lot of good stuff over there. So let's talk a little bit about 'em. First off obviously I just wanna show you the new colors. Personally my favorite is gonna be the Slime right here. 

Overview of the HK Army Paintball Jerseys 

So HK Army is coming out with this. These jerseys are fully sublimated. The thing I like about this is, as we know, as paintball players, man, we sweat. When you're out, you're out there running on the field, they have fully... let me just kind of open it up here, Mark. If you can tell the sides on these jerseys, they're fully ventilated. So they're very breathable. 

It's durable material, but it's got a lot... you know, allow you to breathe and sweat not to kind of, to pull up on your per se so, the sides are fully ventilated. The front of this, all in this area here Mark, is fully padded. So you've got your chest, which is padded. You've got the shoulder area here, also fully padded. And then down near the elbows, there is more padding. You can probably see the lines there. So there's padding in the elbows, in the shoulders, and in the chest. 

Once again, these jerseys are sublimated. So you don't have to worry about anything coming off in the heat or the dryer or something like that. And then the ventilation on these things being very durable and lightweight. I don't know, it's hard to kind of see, I don't know if you can even kinda see through that, breathable material, Mark. Kinda up by this HK Army part.

[Mark] Not really.

Okay. Uh well…

[Mark] I take your word for it.

Yeah, they're mesh and uh yeah, they're very nice. These things retail at $64.95. So like I said, the new colors, you got the Slime, the Lava, Charcoal, and the Arctic behind you over here. And yeah, that's pretty much it on the jerseys but..

[Mark] Can we see the back of one?

I was gonna say, as you guys know, HK is always... So this is the front, and then the back too even has some breathable ventilation which you can't really see that well on camera but in person, trust me, it's there. Um, They are very well known for quality products, in my opinion so...

[Mark] Are they normal cuffs or do they have half hands?

Features and Style | HSTL Paintball Jersey

So these aren't gonna be half hands. These are gonna be normal cuffs. They... you know, they're gonna close in on your wrist. So it's not gonna be super draping over your hands if you're wearing gloves or something like that. But yeah, no half hands included on these for, for 65 bucks so, I know you've got more questions, Mark. Hit me with them. How do they compare to the old ones

[Mark] Yeah yeah I mean, I'm having trouble..


[Mark] remembering right now but I mean, same padding..

I was gonna say a very similar style with the padding up in the chest and the shoulders and the elbows. But the new designs are what keeps people interested in the market. So obviously-

[Mark] Sweet designs.

Yeah, of course. What's your favorite? Let me ask you, Slime was mine.

[Mark] Yeah, I like the green a lot. I do like the red and black though. That's a classic.

Of course, the red and black is... I mean you know, that's the colors we use, but it's looking good. I think they're kinda like the, you know, the flashy kids out there on the market so...

[Mark] No, I think it will go well with a lot of teams, a lot of different color combos so...

Correct. 'Cause a lot of teams out there are... You know they are red and black. I think the Charcoal jersey obviously will go along with, if you're even not on a team or if this is kind of, maybe your team colors. This stuff rocks well. I mean, like you said, for the price point it's not gonna cost you an arm and a leg to get yourself a very, very nice and solid jersey. For the new year, which we know is coming up.

[Mark] I like the V-neck style.

Correct. Oh yeah. Yeah. And uh, they're not, they're not too flashy but they'll get you playing out there in the field, no doubt about it.

[Mark] All right. And those HK Army paintball jerseys are $64.95 bucks at Lone Wolf.

Yes, indeed. I know it's not the most riveting video but a lot of people do wanna see the new colors. So head on over to the website, check them out and you know, throw them in a package bundle, something like that.

[Mark] So if you wanna see more videos about jerseys, pants, that kind of thing. Let us know in the comments below. Um, We kinda steer away from it a lot. We figured you guys know your soft goods_

For sure.

YouTube Question

[Mark] But if you wanna see it, let us know. We do have a question from YouTube though.

Let's see it.

[Mark] And, Nikto wants to know, should he get a 170R, or the XLS? I mean, XLS are gonna be used now but...


[Mark] So 170R or you'll say the AMP, you can...

Both great guns, man. Um...

[Mark] Didn't say it's gonna be an easy question.

No, yeah. Uh... Oh boy. I, I, I don't know. Mark, how about you answer that one.

[Mark] Oh. I'd choose both of them. They're both great. Yeah no, I like them both as well.

You're not gonna how about this, you're not going wrong either way. So how about I'll just put my head on the line and say, uh, go get a Shocker AMP. I mean, they're the newest ones out. They're great, super air efficient operating around 110 PSI. Shoot a lot of pods out of them. Great gun. So I'll say the AMP but, you're not going wrong.

[Mark] If, if it's legitimately against the XLS though 'cause maybe the AMP wasn't even in his sights, then I'd say go with the 170R.

That's fair.

[Mark] So, there you go. You gotta question, leave in the comments below, maybe we'll pick you randomly to answer it in a future video.

That's it.

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I like that chant. Take it easy guys. We're outta here.